Bethany C.

January 6th – January 27th (0 hours) – I  have not been at my internship in awhile due to various things. However I have had a very meaningful experience with both my mentor and Dr.Amy. I had to put down my dog… so while I wasn’t seeing things from the technical side I did get to experience being a client and going through a really emotional situation. I got to see how Dr.Amy administered the euthanasia drug and what a technicians job was during all of it. While I obviously wasn’t paying direct attention to Heather and Dr.Amy since I was mostly focused on my dog Isabelle, I did see some stuff. One thing that was really nice is that some vet clinics including Mountain View have this service where you can choose to put down your dog at your own house. Me and my parents choose that option and Heather and Dr.Amy were very helpful and I am super glad that I knew them both enough that their part in it was comforting and it wasn’t just a random vet putting her down.

While I learned how to restrian small animals in my veterianry assistant class we never did it on real aniamls it was always on models. While I am interning a big part of helping out is helping restrain dogs while one of the technicians is trying to either draw blood or cut there nails or trying to clean their ears. Heather my mentor since she is a technician was able to to show me the best ways to restrain for certain things. For most blood draws since the blood is being drawn from the dogs front leg it is better to get them sitting. My job is to hold their neck and mouth away from the technican drawing blood and also being behind the dog so they don’t slide backwards. Now for nail clippings it honestly depends on the dog. For most smaller dogs holding them or have them sit on a table is perfered. However for a bigger dog having them lay on their side on the floor is better. Ea rcleanings are mostly the same as nail clippings for smaller dogs up on a table and for bigger dog on the ground.

Having the skill to restrain a dog or cat while a basic skill is also one of the most important skills. The number one purpose of restraining a dog or cat is to keep either the technican or the veterinarian working on it safe. As either a veterinary assistant or a veterinary technician your number one job is to kepp the veterinarian safe while they are working on the dog. Everyone who works in a veterinary facility should be able to help restrain either a dog or a cat. Even the front desk ladies help out in the back every once in a whle if there is not enough staff and there is a really troublesome dog. While this skill won’t directly benefit me in college since those are all classes it will help me in graduate school and in my furture career. Euthanasia. the technical word for putting an animal down.

Euthanasia is basically a cocktail of drug given to a pet to purposely overodse them so they die pain free. In most cases the process includes giving a sedative first and then giving the actual euthanasia drug. The euthanasia drug kills the patient almost instantly and there is not turning back.

October 29th – November 11th (0 hours) – I have not done much in regards to the internship program or my internship site. I kinda took a break from everything because the stress got to me and I couldn’t handle it and I wanted to quit the program. However with the help from Mrs.Wahl I got more focused and less stressed. I was able to put things into a better perspective and we were able to find a way that would stress me less so I would be able to get things done. 

I had a very good schedule going at the beginning of the semester. I would go into the clinic Monday 2-5, Tuesday 4-7, and Thursday 4-7. I would think that my mentor thought I kept this schedule fairly well. I kept this schedule for most of the summer and most of the first semester. I only started not going to the clinic when I reached over 110 hours. Now while I liked this schedule it started to get a little too much with everything going on later into the semester. Since I did not need anymore hours I started spending my time doing other things. One thing I did like about my schedule while I was keeping it was that Heather was pretty lenient so if I had a school thing going on or a doctors appointment she didn’t really care if I missed some days.

I have horrible time management skills and I have struggled with it for most of my life. In high school I learned how to handle my time just enough so I got all my school work done but it left very little time for much else. In my senior and during my time in the program I have definitely struggled with time management as I have more responsibility. With the help of Mrs.Wahl I have become a lot better then I was but I still struggle. I think the biggest thing for me is that at first I feel like I can handle everything but after a month or two I start to get stressed out. Unexpected things will happen that I don’t expect and it will throw me for a loop. For example I got sick for almost 2 weeks and having to deal with current school work, catch up on previous school work, and internship requirements I couldn’t handle it and I fell apart. Thankfully I have amazing adults in my life who help me straighten things out and come up with new ways for me to help myself with time management.

Gastrointestinal. As you can kinda tell by how it sounds it involves the organs that make up our GI tract are our mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and anus. I have know this word for a while but I got to see first hand a part of it during a surgery. I forget the name of the actual surgery but we went into the stomach to get out some toys the dog had eaten. At the end of the surgery I got to see the full stomach and the small intestines which are all part of the gastrointestinal tract.

October 15th – October 28th (0 hours) – I have recently gone through a stressful time in the internship program. To many things were happening at once in my life and I felt like I couldn’t juggle everything and I got to the point I just wanted to quit. However with the help of Mrs.Wahls I was able to break things down into simpler tasks that made me feel less stressed. While I have not gone to my internship site in quite awhile I am still learning plenty of veterinary things. I do regret not going to my internship site as much. But like I said before a lot has been happening and going was not a priority since I have all of my hours.

