Jordan H

October 1st – October 26th (18.08 hours) – One meaningful experience that I had at my internship site was witnessing my first euthansia at the clinic. The experience made me feel really sad but also conflicted, it was heartbreaking to watch this dog be put down but I knew it was the right thing to do just by looking at the dog. I watched as the vet administered the drugs and listened for the heartbeat to stop. I learned what goes on behind the scenes after the dog is put down. I’ve had some of my own dogs pass away but never known what happens after. I grew from this experience since in my opinion it is the hardest part about the job and experiencing the worst and still wanting to continue.

I hope to learn in my time as an intern is how each of the technicians and vets process. Each person at the hospital has a different way that they got to where they are. In reading the decriptions of the vets online one of the vets that I haven’t met yet had an interesting way that she ended upbecoming a vet. I would just like to know everyones stories and how they figured out this is what they wanted to do. In my time in the intership I would like to learn about how to handle specific situations. No matter how unlikely the situation is I would still like to know. These situations would serve as examples for the most random things that could come up.

Two things I have already learned one as a professional was how to present myself in different forms. I have learned how I present myslef through word choice in emails. Along with how to talk and handle phone calls and in person. One thing I have learned about myself as a students is how to better prepare myself. Through this experience I have made myself become more organized and prepared. Along with more thoughout any more professional in my skills.

October 27th – November 9th (8 hours) – One meaningful experience I’ve had at my site was first learning how to find veins in dogs and how to get them to appear. This is useful since it is used for drawing blood, giving medicine, and putting in catheters. This is a basic thing to learn but is very useful since it is used for a lot of different things and allows me to begin to understand the process. To get the veins to appear I have to firmly grasp the dogs leg in a specifc spot and apply pressure. Even though this isn’t much I think it’s very important and is access way into the actual medicine behind veterinary science. Along with the technicians trusting me to be up close and help with things like medicine administering and euthanasias. This experience made me feel excited since it allows me to be closer to the action and shows the technicians trust growing. 

November 10th – November 23rd (9.42 hours) – One meaningful experience was watching Moriah and Dr.Pav drain an abcess. During this experience I got to be right next to the experience and see exactly what they were doing. Seeing this experince showed kind of more the gross side of being a veterinarian. The abcess smelled and had gross substance coming out of it. Even though it was gross it was cool to see them drain it and how relieved it made the cat feel. This was meaningful since I got to see how they handle situtations like this since there are a lot of animals with abcesses.

At my site things are go go go the technicians and veterinarians barely have any time to sit down. The pace of the clinic is very fast and I try and help when they ask me to by holding or restraining a dog so that they can move onto something else. It is expected of me that I make sure the cages and tables are clean for exams and boarding. The technicians occasionally chat while they are waiting for the doctors to come examine the animals. For the most part the only time they sit down is when they are on the phone with patients. Their fast past shows how much they do behind the scenes. The technicians and veterinarians work very hard to see all their patients no matter if they were late, on time, or ealry.

I meet these expectations by helping with patients when asked. I hold dogs and cats so the technicians can grab another patient or enter information to the charts on the computers. I help restrain dogs for the doctors exams while the technicians are filling meds as well. Then inbetween patients I clean the exam table to ensure that it is clean for the next patient. Along with I also clean cages after an animal leaves so it will be clean in case they need the space for another patient.

I came across the term surgery log after records were being filed after the first surgery I witnessed. There was a new doctor there visiting from another hospital and they were filling out the log. From hearing their discussion about there form I learned that they fill out the animals rates for tons of different things during surgery. This form is filled out almost every minute of surgery about things like their breathing rate, oxygen level, heart rate in order to keep track of everything during the surgery.

November 24th – December 7th () –