Kristen F

April 25th – May 1st (13 hours) – Throughout the past two weeks, I have spent a total of 13 hours at my internship site. With the end of the semester coming closer, I have not had as much to do while at my internship. I was given various construction and design notebooks to organize from various projects, including: Donaldson, Mesa Verde, and others. I also finished the dedication plaques for Donaldson Elementary School by making finishing touches and placing the options on sheets so that they can be presented to the client. I also have filed billing and contracts. Another task I completed was to prepare a comments document for someone for a project.

Reflection question 22: Based on your internship experience, do you have a stronger sense of self-worth and self-esteem? Explain. Throughout the duration of the internship program I learned many things about myself as well as improved in many areas. I feel that because of these realizations and growths, I have become more confident. Over time spent at my internship, I have learned how to communicate more professionally and to be more confident in myself and my skill set. Because of this I am more comfortable and confident in a professional environment. I also have developed skills that make me more confident in myself even outside of the professional environment.

Reflection question 20: Many interns use the following words to describe their first few weeks at an internship: confused, overwhelmed, stressed, awkward, scared, unprepared, and insecure. Did you feel any of these emotions when you started your internship? If so, did you still feel that way at the end? Please explain. Before beginning my internship, I had felt confident that I would not feel awkward or unprepared when I began my internship due to the background I had with a professional environment. But when I began my internship, I felt many different negative emotions. Some of them listed above are: overwhelmed, stressed, and insecure. Another emotion I felt when I was in the first few weeks of my internship was, out of place. Now, at the end of the program, I do not feel insecure or out of place at all at my internship site. Although, recently I have still been overwhelmed and stressed out. But the reason that I have felt that is because I truly care about the work I am given at my internship, which sometimes can be slightly frustrating.

March 28th – April 10th (11 hours) – Over the past two weeks, I have spent 11 hours at my internship site. Because I am done with my thank you project, I was given new tasks to work on. I filed contracts and billing files. I then had to make folders for the different jobs due to them missing. This required me to use Microsoft word as well as learn how to print labels. Once I was done with this, I was given the task to create dedication plaques for various projects Swaim has worked on. This required me to use my skills in Revit. I had to use functions like detail line and text boxes to make these dedication plaques. I have been working on the dedication plaque for an elementary school in the Amphitheater School District. I have done two layouts of the dedication plaque so that the best option can be chosen.

17. List and explain three recommendations/tips for incoming juniors who will be in the internship program next year. 1. Do not be afraid to ask questions and voice your concerns Throughout this process, I have found that this was something I have struggled with. If you are anything like me, you will not want to bother others at your internship when they seem busy. But if you do not ask the questions you have or voice your concerns, no one will know your struggles and you will not grow at your internship. Also, if you keep things regarding your internship bottled up, you will not enjoy your internship even though it is a very positive experience. 2. No matter how hard the task is, you will get it done. Over the course of my internship, I have been given many projects that were quite overwhelming. I sometimes felt that it was impossible for me to complete this project but with the help of other people at my internship site, I have been able to complete every project given to me. 3. Keep an open mind. You will most likely be given tasks at your internship that you feel uncomfortable with or that you do not necessarily want to do. Make sure to keep an open mind during these times because you’re being given these projects for a reason.

21. How will you use your internship experience in the future? How has this experience changed your view of learning? I will use my internship experience in the future in many ways. I plan on having an internship throughout college as well so the experiences and skills I have learned here will make me more professional and successful at this internship. The professional skills I have learned at my internship will also help me in my college career to professionally communicate with professors and other professionals I come in contact with. This experience has made me value hands on learning greatly.

March 14th – March 27th (2 hours) – Over the course of the past two weeks I have spent a total of 2 hours working. I spent these two hours shadowing at Schneider Engineering. While at Schneider, I had the opportunity to go visit the construction site of the new hotel both Schneider and Swaim are working on. Here, I got to see all of the aspects of structural engineering when construction is occurring. I then returned to the office to talk to the intern about college tips and civil engineering in college and the field in general.

15. What is the most important thing this internship has taught you about yourself? Explain. There many things I have learned about myself throughout the duration of the internship course. I feel that the most important thing I have learned about myself is my trouble with confronting difficult situations. This was a trait that I discovered early on during my time with my internship but I feel that I have greatly improved on this issue. Because I was able to identify this trait, I was able to fix the problem. This will be beneficial in the future during my college career as well as post-college.