I have interacted with plenty of coworkers on multiple occasions for professional reasons. I have interacted with all of the vet technicians at some point. Whenever I accompany a vet tech into a room it is always professional. When you go into a room a client is in there so me and the vet tech have to be professional yet friendly. Other times around the clinic when I am asking one of the other coworkers if they need help with anything it is also professional. At other times it is me asking them for help. Such as when I don’t know where something goes or if I don’t know how to do something.

Again I have interacted with plenty of coworkers on multiple occasions just purely for social reasons too. When some of the vet techs want to go on a smoke break almost everyone goes outside to talk and take a break. Some coworkers will be talking about their personal lives or what they’re doing on the weekend. In exchange they will also ask what me or one of the other interns are doing as well. Another instance in where we are just talking socially is in the back. When the clinic is running slow most of the techs will be in the back catching up on files or just chatting. All of these interactions are very chill and I am comfortable with all of them. These occurrences usual happen at least once every time I go to the clinic.

Cystocentesis is a veterinary procedure where a needle is placed into the bladder through the stomach of an animal and remove a sample of urine. Cystocentesis are usually done on cats because they pee in litter boxes making it hard to catch the urine free fall. With dogs it is different because you can usually have a ladle or something to put under the dog midstream to catch the urine.

October 1st – October 14th (0 hours) – I have not been to my internship site very recently to intern. However, I did take my dog to the vet clinic to get a second opinion since she has been having seizures. It was interesting to be on the other side of the clinic metaphorically speaking as a client not someone working there. One difference about me and normal clients though was that I was not waiting in room I was in the back still interacting with all the staff. Also a big rule in veterinary medicine is that in most cases clients are not allowed to help in the back with their pet. Well in my case because I intern there and they know what I know in regards to veterinary medicine so I was able to help restrain my dog when certain things needed to be done such as taking blood. Another difference was that Dr. Amy did not necessarily be careful with what she said, such as the fact my dog is old and could very well have a brain tumor and she could die or when she dropped certain vocabulary words she did not have to dumb it down so to speak.

A vocab word I learned at my internship site was subcutaneous. Subcutaneous means that something went under the skin. In this case it is referred to when fluids needs to be injected under the skin. When fluids need to be injected subcutaneous it is usually when they are dehydrated and they need fluids.

September 17th – September 30th (7.12 hours) – I’ve only gone to my internship site once in the last two weeks so there is not to much to talk about but something did happen. I was able to watch two surgeries one was on a french bulldog the other on a border collie. With the french bulldog he needed surgery because he had eaten several legos and a lego tire along with a couple nerf bullet tips. The surgery was really interesting to watch since they cut into his abdomen and pulled out his stomach and then cut into his stomach and proceeded to scoop out all the pieces. Now the border collie had a huge mass on its side that looked like it weighed 3 pounds. After doctor Amy removed the mass me and a couple other interns were then able to play wit it. I know that sounds super gross and it was in a way but it was also fun to be able to use a scalpel and cut into it and actually feel inside the mass. This was not super meaningful but it was interesting and solified my belief that I am not squeamish around blood or anything and that this really is the field for me.

At my internship site the most used form of communication is face to face. I the clinic it is best to talk to everyone face to face because the clinic is busy and information needs to be giving quickly and effectively. Using the phone is the next best way for communicating. This would be appropriate if there was a clinic up front so the front desk ladies would then call the back to let them know that the next appointment is here. Emails can sometimes be appropriate between Dr.Amy and clients but not usually used on a day to day basis while actually at the clinic. As for texting I will sometimes text my mentor Heather when I had a question or am letting her know something.

I am pretty comfortable talking to everyone at the clinic. For the most part if I have a question a do not really plan it out I just ask it next time I see my mentor. In general I will just ask the question when I think of it it. Most of the time it is when we are doing something and I am asking what exactly a certain drug does or something along those lines. In some cases however such as when I am going over something important like smart goals I will try to find a time when they are not super busy. I ask questions pretty often so I am comfortable doing that and just talking to everybody in general is pretty easy I never feel super uncomfortable to talk.

I learned the term lipomas. Lipomas are classified as fatty tumors and are usually benign. I learned this when I was watching the mass removal on the border collie. Also fun fact they are quite common in dogs.

September 3rd – September 16th (20.52 hours) – It is not super meaningful but I was able learn how to set up vaccines. Most of the time I am in the back helping out. On this day however, I was able to work with one of the techs with taking patient history and getting vaccines for the pets. I always find it fascinating to be in the pharmacy part of the clinic because there are so many different types of drug with very wacky names. The meaningful thing that happened was I was actually able to prepare a vaccine for Leptospirosis. It was an interesting experience because the mixture when mixed properly turned a light pinkish color.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease caused from soil or water. Leptospirosis is zoonotic which means it can pass from animal to person. This vaccine is part of the puppy booster series because when they are that young their immune system is not that strong and leptospirosis is very contagious.

