Steven B.

January 6th- January 27th (11 hours) – I was the first person at the church two times, so I had to do work both times. The first time it happened I wasn’t there alone for long, all I really ended up doing was turning on the projector and the slides. So that day wasn’t all that interesting or scary. The 2nd day I was alone for a lot longer, as well as the only audio guy there for even longer. Therefore I had to set up more things in the church, I set up the audio computer, as well as after the worship team got there I helped set up the instruments and some of the wiring up. That one was a bit more scary, during it I even thought that I was in the wrong building and that I missed a memo of some kind as to where the service was taking place.

I’ve learned about editing audio in podcasts and the like, along with EQing for them. Some of the things I’ve learned about is how to edit out white noise, and edit the podcast itself to make it sound good as well as cut out unnecessary parts. I developed this throughout both my class and through this internship. This internship has improved it through me having to do the podcasts and find out what parts need to be cut out. The podcast editing has been really helpful for expanding my abilities with audio editing. The class has taught me about the basics of EQing and audio editing, as well as understanding the terms of audio engineering. It will help me in getting audio related careers and scholarships. This gives me an option with my future and what I will have.

It will give me a chance for jobs and success in the future. Add to that it can help me with doing audio as a hobby in order to improve my skills and have more to add to my resume. Along with that I’ll have a lot of experience with this work.

Audiobox, a tool in Audio Engineering that is used to edit audio with guitars and keyboards. I was helping set up the audio, during which I figured out about us having to use the Audiobox’s in setting up the Guitar and Keyboard. It allows us to set up the audio in XLR Cables and plug it into the speakers.

November 12th – January 5th (27 hours) – I worked as the roadie during a day where our worship team was playing music during the adult service. It was really cool because we had to go in between two different churches. My job as the roadie was to help set up the band equipment, and take it down after we were done. Some of the things that we ended up doing during it were that, we had some breakfast burritos during it. We also got some snacks and coffee as well, in order to help with waking up and keeping active during this, as the constant going in between, the fact that we were starting at 8, and had to do it for a while, did lower energy a bit. I learned kinda what it was like to be a band doing a live performance, with the constant moving, setting up equipment, tearing down equipment, and some of the possible set up that would need to be done before each of the performances.

When doing live sound editing for the first time, it was a little tricky because it was completely different from editing the recorded music I’ve done in my class. So even with the guidance of my mentor, I couldn’t completely do it myself, I had to get help with this. I got help from my Audio Engineering teacher with editing live audio. With his help I was able to get a better idea of what to do when doing live audio editing. Even then I also made sure to have the help of the performers on how it sounded, and also made use of google to help with editing.

I didn’t really need my mentor’s help after that, it was super helpful that the worship team was helping me with the sound by telling me to make it louder or quieter. It also helped that some of the effects were already done so I wouldn’t have to worry about those. The trickiest part was getting the volume levels to sound just right. Thankfully enough we managed to get to a point that sounded good, which was really rewarding when it happened.

Roadie, the members of the band that set up the equipment and the sound. I learned this during the day when the band was performing in the main service, and we had to go in between 2 churches, I was called that during that day. I wondered what it actually meant so I looked it up, and I learned what a roadie was.

October 29th – November 11th (10 hours) – I recently got to work on some podcasts, and I didn’t submit after working on them. I worked on 2 podcasts, I partially got through 1, but I decided to stop working on it due to major audio problems, aka, the audio would randomly glitch out and peak, causing the audio to cut out. So I reported it to my mentor and then started working on another podcast. Sadly this one had another audio problem, where the audio would become extremely muffled and as such, while I did finish it, I found it too short, and also because of the audio issues, I decided against submitting it. I mentioned this to my Mentor as well and then stopped there due to having another thing I was intending to do. It was a bit upset that I couldn’t submit one due to both of the ones I worked on having audio issues, however hopefully we’ll have this taken care of in time.

I would say that initially, he would find me pretty good for my experience in the field. He would say I was very good with sticking to a schedule when it came to coming to the church and assisting there, I stuck to a very good schedule with that, coming at 4, leaving at 7:30. However, one area that he would say I need to improve, is my scheduling with the Podcasts, I had a while where I didn’t do them cause I didn’t have a schedule to work on them with. This led to me being behind on hours for a while, so I needed to improve there. I did improve on this at the end, I was able to at least work on at least one each week, and I did have a schedule to work by to make sure I had enough hours.

