Luis DR

October 1st – October 26th (0 hours) – Although I haven’t been able to secure an internship during this time, one meaningful experience was improving my communication skills via phone. Because of the sudden changes from the COVID pandemic, my opportunities for an internship position were very limited in the field of healthcare. After reaching out to various facilities in Tucson, many responded that internship and volunteering opportunities are temporarily closed due to the pandemic. Even though this is very understandable, it has been a huge barrier in my search for an internship. However, calling and communicating with different people from different facilities allowed me to practice and improve the way I communicate and portray myself in these calls. I was able to develop a much better flow of my words and in delivering my message smoothly. I can see a great improvement in the way I deliver myself in phone calls than before the internship search.

One thing that I hope to learn once I obtain an internship is providing care and support to patients with communication and building interpersonal relationships with those that I work with. I have been struggling with interacting with my peers ever since middle school. Therefore, I am looking forward to building better insight and learn more about communicating in the healthcare field as I hope to use this later in life. One thing that I hope to learn from Mrs. Wahl is the “do’s” and don’t’s” of working as an intern and how to make the most out of an internship. As I’ve been able to meet with Mrs. Wahl regarding my situation in my internship search, I gained a lot from Mrs. Wahl’s meetings regarding professionalism.

One thing that I have learned from my time in the program as a professional is an importance of portraying myself as a professional. Not only does working in a professional world consist of meeting deadlines and completing projects, but the way you conduct yourself is vital. Especially in the healthcare field, the energy you are delivered with your coworkers and your clients/patients influences the response you’d get back. Therefore, to become successful in a professional setting, relationships are key and to achieve that goal is by achieving professional self-awareness.

October 27th – November 9th (2.75 hours) – One meaningful experience is learning the communication that takes place at physical therapy. As I had my first day with my internship, I was able to understand the flow of helping patients in physical therapy. I was able to shadow the physical therapy techs and the physical therapists, Alyssa, and Matt. I was able to develop a better sense of the use of communication between the providers and with their patients there. After talking with Alyssa, I’m able to understand how vital communication with patients is. It is all about building rapport and trust with your patients. I am looking forward to my next day of interning at the clinic, hoping to learn more and build a better relationship with my mentors and the staff there.

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