Caleb C.

January 6th – January 27th (14 hours) – This reflection log period I was actually able to complete one of my SMART goals. I had the opportunity to draw with the program Carlson, and got a decent amount of practice with it. The first time I was exposed to it was with D, and was when I actually drew out my first map. The second time I was able to use the program was with Scott, and he taught me all of the shortcuts that he uses. It was really interesting learning about the program and how the use it. I hope I get more opportunities to use it again becuase there is a lot to learn about how and why they use it.

I learned how to use the Carlson program that the maps and records workers use to draw out maps. I got guidance from two other coworkers when I was learning how to use it. I spent two days during this log period learning how to use it. Each day was with a different person, D and Scott. I am not able to self study it because I am unable to downloade it on my laptop due to it being an older program. I can continue to improve this skill by taking every opportunity I can to help D and Scott draw maps.

Since I am going into an engineering career field, knowing how to use the Carlson program will be extremely helpful because most of these careers use it. Knowing this skill may also be usefull in college because some classes may use it in its courses. However, since I plan on going into optical engineering im not sure if Carlson will be the program that I use. Knowing how to use this program will help either way because I can gain experience in a similar program. I was talking with Scott, and he was going through the emails he gets from real estate agents about whether the land they have is accurate or not. He told me that they ask this because there could be an easement, and if so then there is some land that they can still use.

An easement is when the City of Tucson lends land out to the public or certain utility companies to use for free, but it is technically still owned by the City.

October 29th – November 11th (6 hours) – One meaningful experience I had was a discussion I had with Anna, one of the GIS workers. She told me about her life and how she ended up working for the City of Tucson. She talked about how she went to college for graphic design, and was trying to get a job in Tucson for it but couldn’t. She said that she was always competing against coders, who work with graphic designers to actually get the pictures on the screen. So after getting declined from many companies she decided to get trained to work for the department of transportation for the City. She says that she wants to go back to school and try to get another job that she wants, but doesnt think that she will have the time.

I have a consistent schedule of going in on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3 PM to 5 PM. The only times that I didn’t come in on those days was my first week of going in because on Monday I came in earlier so I could meet everyone. Then I had to come in on Thursday in order to get my badge. Personally what I did to succeed was to make sure on Mondays and Wednesdays that I got home a little earlier than I usually do, and then leave to make sure I have at least 15 extra minutes to spare. I also try to do all my homework the day before that way when I get home I don’t have to work on a lot of homework.

Yes, I feel like I have managed my time very well because I have not missed a day, and I have still have had time to do my homework. I feel like the only thing that I am missing out on during the days I go in is personal time because I lose about an hour and a half plus the two hours I am working because of the travel commute. It is not too bad because it is only two days of the week, and I still have about 3 hours when I get home to do homework and relax from the day. I think one thing I can improve on is taking more advantage of the free time I get when I get home from school, and the time I get from when I get home from the internship site. This will help me get more things done throughout the day, and I will have less things to do when I get home.

Fiber Optic Cable- A way of transmitting data through light. The data is shot through one end of a cable to another as a beam of light, which makes the speed of the data super fast (the speed of light).

October 15th – October 28th (9 hours) – During this reflection log period, I started my internship for the City of Tucson Department of Transportation. During the first two visits to my site, I was introduced to all of my coworkers on the 2 floors I would be working on. Then during the second week that I visited my site I was exposed to one of the main things that I would be working with, permit applications. One of my supervisors, Gloria, showed me the purpose of the applications and what to look for in them. She showed me how important the different attachments to the applications are, and what the engineers look at when they look over them. It was cool looking at the traffic control plans, and how they design their plan of laying out barricades and other things they need to keep the civilians safe around the construction zone. I also thought it was neat learning what the purpose of some of the construction was because when you are just driving by the area it is hard to tell what the workers are actually doing.

During my second visit, I was introduced to Daniel, who is one of the people who do the GIS mapping, and we talked about how to use the GIS website and what the purpose of it is. He initiated the communication, and it was in person. I sat next to him at his computer while he was showing me what to look for in the application, and how to input it into the map. We needed to communicate because GIS mapping is going to be one of the main things that I am going to be doing at the site, and I needed to learn it from someone who does it on a daily basis. It was actually really neat learning about GIS, it is available to the public, and it shows the different projects that are going to be happening on the roads and what not.

In my last visit to my site, Gloria left earlier than she usually did, so I went over to the GIS mapping area and started talking with Daniel and Anna, who do what I am going to be doing for most of my time their. I was totally comfortable talking to them because they were giving me advice on school and for the internship. I like getting advice from others that I know are credible for giving that advice, so learning from them was actually a really good experience. I am constantly with my coworkers, and most of them are in different job sections, so I am learning about different positions and what they do every time I go in to my site. I think I got lucky in this aspect because it is helping me understand how the Department of Transportation works, and what it takes to work there.