I think I didn’t juggle my internship with school and extra curricular all that well. I failed especially in the podcasts, because I didn’t schedule my time well, there were quite a few weeks where I didn’t do them, causing me to be behind on hours. Thankfully enough after the 2nd hour check, I buckled down on working on this, and this led to me getting caught up on hours, honestly quiet easily. So thanks to this I do have a plan for next semester. My plan is to keep with the schedule I set up for the end of my 1st semester and keep with it. I also plan to work over the Winter Log to gain extra hours.

A word I learned is peaking. In audio terms, peaking is when you make a noise so loud, it goes beyond the ranges of the mic, causing the mic to cut out so it can’t be played, either that, or the mic would forcefully quiet the noise. I learned this while editing one of the podcasts, it would peak due to an issue with the mic to get major static, and it peaked.

October 15th – October 28th (10.83 hours) – One of the major ones I had was setting up a schedule in order to be able to have enough hours to pass the program. I especially learned the usefulness of scheduling using a calendar, especially a digital one. I got my schedule from meeting with Mrs. Polivchak and my mentor during the site visit, and we discussed what I would do in order to be able to have all of the hours I need. I made sure to set up a schedule, basically work for two hours on a podcast during Tuesday, go on Saturday to my internship site. I ran it through the google sheet and I figured out that it would be enough hours.

During my internship I help with setting up the lyrics from time to time, so as such I need to know what songs are being played. So I talk to one of the main singers in order to ask for a copy of the song sheets so I know what to do. I put them into the ProPresentor file with all the song Lyrics and put them into the playlist. Usually either I initiated the conversation or the lead musician/singer would come up to me with the papers with the songs.

Some of the time other guys at the internship would ask me about what I do in my normal life. While I was relatively okay with talking to them about it, I was still a bit nervous. Some of the things I’ve told them is that I’m a black belt in karate or I am an Eagle Scout. I talk to them on a semi-regular basis, I don’t usually talk a lot cause I’m kinda nervous with talking to other people, especially if I don’t know them at all.

During my interview with my mentor, I asked about what are some of his favorite effects, one of the things he told me about is a de-esser. A de-esser is a plug in on some DAWs that reduces the noise made when someone makes the sound of an S, Z, T, SH, CH, J, etc. I learned it from him and then did a bit more research into it afterwards.

October 1st – October 14th (7.5 hours) – Recently I got to shadow the main audio guy at the main church at Calvary Chapel, I learned a lot of cool things there. One of the things was that I got to see the auxiliary input room, basically it’s a room that has allows all the audio to play throughout the building. I also discovered how they run things there, they have the band use earpieces in order to hear their own mix of the music, so that say, the guitar player doesn’t have the drums distracting them, or they can hear the guitar over the other vocalists. I got to see the cool ways they edit their music, one way is that they allow their musicians to edit what they hear from their phones via connecting to the soundboard. They also allowed me to edit the music a bit before the sermon, and try to make it not go over a certain threshold, that was really cool and fun to do, along with that they have the ability to hear how it sounds with the live stream they do so they don’t accidentally cut out an instrument.

Auxiliary, it’s a type of cord, often used in connecting headphones or speakers to the source of the sound. This is really important because without it, you’re stuck relying on just the sound itself. I learned this when I went to main service and saw the room where they have all the auxiliary cables connected up to the speakers, recorders, etc.

September 17th – September 30th (11.5 hours) – I recently worked on two very different podcasts, one which I didn’t have to edit too much, due to it being mostly a live Q+A sermon. I did however have to edit out some of the beginning and ending due to it just being a bunch of noise. I also worked on another podcast which I had to edit more heavily. Some of the things I ended changing was that I had to cut out certain parts that weren’t important to the podcast. I had to move certain parts to make it sound cleaner and better. I also had to cut out a lot of pauses and “ummmms”. Another thing I had to do with this one was find a good starting point for the podcast.

The method we use most to communicate is texting, including a texting group. We mostly use it to discuss when we’re headed to work or when we’re outside of the church. It’s also used to inform me quickly if my podcasts have been received. We on occasion use emails, mostly to inform everyone of important announcements, like if one of us can’t attend and why, and who’ll be contacting us in the meantime. It’s most appropriate because with the kind of messages we are sending others which are usually pretty short, and may sometimes need immediate response, which Text Messages often help with. Emails are appropriate for the situations they’re used in cause it’s easier to tell a lot of people about an important announcement, and is more professional.

I often try to make sure to start it off with some kind of professional greeting, even when I use texts. I also try to respond to messages as quickly as I can as well. I make sure to review my messages so I sound somewhat professional and also that I avoid sounding rude or unprofessional. Most of the time I make sure to inform my mentor if i’m at the site, or if I’ve submitted any podcasts. I contact my mentor with any questions about my podcasts or to schedule when we can talk about the podcast.

