Ashley B

October 1st – October 26th (3.37 hours) – When I first walking into my internship site, I was extremely nervous and I think it could show. I wasn’t sure where I needed to be, and felt like I was out of my comfort zone. My mentor took me back into the break room where we sat down and completed all of the required paperwork, and instead of just cranking down and finishing it all, we had a meaningful conversation. We talked about what it’s like to be a veterinary technician, the stigma that my mentor herself faces, and a lot of the struggles people in the field face. She was super sweet and cracked a couple of jokes during the talk, and even after that conversation, we continued to dive deeper into some of the subjects on the paperwork. Just seeing her so comfortable and friendly was a huge change for me, because I immediately relaxed and jumped straight into the conversation as well. I learned that if you give yourself and strangers a chance, so many wonderful things can come from it. I never would have known that my mentor was a foster fail, and that she could hardly keep herself from taking home all the kittens.

I know that there are a plethora of skills that I will learn from the internship and my mentor. I hope to learn from my mentor how to correctly do a wellness exam on a cat of all ages, including TPR. I’ve never been able to take the temperature, pulse, or respiratory rate of a living animal. I also want to learn how to talk to other people professionally, such as other employees or possible customers as an intern. I don’t know much on how to talk to the other techs and assistants at my site, and I have no clue what I’m going to do when the doctor is there. However I hope I can learn from Mrs. Wahl how to be professional and friendly, and know how to start a learning conversation without overstepping boundaries.

I think one thing that I learned from my time in the program is that I have a very big positive attitude, which I think is a great soft skill to have in any work environment. Especially during the first few days of acquiring a spot at my internship site, as well as taking this whole internship program, I have learned how much a difference being able to look at things in a hopeful and positive light can boost your confidence. Being able to confidently walk into my interview, and strike a conversation that glows with energy and enthusiasm– positive attitudes may be one of my best attributes as a student. As a professional, I think my work ethic will come into handy during my internship, after learning about all of the hard work that goes into it. I can work through problems and challenges, all the while staying focused and completing certain tasks quickly and efficiently. I’m already dedicated to this internship program, and knowing that I can make a difference in my professional life by working hard gives me the confidence and strength to keep going.

October 27th – November 9th (8.58 hours) – One of the most meaningful experiences I have had in the internship program was at my Internship site with another coworker. It was a busy day, and we were working on some wellness exams for the Veterinarian, and to do that we have to take the temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, mucus membrane, and capillary refill time as well as the weight. While I’m pretty good at taking the temperature, I have been super nervous and unsure about taking the respiratory rate and heart rate and using my own numbers for the official record. That meant a lot to me was the assistant I was working with, Jaret, encouraged me to do it myself and told me that I would be taking the measurements and using those values. I had to do it multiple times, but he was extremely patient and positive, and we eventually got the same numbers. I was scared to mess up and nervous about doing something so important by myself but being able to trust my skills and knowing he was there to double-check me really set my mind straight. After that, I was more confident in helping around and taking care of the cats and intakes. Now I know that it’s okay to take your time, and I’m going to use that advice for when I am at my clinic in the future.

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