I learned about the Traffic Control Plan when I learned about the Permit applications. The control plan provides a description of how the company is going to pay for and provide protection for the civilians around their construction site. It also has an intricate picture of where they will be working and barricading the area of construction. This helps the permit reviews make sure that the construction site is safe at all times for the public.

September 3rd – September 16th (0 hours) – I have reached out to many companies and people, and I have had some reply back. Right now I have someone asking their boss to see if it is ok to have an intern, and he said he would get back to me monday september 16. Another person I had said that their boss is not allowing any shadowing, and that they are sorry. The person that I have at NDT was supposed to call me thursday, but never did so I am going to call them back today. I have many other emails sent out that have not been replied to, but hopefully they get back to me. I have a strong feeling that the NDT person will accept me as an intern, but if not I still have other options that are good as well.

I do not have a specific vocab word, but I did learn from talking to the NDT person that inspection companies do not classify themselves as engineers. I learned this when I first called the contact I have, and he asked what career field I was interested in. When I said engineering, he clarified to me that inspection and and engineering are not the same.

August 20th – September 2nd (0 hours) – I have not found a mentor yet, however I have learned how few engineering companies there are in Vail/Tucson. This is making it really hard for me to find a place to reach out to. I am also having trouble with finding the right person to email once I do find a place, but I usually end up finding the right person it just takes a little digging. I have also not heard back from any of the people I have reached out to. Soon I will send a second email out to them to see if I can get a reply/answer. My parents are helping me out by also looking for places to intern at, which helps a lot because they know more about certain companies that I do.

At the site I assume I am going to be doing more clerical work than actual projects. So the appropriate behavior would be to politely accept the work, and if there are any projects open for me to do then I should pursue those. I should also try to learn as much as I can from coworkers and bosses. Since most of the places that I am looking to have people that have been there for a long time, I can learn a lot from them. Many of them have also been apart of other companies that I could look at. This can help me find other places to look into for interning.

I don’t really know if this is how I naturally work in a workplace because I have never had a job to test it. I am not really bothered by it on paper because I can understand why it is like that. As long as I am learning new things about the career field I don’t think there is anything I can complain about. Meeting new people and making connections is an amazing opportunity, so if I have to do a couple of smaller tasks to work up to the big projects to work with them. Then I think it would be totally worth the wait and work.

I came across the word Sole proprietor in my search for a mentor. It means there is only one person working their own company, and in most cases they work at their house. I came across this word when I did my interview, and he took me into his home office, which was just one big room with a computer and a bunch of paper. I know now that I should avoid any company that says sole proprietor.

August 6th – August 19th (0 hours) – One thing that I have learned about the search for an internship is that even though you may think you have a placement in a site, you should still be looking for other mentors. This is because they can change their mind at any time and not take you as a mentor any more. So if you have other people that you are reaching out to at the same time then you do not have to start from the beginning when a mentor says they can not accept you. I can take this lesson and apply it to when I look for jobs. This will help getting a job a lot faster, and more reliable for me because I will have backup applications. Before the internship program I did not know how uncertain some situations can be when talking to potential mentors.

July 18th – August 5th (0 hours) – I have learned a lot in the search for a mentor. More specifically, I have learned that many sites only accept one intern, and that even if a mentor says yes to a mentor at one point, they can always fall through in the end. This means that even if you did have someone say yes, you should not relax till the first day of interning for them. During the trainings, I learned a lot about etiquette in the site, and how I should expect to be treated. This is helpful information because it will help guide my expectations going into the internship. This will help me get the most out of the first couple days because I will know how to act and what try when I first start. Learning about meetings will also help me create a good image of myself to other workers and bosses.

One thing I hope to learn from Mrs. Wahl is the best way to manage time with the internship and school. This is because the site that I possibly may be working at a place that is 40 min away from my house. So if I go there every other day then that would be a long time to be on the road and not working, or studying for school. I am wondering basically how I should set up the schedule, if I should go more days of the week but only go for a short amount of time, or visa versa and only go a small amount of days for a longer amount of time each day. What I want to learn from my mentor is their opinion on renewable energies. This is because I am writing my SEP paper on renewable energies, and since my mentor would be most likely an engineer, then I am wondering what their opinion is on the future of renewable energy.

One thing that I have learned about myself as a professional is that I am growing more interested in Civil Engineering. This is because when I was looking at the websites of other engineering mentors, I was interested in the civil parts of them. They do lots of cool designs, and the services they do for other people like 3D scanning seems really cool and useful. This also caused me to research more information on civil engineering, which led me to more unique things that these engineers do. I was most interested in the Drones that scan the mineshafts and create a 3D model out of the scans. One thing that I have learned about myself as a student is that I am going to need to start focusing on finishing homework a couple days before it is due, instead of the day before. This is because I am going to need to catch up on the hours I am missing because I do not have a mentor yet. So this will mean that I have to do more hours in a week than most others, which causes me to have to work harder and faster on my school work.