One of the words I learned when I was working at my internship is playhead. The playhead is something in most Digital Audio Workshops, it represents where you are in the audio track, it allows you to split the regions or repeat certain parts. I learned about it being called a playhead because when I started my internship I had to use the split tool more, so I learned that it’s called a playhead.

September 3rd – September 16th (8.75 hours) – I got to learn about what it’s like having to take sick days off of work, and how it screws up your schedule. Firstly it messed up me trying to work extra cause I was sick and in bed, I couldn’t go to work on Wednesday like I planned in order to make up more time so now I have to go another Wednesday. I also have to work extra on my podcasts now due to not working on them cause I was focused on not getting better. I also had to explain to Scott how I was sick and why I hadn’t made progress on any podcasts in a while because I was bedridden due to sickness. So I learned that getting sick can majorly screw up your work schedule.

I was helping set up with everyone and one of the things we have to do is set up an EQ for the microphones on stage. One of the things we focused on is using this thing called reverb on the microphone. Reverb is an effect you put on tracks that make the sound coming through sound like it’s reverberating like it’s in a big room or just for the sake of ambiance

August 20th – September 2nd (9 hours) – One thing I got to learn about were various ways I could edit the podcast in Garageband to make it sound better. One of the major things I learned was using automated volume to help with certain parts. For example with the opening music, using Automation with the volume to quiet it down when the podcast is beginning. Another instance of using automated volume is when doing a cut, and you just can’t get it to sound quite right, like there’s a sudden click, you can lower the volume at the instance of the cut so that it sounds better. Along with that when in general editing the podcast, you’ll want to make sure the volume is right, sometimes it might get way too loud, others it may get way too quiet, so you’ll need to automate the volume to balance things out better.

One of the things is that while you’re allowed to use your phone on site, it’s best if you keep it church appropriate. You also tend to wanna wear, casual button ups, not like, business suit, but a basic button up collared shirt. The personality of the place is that, it’s a generally kind and welcoming place, along with that it’s actually pretty casual. The staff are rather joke-y and nice to each other and new people, they are helpful and willing to listen to other people, and they are also good at letting new people have a chance to prove themselves. They also are very willing to use technology and allow other people to use it to make things more convenient for everyone.

This generally fits how I conduct myself, I enjoy not feeling pressured about asking for help from others. I also love to use technology so the fact that they’re fine with technology being used is good for me. Add to that I enjoy the fact that it’s not super business-y, it’s relatively casual so it’s very good for me. Along with that it’s also very decently scheduled so you know when things are happening, and when things are due. I do have one major thing that I kinda struggle with, and it’s the clothing I have to wear, since that’s not what I usually wear, I’m not used to having to wear that. So it’s mostly good for me, except for one slight thing that i’m not used to.

I learned what a Band Filter was. A band filter is a filter on an equalizer that is used to fish out bad frequencies in a track. These are between the beginning and end filters, and there are about, 3 of them usually. The ways these are often used is that you have them thinned so that you can just get the bad frequency and not anything else. you pull it up to the maximum gain so that you can easily hear the bad frequencies, and then bring it down enough so that the frequencies is taken out.

August 6th – August 19th (5.5 hours) – A meaningful experience I recently had was when I learned about other ways to use GarageBand. In my Audio Engineering class, we mostly use GarageBand to make music, not really edit pre-existing audio or add effects to it, so that helped me learn what else I could do with it. It’ll also be helpful for me to learn how to edit official podcasts and what to look for in them. This will give me access to learning about how GarageBand works with pre-recorded audio and why it’s also used for that. I also learned about how to split tracks in GarageBand specifically and that you can regain parts of a track by moving them to a new track and extending it, and the ability to move pieces of audio to later in the audio track. I also learned how to cut out certain parts of a track and make it sound smooth and like it isn’t edited.

July 18th- August 5th (0 hours) – A very meaningful experience I had in this internship was me trying to find a mentor, mainly due to how stressful it was because of how little time I had to find one. Having to search for someone who is willing to intern with me in only 2 weeks helped me learn that I need to schedule my time a bit better. It also has helped me learn more what it’s like searching for an interview, and how it’s actually quite a bit harder than it seems. Another thing I learned is that I need to be more confident when calling people to request an interview, in general I need to be more confident when it comes to talking to other people I don’t really know that well. Along with that I’ve also learned that I need to check both of my emails while i’m in this program, that way I don’t end up missing important emails again. Finally I learned that it’s important to contact my mentors or friends in the field in order to get help with contacting or learning about possible mentors.