August 20th – September 2nd (13.23 hours) – One meaningful experience I have had while in the internship program was when I was given the task of showing two of the other interns how to do something. One of the things I do almost weekly is wrap surgery packs. A surgery pack is simple all of the medical instruments required for certain type of surgery along with gauze and towels wrapped up in two clothes which will then get sterilized in the autoclave. The other week the head vet technician, Raven, told me to show Demi and Makayla, two other interns, how to wrap the surgery packs. This experience was meaningful to me because it showed that they trusted me enough not only to wrap the surgery packs correctly but to also teach the other interns. I felt very proud about this experience and I hope they continue to both trust me and teach me new things.

The expectation for my personality is to have a good attitude and always be ready to learn and to take instructions. As for conduct it depends on where I am at in the clinic if I am in the front where all the clients are I need to act professional and nice. However if I am in the back where only employees are allowed it is a little more casual. While things still need to get done in an orderly fashion the atmosphere is more relaxed and I can talk with the others however there is still and air of professionalism in whatever we are doing because it is a medical field and things must be done correctly. My coworkers are very professional out in the front with clients but like I said before in the back they all talk casually since most of them are friends outside of work as well. The number one thing that no one should do is act unprofessional with a client or around a client.

I would definitely say that this is a natural fit for my personality. Being able to intern at the vet clinic has only clarified for me that the veterinary medical field is exactly where I want to be when I grow up. Other then certain school things this is the first time in a professional environment. I would almost consider this to be my first job since I have never had a job before so this is pretty close. Certain aspects of being a professional I am definitely working since as I said before I have never had a job before. One major thing I am working on is being able to get everything that needs to be done in the amount of time I have there. Actively acting professional I think I am pretty good for it being my first time.

One vocabulary word I came across was hemostats. I came across this word when Dr.Hoff and Martha, a vet tech, as well as me and another intern were holding down a dog that had two cysts on her front and back right paws. Dr.Hoff was trying to pull a cactus thorn out of the cysts since that is what caused it in the first place and asked for either me or Makalya to go grab a hemostat. At fist I thought I knew what this was since clean a lot of the medical instruments but I actually got it confused with something else. A hemostat is a medical instrument that ends that come together to grip something, its has linear groves where the two ends come together which makes it easy to grasp something and it not let go. The general shape looks like a small pair of scissors but there is not blades.  

August 6th – August 19th (18.65 hours) – One experience I had recently was drawing blood for the first time. This was a very nerve racking experience but also very exciting for me. One of the technicians along with one of the other interns were there to witness it, help with restraint, and give me encouragement. What I learned from this experience was to just go for things even if I am nervous. The reason I learned this lesson was because right before I inserted the needle I was nervous and Martha, the tech with me, she told be just to do it and I did and I hit the vein the first try. This may not be a big experience, more of a small one, it was still meaningful.

July 18th – August 5th (56.3 hours) – One meaningful experience I have had while being in the internship program was learning that I have to work extra hard in order to be the best I can be. Not only have I had to prove that at my internship I also have to do so in the program. During the summer I had to get my act together in order to be successful in the program. I took certain steps such as making sure I checked my calendar every day as well as also learning how to use my online calendar. In my internship I had to be extra vigilant to learn the names of instruments, learn where things go, what certain equipment did and how to use it, along with understanding certain vocabulary words. Thankfully I have excellent mentors and instead of criticizing me when I forgot something they simple corrected me and help me with finding ways that would help me be the best I can be. I have grown from this because I have learned to ask for help when I need it.

One thing I hope to learn from Mrs. Wahl during my time in the internship program is to hone in on my strengths and work on making my weaknesses not weaknesses. Through the courses of classes I go to I hope by the end of it I can always come out with something I have improved upon. I have learned throughout my life that you can learn something new everyday and I am sure the same can be said about going to Mrs. Wahl’s classes that I do learn something new everyday. One thing I hope to learn from my mentor is how to express anal glands on a dog, I know it sounds gross but it is a necessity in the Veterinary field. This task, while not very glamorous, is something I see done every time I am at my internship site. Another thing I wish to learn is how to inject vaccines. More in depth for that one is the different type of vaccines and depending on the vaccine where on the body should it be injected.

One thing have already learned as a professional is that nothing is freely given to you. You have to work for respect, trust, and when you need help, you have to ask for it. For instance at my internship site everyone already had respect for me as a person but through my time working there and proving myself I feel they have more respect for me as a colleague and a student wanting to learn all I can. One thing I have learned as a student that has also helped me in my internship is time management. While I still have some problems with it I am always working on it to overcome it. I believe I now have a handle on it and have learned to ask for help with it when I need it.