George S

October 1st – October 26th () – I have not yet gone into the internship site, but the process of securing a mentor was a meaningful experience for me. I was able to first make contact with the mayor’s office through a family friend, and it was a lesson to me about the importance of networking. I also learned patience from this process because there were times when communication died off and I had to keep moving without getting discouraged. I also learned more about contacting professionals and how to best coordinate emails and phone calls. I learned many other things just from trying to get a mentor, and I am excited to learn more on the Job.

One thing that I hope to learn from the program with Ms. Wahl is to keep myself organized without an expressed grade or person watching over me. My main fault is my organizational skills, and while they have gotten better during the program, I am not completely self sufficient in them. I’m not sure that I could confidently say that I would keep a binder or such an organized calendar if it weren’t with the constant support of my teacher. From my mentor I hope to learn if a career in government is something that I truly want. Right now I can’t imagine doing anything else with my future, but I haven’t had any real life experience doing that so I know that my current perspective is flawed. However, over the course of the next year I hope to be able to have gained enough insight and experience to make an informed decision about the direction I choose to take in my life.

One thing that I have learned as a student is to increase my academic endurance. I often times have a hard time focusing on one task for an extended period of time, and this really showed over the summer with the professional development courses. In person meetings are easy enough to stay attentive during, but for whatever reasons these long zoom meetings were very hard for me to sit through, and then entering the information on the time sheet afterwards seemed like such a chore. Throughout the summer however I have gotten better at this skill and it has helped me in many other classes and assignments. One thing that I have learned as a professional is how to communicate more effectively over the phone and through email. During the past couple of months as I am sure you know I have asked many many questions over email, and through the program I have also become more and more comfortable sending those emails. This helped me tremendously when securing the internship because I had the courage to call and email potential mentors, and I was able to secure one.

October 27th – November 9th () – I fell behind these past two weeks. I was not able to make a lot of contact with my mentors and because of this I was not able to schedule a first day in time to get any hours. On Wednesday the 11th however, I reached out and sent them the first day paper work from the binder to show them I was serious about setting a first day, and my directness yielded a quick response, and I am going in two city hall next week. I learned that It is really easy to fall behind, but if you need to get things done you must be direct and deliberate.

November 10th – November 23rd () – 

November 24th – December 7th () –