16. Describe your biggest success in this internship? What factors (skills/strengths, mentoring, etc.) contributed to your success? My biggest success during my internship has been learning Revit. This skill was very hard for me because I have not had to learn a program as intensively as I have this 3-D software. I would not have been able to learn Revit without the mentoring I received from those who have worked with me at Swaim. It was also helpful that I had seen a similar program before, although I did not fully know how to use the program.

February 29th – March 13th (10 hours) – Over the past two weeks, I have spent a total of eight hours at Swaim Associates. I finished the immaculate heart project. These finishing touches included detailing, correcting keynotes, outlining the parking lot, and making final touches on the sheets and renderings. It felt very fulfilling to finish the project I have worked on for 2 months. I also spent time working with a colleague to schedule a time to shadow a civil engineer. I also have been working on the power point presentation for my Immaculate Heart Project.

Reflection question 14: In the professional world, the people that you meet and get to know are considered your network. They can be helpful both at work and in-between jobs. Describe two networking connections you have established at your internship site (other than your mentor). Who are they and why are they worth knowing? What have you done to make yourself useful to them during your internship? What will you do to stay connected after your internship? I feel that everyone I have worked with at my internship are valuable networking connections. I feel that the partners are very valuable being that they know many people, both in architecture and other professions. They have already helped me by setting up time for me to shadow at Schneider Engineering because they know it is the profession I am planning to go into. I try to make myself useful to them, as well as everyone else at Swaim associates by giving full effort every time I am given a task. I hope that I do an adequate job and am truly useful. As for staying connected with them after my internship, if I do plan on going into architecture later on in my career, I would consider trying to intern for them again. But since it is not the profession I am looking to go into, I hope to stay connected with them on Linked In possibly.

Reflection Question 8: What would you do differently in this organization if you were the boss/owner? Why? There are not many changes I would make to Swaim Associates if I were the owner. I feel that since I am there for a limited time a week, I do not have the opportunity to see formal meetings and other necessary aspects. I feel that the only change I would make is to try and expand the firm to be a larger business. Although, the smaller environment at Swaim is very nice I prefer working in a corporate or large business setting. Also, I feel that Swaim works on many cool projects but it would be very interesting to see them do a housing project.

February 15th – February 28th (10 hours) – Over the past two weeks, I have spent a total of 10 hours at my internship site. I have been working on the shade structure project for Immaculate Heart Elementary School. Now that I have finished the angled design of the shade structure all that was left to do was the renderings and sheets so that the design was ready to show to client. I have spent the last two weeks putting finishing touches on the Revit drawing. I have also installed camera views of the shade structure so that the client can see the structure design from different angles. I also set up my sheets that will be provided to the client. These were four sheet, one with the site plan, the section view, the roof plan, and the rendering. Renderings are three-D, realistic images of the structure or thing made in Revit. The rendering can only be done after people, trees, cars, etc. are put in. I put in three cars, these being a ford focus, an Audi, and a mustang. I then took these sheets to the person overseeing the project for them to redline my sheets. They made a few corrections, majority of which have been corrected. Once all corrections are made, I will be finished with the architectural side of my project.

Reflection question 9: Describe a situation where you observed or worked with individuals from different demographic groups towards a common goal? What went well what didn’t? I observe situations in which different demographic groups come together to reach a common goal every day while at my internship. My internship site is filled with many different types of people. There are quite a few females at the firm as well as those from different cultures. When working together on a project, everyone is working towards a common goal. I do not see any work being done differently between a man and a man compared to a man and a woman, not a pair of two different races. I do not feel that gender or ethnic differences are taken into account when working together in the work place at my internship.

Reflection questions 3: How would you describe the culture within your organization and how does fit with your ideal employer? With my internship site being a smaller business, the environment and culture within it is very close-knit. It is the type of work place in which everyone knows everyone. I enjoy this because it makes it easy to talk to people and build comfortable relationships with those you work with. I have had experiences with working environments in which the company is very big and you meet new faces every day. I feel that I prefer this over a smaller environment because I enjoy meeting new people and I strive to work in a larger company.

