Sydney S

October 1st – October 26th (15 hours) – Last weekend I shadowed at my first wedding. I felt super nervous because I wasn’t completely sure what all I needed to be doing during the wedding to help out Andi. When I first got there I took out my camera and started watching Andi and taking pictures like she had been doing. Later on in the evening after the ceremony I put my camera away and held Andi’s iPad to cross off her list of pictures she had written down. It was very stressful because I had no idea what I was doing or how I needed to do things but at the night grew on I slowly started to catch onto what all I need to do along with when I am able to take out my camera to take pictures myself. During dinner I felt Andi and I really connected, we talked about school and we laughed like old friends which lifted a giant weight off of my shoulders and by the end of the night I was having fun watching Andi along with taking pictures when she didn’t need me holding her stuff or her iPad.

One thing that I hope to learn from the lessons and zooms with Mrs. Wahl is that it is okay to feel nervous when called on. I hope to learn to overcome my fear of talking in front of others and to feel more at ease when speaking in front of other people. I feel as though I have already come a long way with my people skills just over the summer in the internship but there is always more room for improvement. One thing that I hope to learn from my time interning with Andi is how she runs her business so successfully. Photography is all about word of mouth and advertising and I would love to know all of her secrets to being a successful traveling wedding photographer at such a young age.

One thing that I have learned from my time in the program is how professional you must show yourself as at all times. Professionalism isn’t just within the way that you dress but also things like; posture, attitude, tone of voice, how you speak, etc. It is important to always remain professional online as well. Employers will research you and your social media’s before hiring you and if you are posting inappropriate things all over your social media it demotes how professional you look in the eyes of the employer. I have also learned that asking for help is always okay, before I felt as though I tried to do everything all on my own and get as little help as possible from my peers and family members. But within the internship I have not only asked my parents for help understanding things but also communicated back and forth with my peers within the internship to help out and be helped with things that were hard to understand on my own.

October 27th – November 9th (6.05 hours) – The meaningful experience that I had was sitting at a booth 11/1 downtown. This was meaningful to me because the mini sessions had been for a good cause and it taught me a few lessons. One big lesson that it had taught me was that patience is a good thing to have and to think on the spot. When people would come up and ask what my booth was there for there was no time that I had to prepare. Preparing things to be pre-rehersed is not always a good thing because then people skills are never learned. When I had to speak on the spot it was actually really difficult I had noticed because there is usually a specific response that I come up with for everything so there is no stuttering involved or losses of words. It definitely showed me that I need to start going places and having conversations with people I do not know to teach myself how to flow with conversations.

November 10th – November 23rd (1 hour) – Over these previous two weeks I was not able to shadow. The first week I was not able to make the single wedding that Andi had because I had been asked to take someone’s family photos. During this shoot I used some of the techniques I learned from Andi, one being to take pictures of the family walking away and looking back. And another being one where the family walks towards me while they look at one another. The next week I was forced to stay home due to a possibly covid exposure and not wanting to expose Andi. We did however have a PD meeting where I learned that Clifton Strengths are the natural strengths a person has within the work place.

The appropriate behavior at my internship site is to be quiet and watch. Mostly for weddings the photographer needs to be quick on their toes and respond to things that happen quickly. Along with that photographers need to take charge and to not let the family of the wedding party boss around the photographer. An expectation for my personality at my internship site is to be happy and bubbly along with knowing when to be quiet. My internship site requires me to help record these events for people with as little interference as possible meanwhile helping to capture their joy on these days/part of their life. When I see Andi working I see her taking charge, she is never bossy or rude but always patient.

I stand in the corner and make sure to actively observe. Along with that I actively move standing spots to make sure that I do not make it in any of the photos. To be less of a background spot to help keep the photos as magical as possible. I am still actively working on the talking aspect at the sites. Since it is expected to be dealing with new people every session I can never get too comfortable talking to someone because it differs and changes every time. However I also need to learn more of the place of the photographer and positions along with taking charge.

Hotspot – We came across it at one of the weddings where the background the couple wanted the wedding’s family photos was completely blown out. With little time we had to struggle to find something other than hard light so that the photos wouldn’t turn out with the guests squinting and/or a blown out background. Another thing we were worried about was that the light would make the photos too bright so we attempted to search for a new location for these photos. However these photos ended up being delayed as the family of the bride had not yet arrived and since the sun had set more it was less of a bright location.

November 24th – December 7th () –