One of the things I hope to learn from Mrs. Wahl is scheduling tactics and ways to improve time management. As I’ve learned at the beginning of the vail internship program, my scheduling is not all that great, and I hope that through being a part of this program that’s a skill I can develop. I hope to be able to get into the habit of arriving early for things and in general being more prepared for this sort of stuff. Through my mentor I hope to learn more about live audio engineering. Being in my Audio Engineering class has taught me about the basics of Audio Engineering, especially post production editing, however this internship hopefully will give me new experience in Audio Engineering. Hopefully this will allow me to experience more professional style Audio Engineering, especially with podcasts, as well as give me experience with things like activating audio cues and such.

One thing I learned about myself as a professional is that I am asking more questions as of late, I learned this a lot during my interview with my mentor at Calvary Church. I learned that focusing on what is being talked about, the place, and taking account of what you see in the building or on the website is especially important and helps you come up with very important and good questions. Along with that I learned that it’s a good idea to ask even very small questions, that way you can get as many details about the job as you, of course you don’t need to go overboard, but it is still important to ask some questions about the smaller stuff. Something I learned about me as a student is that I need to schedule more of my stuff, especially with my SEP and the VIP. As such I intend to focus on scheduling and focus on putting stuff down on my calendar this year of high school. So that’s what I’ve learned both about me as a student and a professional.

Bailey B.

March 24th – April 12th – One meaningful experience I’ve had at my internship was a training activity I got to do putting two other training activities I had done before together. For this activity I got to do forcible entry into the door prop then I had to crawl through a maze to put a fire out. I got to work with Lauren during this training and I feel that I learned how important communication and trusting the person who is working with you is. I feel that this helped me see how you have to put multiple skills that you have learned together to get things done. I am really glad this was the last training activity I got to do because I was able to prove I was learning and able to do skills without having to be walked through step by step. I feel that being able to put skills together and be successful is extremely important especially in the fire service because it can be the difference of life and death.

Two of the most important things that my internship taught me about myself are to think things through and have a plan but you can’t spend too much time planning. I learned both of these things during the training activities that I participated in. I think learning these things now will greatly help me when I go through the fire academy because they are things I can work on before I start and will help put me ahead of my class. I think continuing on in volleyball at a higher level in college will help me develop these skills. I feel that these skills are important especially if I want to be a good effective firefighter. I am glad I got to discover I need to work on this before I go into the fire service.

Going into the internship program I would tell someone to make sure they check their email twice a day. Once in the morning and once later in the afternoon, and ensure they read the whole email even if they think they know everything in it. I would also suggest that not only to put internship dates and deadlines on their candler but also put all other things you have to do. This will help not overlapping anything and also help you plan out what you want to do and when you want to do it. Finally I would suggest to look at all the reflection logs the day before you actually sit down and do them. This way you can think about what you want to write about. Also look at them before you go into your site for that log period it helps you plan and ask questions that make the logs easier to fill out.

One vocab word I learned was Caterpillar. I learned this during a call where we had to bring the patient out in a stoke basket. This is when all the firefighters stand in a line and pass the stokes basket down. This is used in tight situations, when it is hard to just carry the basket.

January 6th – January 27th (10.33 hours) – One meaningful experience I had at my internship was being able to do the do the course of the PAT and then going into the bays and learning how to call a mayday. I got to do the course in turn outs and with an air pack on, but I wasn’t on air because I don’t know how to breath on air. I’ll learn how to breath on air when I go through the fire academy in college. Once I was done with it, I found out that the PAT course that I went through is the course you go through to get hired on to the department. I feel that the course was a lot easier for me than I expected it to be, and that if I stay in good shape I’ll be fine passing the physical tests in the academy. I feel that this was an extremely good experience to have before I go into the academy and before I start applying to departments.

One technical skill I have learned is how to check an air pack. This skill is important, because your air pack is everything in a fire. This skill was hard for me when I first started interning because there are so many parts that you have to check on the air pack. When I was first learning this skill my mentor walked me through checking an air pack and I watched him do it. Then the next time I had one of the other firefighters I work with go through it with me so we both had a pack and I watched then did what they were doing on my pack. After doing that a couple times I was able to check the pack on my own while someone watched me check. Now I am able to check my own pack without help or anyone watching me to make sure I’m doing it right.

This skill will help me both in college and when I start my career as a firefighter. Having this skill means I don’t have to learn it when I go through the academy in college, which means I can focus on the other skill we need to learn. Having this skill down and being able to practice it now will help me when I’m a firefighter because at the beginning of every shift you have to check you air pack. This will help me do a faster and more effective truck check when I am working as a firefighter. It also helps me now because I can help with the truck check every morning while someone else is checking the other things on the truck I can check airpacks. This is an essential skill for all firefighters because it can be life or death when a firefighter has to go on air.