February 1st – February 14th (6 hours) – On Monday, the 8th, I took the design for the shade structure in Revit manipulated it to be angled as the sidewalk is at the pick-up/drop off area at Immaculate Heart Elementary School. I used many tools to do this, including: align, mirror, copy, and move. Many of these functions I have never used. I also have never used them to make something angular which was a very hard task. The next time I went into my internship site, I found that, when looking at the 3-d interpretation of the shade structure, Revit did not take some of the structural beams correctly due to snapping. Because of this I had to redo the angular shade structure. This was slightly frustrating but I was told that it happens a lot and there was no way to know that this occurred. I then finished the structural angled design correctly. I also set up camera views in Revit to begin the 3-d renderings.

Reflection question 12: What recommendations would you give to other students at this location? I feel that the most important and useful advice I can give an incoming intern at Swam Associates is to ask questions. Throughout the year, this has been something I have struggled with. But as time as gone on I have realized that sometimes people may forget that you have no clue what you’re doing or it may not be explained the way you need it to be. I know that when I used to find myself in this situation, I would feel uncomfortable asking for help because I knew how busy everyone was around me. Also, I have noticed that when I do not ask the questions I have, the project I am working on becomes 100x more stressful than when I do ask questions. So overall, it is important to ask questions so that you can get your work done but also so that your time at your internship is more enjoyable.

Reflection question 1: How do different people at your site or involved with your site dress and what deeper conclusions can you draw from this? Does this impact personal interactions? In what way? I would say that everyone that works at my internship site dresses relatively professional on a daily basis but some do dress up more than others. I have found that the partners tend to dress more professionally than others within the office. I feel that this may be due to the fact that they are often out of the office, interacting with clients and attending meetings. This makes them the face of Swaim Associates and is most likely the reason as to why they are more professionally dressed than the employees who sit at a desk for majority of the day. My internship site also works closely with a variety of people. The engineers that they tend to work with dress more on the professional side while construction workers are more likely to be very dressed down due to their line of work. I do not think that this impacts personal interactions. As I said earlier in regards to the partners, I do however feel that the level of professionalism at which someone dresses is affected by their interactions. This because if you are meeting with important people, you want to make a good impression so you will dress more professionally.

January 18th – January 31 ( 8.75 hours) – Over the course of the past two weeks, I have spent a total of 8 hours and 45 minutes at my internship site. I have had the opportunity during this period to establish what my project will be as well as gain new experiences. I finished placing the Hub building plans into revit. I then went downtown to the site. While here I took measurements to make sure that the floor plan that had been placed into Revit had the correct dimensions. The following week I established that my project would be to design and complete the Shade Structure for Immaculate Heart Elementary School. This project will allow me to create my own design as well as prove my skills with Revit. I will also have the opportunity to take my design to a civil engineering firm to see what happens during that stage of the project. I finished drawing the simple structure in Revit and also set up the views and sheets for the roof plan, floor plan, and sections.

Reflection Question 2: Describe a difficult situation where you demonstrated poise, patience, or adaptability to an unusual or uncomfortable situation at your internship. A time when I was in a difficult situation that I think I handled well was when I was told to begin a new project with someone that I had not worked with before. I had emailed this person and had scheduled a time to meet with them regarding the new project. When I got here at that specific time, the person was not here and did not say anything to me about the schedule change. I was slightly upset being that I had came in just because of this meeting, But I handled the situation by waiting for that person for about thirty minutes just in case they were running late. After thirty minutes, I left but emailed them about a new time we could schedule to talk about the project. I felt that this was a good way to handle the situation being that I understand that people are busy and may forget so I should be accommodating to others around me.

Reflection Question 7: In your opinion, what is the most important thing that your organization does? Why? The most important things that my internship site does is better the community. When they are given projects and carry them out, they are making the greater Tucson area a nicer and better place to live. Swaim Associates has basically built the entire Vail School District and made it what it is today, and the Vail School District played a large role in my life. Every single project they take on betters that community, whether that be a school or a hospital.

January 4th – January 17th (4 hours) – Throughout the last two weeks, I have spent a total of four hours at my internship site. I had intended to spend eight hours in the office but I experienced car trouble and was unable to come in last week. During the four hours at my site, I was very productive. I was given a new project to place the drawings of Hub and the surrounding buildings downtown into Revit. This was to prepare to make renovations to the area for a new project. This task allowed me to refamiliarize myself with Revit after the break. It also allowed me to use more tools in Revit, including the component tool, duplicate, and the alignment tool. I also filled billing information for projects.

