Nicole G

October 1st – October 26th (22 hours) – The most important experience I have gotten from this internship so far is how to deal with a dog that absolutely does not want to be there on any level physically and mentally. It was a small dog who would not stop screaming, jolting, moving, and biting. I learned that a muzzle was not needed even if the dog was biting. How my mentor and I worked this one out was I held him close to my body while keeping his neck in a hold that prevented him from jerking it back to bite. Then I also kept his legs between my fingers and held them so he could not kick and jump. He still tried to but it allowed for my mentor to keep it more under control and prevent cuts.

I hope to learn from Mrs. Wahl how to keep my hours and values organized and clear. I think with the internship program, I will be able to better evaluate myself as a professional and help me walk independently. What I hope to learn from my internship is a more detailed look at the dogs I will be dealing with. The thing I learned is that dogs are not just what they are as pets. They can become a completely different puppy when put in a vets office or grooming station. So I hope to get more familiar with the difference and how to handle each situation.

I have learned that I myself can pick up on things very fast as a student. I have heard it from others quite frequently that I pick up things faster than the others and I can definitely see it when I worked my first day. I noticed about myself that on the first day, only an hour or two in, I was already walking on my own, picking stuff up and working hands on without a struggle. I noticed about myself as a professional that I think even more about what I say before I say it when around new people. Granted I always think before I say but I don’t tend to overthink what I say in a professional environment, that way I can keep my reputation how I would like. I don’t want to talk about something too off-topic or weird when I am trying to keep a refined knowledgeable student look.

October 27th – November 9th (7 hours) – I have only gone in once since school started but there was something very important I learned involving nail trimming. Sometimes, even though the groomer is good, they still might cut the vein in the nail. She openly admitted it was not because the dog moved but she wasn’t looking hard enough. What you do when you cut the vein in the nail is you apply this power called, “styptic powder”. This stops the bleeding and allows the blood to clot up. The vein in the nail is also known as “The Quick” because of how fast the bleeding starts after the nail gets cut too short. The owner is told and an apology is expected of course. It wasn’t serious or anything and we made sure to stay calm and clean it up!

November 10th – November 23rd (0 hours) – A deep experience I had was cutting the nail trim too short. There is a vein in the nail that if cut, will bleed a whole lot. Usually the vein can be seen from outside the nail but on the rare occasion it gets cut too short, there is ways to fix it. There is a powder called “styptic powder” which can be applied directly to the nail at the open of the vein which will stop the bleeding and help it close. It doesn’t require any special treatment, just quick care before it gets out of hand and the dog bleeds out. The dog didn’t whimper or cry which was surprising but dogs do tend to carry pain a lot easier because in wolf packs, the wounded gets left behind. So it’s important in the dogs head they keep their act together, but it can be problematic because then we don’t know if there is a problem or not.

The personality and behavior at the site isn’t super high in expectations. It is good to be very respectful to the guest when bringing dogs out and making sure that they feel like their dog was in good hands (which of course they were). Keeping the place with low drama and respecting each other is important. I notice that a lot of workers there tend to be very open to lending others their supplies and openly helping when needed. However they do know it is okay to say no once in a while so that they don’t take too much on their hands. In general everyone is pretty laid back, just trying to enjoy their time grooming the dogs to get their pay and leave.

I do try and stay out of everyones way so that they can get their jobs done. Im still new to the place so knowing order is still under progress. I try to keep it professional as if I am being recorded but I am also simultaneously trying to stay as laid back as they do. Since I am just interning there, I keep an open mind and heart when working with the animals and workers since I don’t technically belong there. I have a personality where I tend to laugh a lot and joke with others in order to build a bond but theres a time and place and I am trying to find the happy medium. I do feel safe otherwise, and pretty well adjusted.

When my mentor cut the nail too fast and got the vein, it reminded me that I never knew what the vein was actually called. I knew that it was an important vein that should never be cut because of how much it will bleed. The name of this vein was actually called “The Quick” because of how fast the blood flows out of the vein.

November 24th – December 7th () –