Hannah B

October 1st – October 26th (7.2 hours) – On my first day of interning, I sat in on a hospice meeting. However, this was not a meeting with patients and family members, it was a meeting between my mentor’s staff members. During this meeting they were discussing with each other different techniques on how to approach patients regarding difficult topics. From listening to this, I was able to understand how crucial delivery of difficult information can be. I have never personally received extremely devastating news but have always been curious about how medical professionals are able to do this. As an intern, I obviously will not be delivering this type of information but I was able to grasp how vital some soft skills are for this. Patience, communication, and listening skills were very evident.

From my mentor, I hope to learn whether or not this is a medical path that I would like to follow. By exploring this career, I am hoping to gain a better understanding of the aspects I do, and don’t like in the medical field. Learning this will allow me to walk down a straighter path as I excel through college. From Mrs. Wahl, I would like to learn how to better manage my time as a professional. I understand the importance of time management in order to be successful but it is always something I have struggled with. Through this program, I have already learned techniques to better myself but I would like to continue.

In this program, I have learned how important communication is in the professional world. I now have a better understanding of how organized and consistent one should be in order to be successful. During the professional development meetings, we were told to get in the routine of checking our emails everyday at a specific time. Since then, I have an alarm that goes off every day to remind me to check. Also as a student, I have learned the importance of having a growth mindset. I really like the mistake chart we were given. It is okay to make a mistake as long as you are willing to understand, reflect, and grow. Making mistakes is part of being a human, and from this program, I have learned it is more about how you react to the mistake that you made.

October 27th – November 9th (3.03 hours) – Last week, I experienced my mentor reading diagnostics and entering them into her computer system. As she was doing this, she was repetitively interrupted by different hospitals calling to verify her findings. How she responded to the calls was really meaningful to me. Although she expressed her irritation to me, she remained professional throughout the calls. During this situation, I realized that although sometimes in the professional world, you are likely to be inconvenienced, it is part of your job to remain professional as well as kind. For future times when I am stressed out and annoyed, I will look back on that moment and realize that it is a reflection on myself not how I feel about and unfortunate occurrence, but a reflection based on how I choose to respond.

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