10) List two expectations you had for your internship. Were these expectations fulfilled? Why or why not? Before beginning my internship, I had many expectations but at the same time did not know what to expect being that I did not know much about the career. My biggest expectation was that it would be similar to civil engineering in a way. I thought that the career of architecture still used math but I have found that math is often not used, at least in the tasks I am completing. I also thought that I would mainly be filling while at my site. I am happy to know that that is not the case and am glad I have the opportunity to work on real projects and make a meaningful contribution on a daily basis.

13) Which specific skills have you developed at your internship site? How are these skills developing you into a better person and worker? How are the skills transferable? I have learned many skills throughout the months spent at my internship. These skills range from skills useful to architecture to professional skills. I have gained knowledge in Revit which is a skill I struggled with greatly at the beginning of the school year. Although this skill is particular to architecture, I feel that it will still benefit me when having to use similar programs, like CAD and Solidworks, in the future. I also have gained communication skills. When first starting my internship, I had trouble communicating my thoughts and questions with those around me but I was forced to communicate better in order to be professional. Although in some situations I still am unsure of the means to approach a conversation, I am much more comfortable confronting people I am working with. This is a skill that will help me in both college and my post-college career.


November 9th – November 22nd (6.5 hours) –

Over the course of the past two weeks, I have spent 6.5 hours at my internship. I have worked on the Santa Cruz Catholic School project. In the past two weeks, I have added the interiors to my revit drawing. These include: a stage, the walls, the openings, and the doors. I also created the ceiling and floor. The ceiling also required weight bearing beams to be put in. I also placed the infills in the correct spots. Last week I had the opportunity to visit with a structural engineer where I learned more about how structural engineers work with architects. This was a very awesome experience for me being that structural engineering is the career I plan on pursuing in college.

Reflection Question 21: What have you done that you didn’t ever think you would be able to do? How did the experience come about? Did your mentor push you or did you request the experience? How has this experience affected your overall confidence at your internship and your relationship with your mentor?

In the beginning of the semester, I was introduced to Revit, a 3d computer software. I was first told to just play around with it and familiarize myself with how it works. I struggled a lot with figuring out to how to use it. As time has gone on, I have had more experience with the software and have used it on multiple tasks. I used it when making the floor plans for the sports park renovations. Later, I began using it on the Santa Cruz Catholic School project. With this project I have gotten to use many more tools I have not used before like adding components, floors, ceilings, elevations, and more. When I first used Revit, I thought it was something I was never going to get good at but as time has gone on and I have used it more, I am finding that it is a task I actually enjoy doing. Now, when presented with a task involving Revit, I feel confident that I will be able to complete it in a timely fashion.

Reflection Question 19: Describe a new job or career you’ve discovered while at your internship? What is the job and what are your thoughts about it?

A new career I have discovered while at my internship is architecture itself. Before beginning my internship, I knew of architecture but did not have much background knowledge of what the job entails. During my time here, I learned about what an architect does on a daily basis and what skills are necessary to be successful at the job. One thing that I found surprising is all of the tests that an architect has to take after graduation to become a licensed architect. This was one aspect of the job I was not expecting. I feel that this career is very interesting, it is quite different from any other I have looked into and I find it very interesting how it crosses art and design with structural and scientific fundamentals.

October 19th – November 8th (8 hours) –

Over the past two weeks, I have spent a total of 8 hours at my internship site. I have worked on a project regarding the remodel of Santa Cruz Catholic School. While working on this project I am continuously testing and improving my skills on Revit. After making the existing building on Revit, I had the opportunity to visit the school to not only see in person what I was designing but also to check some measurements that were unclear on the original floorplan provided. This was a very cool experience for me because the building I am working on is very old and even has a place for candles at the edge of the stage to light it. I also organized billing paper work.

Reflection question #20: Are you still considering a career in this field? Why or why not?

I never was never considering a career in the field of Architecture before given this internship. Before my internship truly started, I had pondered on possibly doing this as my master’s degree but I no longer want to do that. Although I have learned a lot during my time at Swaim and am thankful for all of the opportunities given to me, I still plan on perusing a career as a civil engineer. I decided I no longer wish to receive a masters in Architecture because I have decided I would like to gain experience in business so that I can be eligible for more jobs.