I learned what the PAT test is for firefighters. The PAT test is the test that firefighters and new recruits are put through, to test their physical ability. I learned this when the firefighters had to go through it as a training activity last time I was at my site. 

November 12th – January 5th (34.78 hours) -One meaningful experience I’ve had was, switching to station 2. At the beginning of the program my captain decided it would be best if part way through my internship I go to the other station a few times so I can get a feel for both stations. I feel that the switch was beneficial because during a firefighters probation year they spend a little bit of time at a station that is not the one they are assigned to. I had to quickly learn how to work with different people in a place I had never been before, while applying what I have learned at my station. I took away from my day at the other station that I prefer the routine and the atmosphere at my station. As a firefighter I would try to create more of the bonded and open feeling that is at my station.

At my internship site almost everything we do is in the moment, so when I need additional resources I have to find it quickly. For the additional help sometimes I can pull out a book or manual on it or I have to ask for help. One time I was helping with the chainsaw because it wasn’t working correctly. First Lauren and I pulled out the manual on the chainsaw to see if that would help us. Once we had read through the manual and realized it didn’t have the information needed, I had to pull out my phone and use google. We spent a bit of time look on google and trying to find the answer but Lauren and I still couldn’t find it.

To finally solve the problem with the chainsaw we had to ask Scott for help. Scott wasn’t exactly sure but we tried what he thought was the way to fix the problem. After we had done what Scott suggested we were testing to see if it works, the chainsaw worked properly for a little bit but then the problem started to happen again. So we talked to Captain Haller to see if he had any other solutions for the problem. We ended up having to take the chainsaw out of service. Since we had to take the chainsaw out of service I was able to learn how to take a piece of equipment out of service.

The pack test is a physical test that firefighters have to do as part of their wildland certification. Lauren, our probationary firefighter, is still working on some of her certifications and is training for the pack test and I got to do it with her on the Ciengea tract. The test requires a firefighter to carry a 45 pound pack three and a quarter miles in under 45 minutes. 


October 29th – November 11th (12 hours) – One meaningful experience I had at my site was I got to participate in a driving course. I got to watch some of the guys go through the course in the bigger fire trucks and then I got to go through the course in the ambulance. At first I was nervous to do the course and drive the ambulance, but after I started I realized it wasn’t that bad. I learned how to parallel park because that was part of the driving course. Overall from the experience I took away that driving the ambulance isn’t that hard but I don’t think I was to become an engineer and drive the bigger trucks. I have a lot of respect for the guys that drive the bigger trucks though that course without hitting the cone.

From my mentors perspective I would say my attendance and punctuality was really good. I never missed or had to reschedule a day, and I was always a little early every day I interned. I also think my mentor would say I did a good job establishing a schedule. I was able to create a schedule based on whatever days my shift worked I could come in, so I went through my calendar and picked days I knew I didn’t have anything. I also set these days early so I knew not to make plans for these days. My schedule was a little different than most because I didn’t necessarily go in every week but I did longer 12 hour shifts which really helped me.

I feel that my time management skills are extremely good. I was able to balance my internship, school and volleyball. I don’t think any of them suffered at all this semester. I was able to get all my school work done, I kept up on all my stuff for this program, I never missed a day at my site and I still managed volleyball. What helped was planned everything out as far in advance as possible, I had my calendar and I was always adding things to it as soon as something came up. For next semester, I am planning to do the same thing. I am already setting up my calendar and adding things as I find out with them.

One phrase I learned last time I was at my site was what it means to be a career firefighter. A career firefighter is some who is a paid firefighter and that is their job. This came up while talking about how some volunteer fire departments are shady and not real.

October 15th – October 28th (12.33 hours) – One meaningful experience I had was the last time I went in I got to go on my first chest pain call. I got to be there while our paramedic assessed her and decided it was best to take her to the hospital. I got to go along on the transport and sit in the back. On the way Mike decided to start an IV and I got to watch that. I felt that I learned a lot from this call, because I got to watch how everyone treated the woman when we first got to her and how they treated and talked to her husband. I also had never been on a transport to TMC before so I got to experience that.

One time I interacted with Scott, a firefighter on my shift about Mike the paramedic on my shift. Scott initiated the conversation, he wanted to tell me that if Mike was ever talking or my head or I didn’t understand something I could talk to him. We had this conversation face to face and it made me feel that they really want me to succeed. I think is also shows that everyone knows each others weaknesses. I also had a similar situation that happened with Robert. Since Scott and Robert are both firefighters and are newer to this they understand more of what it is like.

I interact with most of my coworkers for social reasons a lot, working together so often and for such a long time leads to getting to know each other on a personal level. One time I was talking to Andy an engineer from another shift that I have worked with a few times and we were talking about this show we started watching together the first day I interned. I also talk to Robert a lot and I ask how his kids are and that kind of thing. I am comfortable with talking to everyone I work with. I talk to Robert and Scott the most out of everyone on my shift. I enjoy talking to Scott he usually has fun stories or stories from his girlfriend who is an ER nurse at TMC.

One thing I learned about last time I was at my site was the AutoPulse. The AutoPulse is a machine that is strapped onto a patient and it performs CPR instead of a person doing it. I learned about this during our morning accoments because we try to watch a training video every morning before we start. The AutoPulse helps free hands and give more space when running a code while also not tiring people out by doing CPR.

October 1st – October 14th (12 hours) – One meaningful experience that I had last time I went into internship site was that I got to learn how to intubate a person. I was really excited to learn how to do this skill when Captain Haller said that was the training we were doing for the day, because intubation is only done by doctors and medics. I got to practice intubating on both a baby and an adult dummy, I learned how to pick the appropriate size tools I would need based on the size of a person. This was the first medic training activity I got to do while at my internship and I really enjoyed it. I feel that the training showed me that I do really like emergency medicine, Captain Haller even timed me to make time because medics have to be able to do this skill in under 30 seconds. After the training I really believe that the best job for me would be a medic at a fire department because I can still do medical stuff with the fire side too.

One term I learned last time I went to my internship was IO. An IO is an intraosseous infusion, which is an IV which goes into the bone when an IV can not be started in a vein. This came up when we were doing a medic training activity, where I got to drill into a fake bone and place an IO.

September 17th – September 30th (12 hours) – One meaningful experience I had at my internship was driving the fire truck in the Cienega parking lot. When Captain Haller told me that our training activity for the day would be driving the truck I was a little nervous, but we were supposed to have a driving course set up and I would take the truck through that. The driving course ended up not being set up so my Captain decided to just take the truck to Cienega parking lot. Usually when you become a firefighter you have to take a class before you can drive the fire truck and you would normally start with the ambulance first. I learned the driving techniques that firefighters have to learn to drive the truck and I learned how to back the truck in to spots. I feel that this will give an advantage when I start at a fire station and have to learn how to drive the truck.

At my internship site almost all the communication is in-person conversation. Since it is a fire station everyone that I need to communicate about what I need to do is always there with me. This is appropriate because as a firefighter you can’t really take work home or work from home. Even when someone needs to talk to someone from the other station we will al get in the truck and go over there. I feel that all the face to face conversation that happens helps build the bond of everyone that works since you have to have each others backs in this job. I think that to have the fire station run how it is supposed to, face-to-face communication is the only way that it is possible.

At my site I am pretty comfortable with communicating with everyone. Almost all my communication I use is in-person conversation, so like if we are doing something I’ll ask questions as I have them. The only time I use email is to schedule days to come in and earn hours, and those are short and to the point emails. When I have things I need for the internship program I just ask my mentor in person when we have some down time. I have used over the phone communication a few times with my mentor but that was just for little things like the door was still locked when I got to my site. I enjoy that for the most part the communication at my site is in-person, I feel that it is the most effective way.

I learned what Plug N ‘Dike is while we were checking everything on the rescue truck. Plug N’ Dike is a power that is mixed with liquid that creates a putty. The putty can then be used to plug holes. Firefighter usually use this most on little hold for a short term fix.

September 3rd – September 16th (12.65 hours) – One meaningful experience I recently had while interning was I went to my first car accident. This was my first time going on a call where someone was injured and needed to be transported. I felt that I learned a lot from this because I got to be on sense and watch everyone work together. While we were transporting the patient I got to sit in the back of the ambulance and observe Mike do his job as a paramedic. I also got to see the relationship that the nurses and doctors have with the paramedics and firefighters that bring patients in. Once we were heading back to the station I was talking to Mike and Scott and they were telling me that I handled myself very well and they think this would be a good job for me. They told me that most people find the can’t do this job when they have their first car accident.

I was coming back from a training activity when we got a call for an MVA and to respond code 3. Code 3 means to respond with lights and siren. This makes it so cars will pull over and let you by to get to the scene as fast as you can.