Reflection question #18: In light of your internship experience, how have our personal goals evolved? Describe goals that remain as well as some goals that have changed?

Some personal goals that have not changed over the course of my internship is my goal to peruse a civil engineering degree. I feel that my internship has only made me want this more by showing me how important having a career that relies heavily on math is to me. I am also glad that I got the opportunity to learn Revit being that I will have to do through out college as well as my career. Goals that have changed was that before I knew what architects did, I was planning on minoring or receiving my masters in architecture and city panning but now I have decided that I would rather focus one engineering and acquire a business minor so that I can do more project management in my career.

October 5th – October 18th (9 hours) –

Over the course of the past two weeks, 10/5 to 10/18, I spent a total of nine hours at my site. Over these past two weeks, I finalized my floorplan of the Sports Park Baseball and fixed the floorplan to make the changes the developer had requested after a meeting discussing the plans for the facility. I also worked on filing billing documents. I also helped dead file old projects that were completed and needed to be put away. I did this by organizing construction books and design books and then removed them from the binders and got them ready to dead file.

Reflection question 7: what are the expectations for your character (how you conduct yourself and decisions you make) and personality (how you behave and interact with others) at your internship location? Is this a natural fit for your character/personality or do you have to actively work to meet these expectations? Why?

While at my internship site, I am expected to act professional and respectful. I am expected to make wise decisions and prioritize my time to get my tasks done. I am expected to proactive and self-sufficient. It also is expected that I ask questions when needed. Personality wise, I am expected to be friendly and open-minded. This is especially important when given a task that may seem to be a challenge. Majority of these expectations do fit my personality but at the beginning I did struggle with asking questions. But I find that as I spend more time at my internship and become more comfortable there, I feel that I meet all of the expectations provided.

Reflection Question 14: In today’s global economy, learning new skills over the course of your career is essential. Observe the professionals around you. What are they doing to learn new skills? What characteristics and attitudes help make them successful?

In the career of an architect, it is dire to learn new skills and gain new perspectives to be innovative when working on projects. One task I have noticed people in my office do often to learn new information is, when given a new project, they often do research. For example, when working on the baseball/softball facility, research had to be done to gather ideas of how the facility should look and be laid out. We looked at Big League Dreams as a reference when designing the facility. Attitudes and characteristics that help them to be successful include: being innovative, thinking outside the box, being proactive, they are also very dedicated and put in 100% effort to meet deadlines and finish projects successfully.

September 21st – October 4th (8 hours)-

In the span of two weeks from September 21st until October 4th, I have spent a total of 8 hours at my internship site. Throughout these two weeks I have been focusing my time on the project I am working on. This project is to renovate Sports Park in Marana as well as add two fields and a training facility. I have had to find the approximate room dimensions of the facility so that I can make puzzle pieces to come up with possible layouts of the building. I made the puzzle pieces by printing out the shapes of the rooms at the correct scaled, that I created with CAD. I then applied the paper to a piece of foam board and cut them out with an exacto knife. After they were complete, I attended a meeting where the next steps for the project were discussed. Afterwards, I applied a concept to the site map at a scale of 1 to 30. I did this by using Revit.

Reflection Question #8: How structured/guided is your time? How effective/ineffective does that make you? If necessary, what could you do differently to improve the situation? My time at my internship is normally less guided. Normally I am given directions and am allowed to go take course with how I want to tackle the challenge presented to me. At first this made me very nervous and it made it hard for me to get things done in a timely fashion. This was mostly due to not understand how to do things and not being sure as to what questions to ask to be able to perform the task given. But with the last task I completed, I fully understood my task going into it and asked the questions needed to be able to complete the task in a timely fashion. I feel like as time goes on and I become more familiar with how to do tasks given to me as well as what questions to ask I will be able to be more successful with interpreting the directions given to me as well as completing tasks correctly and being more effective.

Reflection Question #15: In what ways have you been able to apply what you have learned in your academic coursework to your internship? Describe a situation in which you applied academic knowledge to your duties at your internship site. To my surprise, I have not used skills that I have learned from my classes much at my internship. When I had to find the dimensions of the rooms for the Sports Park Baseball/Softball project, I found the square roots of the square footages of each of the spaces to find the approximate dimensions of the rooms. This is a skill I have learned throughout the past few years of math classes I have taken. Also, in my honors pre-calculus class, my teacher has us learn the material by placing problems in front of us without any prior lecture on the topic which has strengthened my problem solving skills greatly. I feel that I have used this many times in my internship and may possibly be the reason as to why I am often trying to figure things out on my own which is impossible in certain situations. I feel that it is a positive thing that I am not using as much of my academic knowledge in my internship because my mentor is giving me tasks that an architect would do when given a project. I am preforming tasks that I would not have the opportunity to use in an academic setting. When doing these tasks, I am learning what an architect does and how to approach these problems as well as a project as a whole which I feel is good experience to have.

September 7th – September 20th (6.5 hours) –

Throughout the course of the past two weeks, I have spent 6.5 hours at my internship site. I did not go in during the week of 9/7/15 due to being sick but made up for my absence by going in an extra day the following week. I had my sit visit the first day I was in the office last week where I addressed my strengths and weaknesses in the office. I then worked on specifications, revising them for the construction part of the job. I then was told to work on puzzle pieces for the Sports Park Softball/Baseball facility. I was slightly confused on how to execute my task but then asked my mentor. He clarified how to complete my task. I spent the day square rooting the square footages of the rooms to create the puzzle pieces. I then determined the scale factor for the puzzle pieces by looking at the site plan and the scale factor on that photo. I then created square using AutoCAD to map out the scaled down puzzle pieces.

Reflection Question #9: Describe a task or set of tasks you are discovering you enjoy or excel at completing, why? A task that I have recently began doing but enjoy and am good at is revising specifications. While doing this task I made revisions by unbolding things, taking things out, and adding things to the specifications. When the document is revised fully, construction workers can use the document to find everything about how the structure is supposed to be built as well as the materials it is made out of. I am good at this task because I am good at working with Word and I have a very good eye for detail. Another task that I enjoy doing and hope to get better at is using AutoCAD, a 2D drawing system. It is very precise and hard to maneuver when not having experience in it but I feel that it is a very interesting skill to have and will be useful in the future with the field I am wanting to go into.

Reflection Question #13: Have you had the opportunity to use equipment and technology at your internship site? If so, please describe the technology and how you have utilized it. I have had the opportunity to use technology at my internship site. When I first began my internship I familiarized myself with the program called, Revit. Revit is a 3-D software specially made for architecture so that the architects can make 3-D models of designs to show clients. I have also used the software called, AutoCAD. This software is 2-D and is more used by engineers. I used AutoCAD to create puzzle pieces for a building for the Sports Park Baseball/Softball renovations. These puzzle pieces, once cut out, will be used to see where the rooms and areas in the building should go. They will also be used to show to the client the plans for the building.

August 24th – September 6th (8 hours) –

In the past two weeks, I have worked a total of eight hours. I have filed billing and contract paperwork, as well as looked through the secifications and splans for the Green Valley Hospital Project and organized them to be placed into the library. This included materials, equipment, notes, agendas, minute sheets, and more documents relating to the design and construction of the hospital. On Wednesday, I had a meeting with my mentor regarding an upcoming project I am assisting him on. The rest of the week I worked on researching designs for the facility and trying to find dimensions of the rooms.

Reflection Question #11: Is your personality a fit for this organization? Why or why not? Do you notice particular personality types working in this industry?
Personally, I feel that the organization has good qualities that are a fit for me and others that are not. I feel that the small size of the firm does not fit my wants in a job. This experience has shown me that I feel that a cooperate environment and a big company are what fits me best and is what is necessary for me to be my most successful. On the other hand, I appreciate that everyone works together on projects because employees can go to one another for help. A common personality type that I see among the architects is that they are all artistic, which is something I am not. This goes into one of the big differences I see between what engineers do and what architects do is how detailed and precise the sketches they do are.

Reflection Question #2: Describe the physical make-up of your internship site (aesthetics, layout, decorations, furniture, cubicles/doors/windows, etc.) How does the physical space impact the day-to-day operation?
The physical makeup of my internship site is different than what I had expected it to be. The firm is located on the second story of a building in mid-town. There is a lot of natural light due to the front of the building being glass. Also it is a totally open floorplan which is nice and easy to maneuver but also allows everyone to hear every move you make. The walls surrounding many of the desks are bright green and every other wall is white. There is only two doors in the office, one at the entrance and one in the conference room.