August 20th – September 2nd (0 hours) – One meaningful experience I had was the last time I went into my site, I got to use the jaws of life and open up a car door. I had to do this by myself using the tools and very little direction. It took me a while but I finally was able to get the door open, I learned how to use the jaws of life and that they also have a cutting function so you can cut through metal. Once the door was open Captain had me pop all the tires which is what they would do to many sure the car was balanced before they would move any patients from the car. After the car was set up to get any patients out they had me break in the back window just for fun. I felt this helped me grow because they had me make my own decisions and they trusted that I was able to do it on my own.

My internship location is a little different from most because it is at a fire station and the crew works 24 hour shifts. They get their job done but they also have more freedom than in a different job, they can stop and get food whenever they want, they can be on their phones, they can just sit and watch TV. Clearly this isn’t the case when there is a call on a call everyone is very professional and does what needs to be done. Once all the work is done for the day they’ll work out, they’ll nap and just be ready for a call. Lunch is also different because they’ll take a 3 hour lunch break and can do whatever they want. The big thing is to be able to drop what you’re doing and get out of the station in under a minute if there is a call.

I feel that this is a natural fit for me, but I do have trouble with just sitting around sometimes. I make sure I bring something to work on when we have down time, I find it weird to just sit and watch TV while at work. I also have a hard time will all the freedom that is there, like I can just take a nap if I want, I can stop and get food if I want. I have gotten more used to it as I have been going into my site more. It just feels weird going from school telling you no phone, you can’t nap, you need to be doing something but as I get used to it, I find that I like it. Looking at the big picture and what the job entails its a perfect fit for me.

During one of my truck check day we had to check the brush fire truck, one of the items we had to check was fire shelters. Fire shelters are a last resort used in wildfires when firefighters get trapped by the fire. The fire shelter can not protect a firefighter when there is sustained contact with flames but it can protect them in a short grass fire. 

August 6th – August 19th (8 hours) – I have not gone into my internship sight this log, but I did meet with Michelle a female firefighter at Rincon Valley. She told me about her experience and gave me advice for working in a male dominated profession. She told me how the wives will be intimidated by me and at first a lot of the wives will hate me and I’ll know that. For advice she told me if there are work events I should hang out and talk to the wives, I should go do things with the wives even if shopping and nail appointments aren’t my thing I should build relationships with them to make my life easier. She also told me to let the guys still be guys at work, except their help if I need it because they are taller and have different strengths than me. Also let them open a door for me and little things like that because they are guys and that’s what they are taught its not them trying to look down on me or belittle me because I am a female and they are just helping. I feel that I took a lot away from the meeting especially this because I knew that it’s not an easy job for a female. I really enjoyed talking to Michelle and how helpful she was. She was also extremely supportive and offered to meet with me again anytime even after I graduated and I started applying to stations.

July 18th – August 5th (20.62 hours) – One meaningful experience I’ve had was when I was helping captain Haller check the drug bag on the fire truck. In the drug bag they keep blood sugar tests and Captain Haller asked if I had ever done a blood sugar test. I had never done a blood sugar test so he explained to me what I needed to do and then he had me perform one on him. From this I learned how to set up for the test, how to do the test and how to clean up after the test. I felt that this showed Captain Haller trusted me enough to show me and let me attempt this even when I had never done it and it involved blood. This experience helped me be more confident and feel more comfortable at the station. It also helped me gain an advantage in my medical assisting class because this is a skill that we haven’t learned yet.

I am hoping to learn a lot in the internship program this year. One thing I really hope I can learn from Mrs. Wahl is to be confident in my skills and experience when it comes to getting a job once I am done with school. I feel that even within the short time I have been in the internship program I have learned a lot on how to be professional and I hope to keep growing as a professional. One thing I hope to learn from my mentor this year is the best path for me to get to where I want to be when I pursue a career as a firefighter. My mentor has started to connect me with other females to talk to and have them tell how they got to where they are. These things I want to be able to take away from the internship program will be more of a process than something that happens over night.

Applying and being accepted into the internship program I have learned a lot about myself. One thing I’ve learned about myself as a student is that I am highly motivated when I can see the benefits and I am interested in what I am doing. If I can’t see the direct benefit of what I am doing, I have a hard time staying focused and giving it my all. As a professional I have learned I need to ask questions when I have them so I can maximize my learning. I can’t just sit there and be like okay I understand something but I wonder if there is more, or I won’t learn as much as I can and I don’t seem as interested. I hope as more time goes by in the internship program I learn more about myself so I can have a good understanding of what I need to do to pursue becoming a firefighter.

Lilly B.