August 10th – August 23rd (8.2 hours) –

Over the past two weeks, I have spent 8 hours and 10 minutes at my internship site. Over the course of the week I have spent majority of my time filing. Earlier in the week, I contacted my mentor regarding involvement in the office. On Friday, I met with my mentor to discuss projects and tasks I can do to learn more about architecture. We discussed future projects and tasks for me in the office. I also was able to attend a meeting regarding a project the firm is currently working on.

Reflection Question #3: If you wanted to follow in the career path of someone at your internship site, what would you need to do to make this happen? Please include their official title, daily duties, and school/prior work experience.

To follow in the footsteps of my mentor, I would need to obtain a bachlors dgree in architecture. This degree program is a five year program, it consists of one pre-architecture year where the student learns about the history of architecture while the next three years are instruction, and the remaining year consists of a senior capstone project. With this degree, I would be considered an architect and will take on the daily tasks of an architect. These can include designing community buildings and looking at different materials to use in a building or project. Architects can expect to work long hours when under deadlines, create blue prints, and work with budgets. To go into this major, it is helpful to have good knowledge in art and design to be more successful in the design and drafting part of the job. To be an architect you also have to be knowledgeable on building materials, building codes, zoning restrictions, and be able to work with clients, engineers, and other business professionals.

Reflection Question #12: So far, what skills have you had to refine or develop in order to preform you internship well?

Skills that I have had to develop over the course of my internship was to have better communication skills. I find that I am not good at confrontation and am afraid to speak up at times because I do not want to be a bother. When I was wondering as to when I would be given assignments rather than filing while I am at my site, I was nervous to email my mentor regarding the question because I know he is busy but decided if I wanted to learn what an architect does I would have to ask when I would begin to be given projects. I emailed him regarding my questions and we had a successful meeting the last time I was at my site. Now that I have addressed my questions, he has told me some of the plans in store for me over the course of the semester and I am looking forward to learning about what an architect does and if it is something I would be interested in going into. If I had not emailed him, he would not know that I would like to do more than what I am doing at the moment, so I am glad I contacted him about it. This experience has made me less nervous about communicating questions/problems.

July 24th – August 9th (11.7 hours) –

During this this two week period, I have gone to multiple meetings as well as gotten hours in the office. I began by going to a meeting regarding the additions at the pre-school at Cienega High School. I then went to the office and went over the paperwork with my mentor. The next day, Friday, I was at the office from 2:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. playing on Revit, the 3-d deigning software. On Monday, I attended a meeting at the Vail District Office regarding the building of the new elementary school, where we discussed the color pallet for the exterior of the school. On Wednesday, I attended the meeting at the pre-school again, where we discussed the malfunction of the fire alarm and checked for any repairs. On Thursday, I went into the office where I filed contracts and billing documents and continued to work with Revit some more.

#10 Describe a task or set of tasks that are less attractive or fulfilling for you to complete. Why?
I haven’t performed many tasks during my internship so far. As of right now, the one task I have been given is to familiarize myself with Revit, a 3-D drawing software. I have spent four hours+ in the past week working on Revit with minimal instruction. Due to having minimal instruction on how to use the software, I get to a certain point in my drawing then get stuck with how to move on. When I get stuck, I open a new document and start over so no real progress is being made. I began by asking for help but the one that showed me the basics of the program was not available. Also, no task has been given to me besides to familiarize myself, so I feel I am not very productive as I would like to be. Since it has only been my first week, I am hoping that as the year goes on I will be given tasks and the opportunity to learn about having a career as an architect but as of right now, majority of the time I am at my internship site I am working on this software or filing.

#1 How many individuals do you work with either directly or indirectly at your internship site? How do you believe the size of the organization relates to their ability to succeed? 
My internship site is made up of approximately 17 people. Directly, I have worked with three people in different ways. I attend meetings with Mr. Swaim. At these meetings, I interact with many people from the Vail School District and other companies. I also work with the receptionist who gives me things to file and an architect who sat with me for a short period of time to introduce me to Revit. Again, with it being my first week, I hope to interact with more of the employees and learn more about architecture.