January 6th – January 27th (9.5 hours) –  One meaningful experience I have recently had in the internship program is an opportunity to apply for a paid position as a student trainee clerk in the criminal division of the United States Attorney’s Office. My mentor informed me about the opening of the position and offered to recommend me. I feel honored that she believes I am a good fit for the position even if I do not get the job and is willing to recommend me. The job requires me to do almost all of the things I already do as an intern. I feel that this is such a great opportunity for me to get my foot in the door and to network, especially if I attend the UofA for college. However, if they are looking to hire before I finish high school, it would conflict with my school schedule.

An industry specific soft skill or technical skill that I have developed from my internship is filing. i figured out the filing system at the United States Attorney’s Office on my own, but did have questions various people I was working with would answer. during this reflection period, I met a new legal assistant in the office. I was tasked to help her file case information for a few of the different Assistant United States Attorneys that she is assigned to. She first gave me a stack of documents that were to be alphabetized by defendants last names. This was a little tricky to find depending on what kind of document it was- they varied from printed out emails to warrants and etc. I then would take the alphabetized file to the designated attorney’s office and re-alphabetize it into their file cabinets. This was a cool way to get to know more attorneys in the office and I got to file for an attorney I had done some filing for in the past.

I believe that filing is a skill that will serve to be beneficial to me in the future. I intend to pursue a career in the field of law but would like experience working in a law firm or something related to the field while I am in college. I believe I will be able to use this skill wherever I work but specifically law-related whether I become a legal assistant, paid intern, paralegal, etc. I also believe this skill will be useful for when I do become an attorney so that I can file and organize my own cases and documents. This is important to me because it contributes to the ability to be self-sufficient which I believe is necessary. This also builds organizational skills which can be useful in all aspects of life.

ATF – The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is a federal law enforcement organization within the United States Department of Justice. I was in a meeting with my mentor and we were talking about the security at the entrance of the building. She mentioned that most of them came from “ATF” which was an abbreviation I was not familiar with, but is commonly used.

November 12th – January 5th (9.83 hours) -I spent majority of my winter hours completing mandatory training. I had to watch training videos about proper office conduct and security. The training went over what is allowed and not allowed for things such as confidential and classified information which was very interesting and useful. Each training disc was about 5 hours long, which was the not so fun part. I also had fun completing my site visit with Mrs. Wahl. Showing her around the office was a lot of fun, especially talking to the receptionist, Ms. Jean.

My mentor had asked me to complete a simple task of making copies of my intern evaluation. She had previously already showed me how to use the copy machine. he went through it with me previously, step by step. I forgot how to use it. There are specific steps required for this particular copy machine that require a log in code using my Identification badge. I was a little embarrassed to ask her for help again, because it is a pretty simple/basic task.

I was able to gather the necessary information by asking for help. But I did not go to my mentor. I asked one of the legal assistants who I am familiar with to show me. She walked me through it step by step, again. I now feel competent and able to use the copy machine. This is something I feel will be useful for me in the future. I am glad I am now comfortable making copies.

I was in a meeting with my mentor and she mentioned the word injunction in relation to a case. I asked my mentor what it meant and looked up the definition in relation to law. Injunction is defined as a judicial remedy to prohibit a party from taking an action or doing something.  

October 29th – November 11th (9 hours) – I went in to my internship on Halloween and they were having a Halloween/costume party at the office. It was really cool to see everyone out of character and in a much more casual mood. I worked on pulling files with some of the other interns. We learned about how everything in the office is filed and what files go where for what reason. We finished up the day by watching court and I got the opportunity to ask my mentor about the different upcoming cases there will be. Scott Warren’s trial will be very interesting to watch next week.

My attendance and punctuality has been as good as it could be. I always go to my internship site on time, and if I am late, I will let my mentor know in advance. I did get really sick a couple times this semester but I have never missed my internship unless necessary. I established a set schedule with my mentor from the start of my internship. I have had to make adjustments to my schedule as needed. My mentor and I communicate often and have had no issues with my schedule or my attendance.

It has been a little challenging to balance school, job, internship, extra curricular, and homework. But I feel like I have been juggling it all successfully. I need to work on time management and making sure to put everything in my digital calendar. I also feel like I need to work on my prioritization for second semester. I need to focus on meeting deadlines timely, and prioritizing what I need to get done first. I need to focus on prioritizing school over my social life and start getting ahead, not behind.

The word Admissible. This word is used to describe evidence that may be considered by a jury or judge in civil and criminal cases. I heard this term being used when I was observing court.

October 15th – October 28th (3.25 hours) – I only interned at my site for one day during this reflection log period. I was tasked with helping out the border patrol office. I set up a small desk and filed paperwork. I also worked on stamping folders (cases) and fastening them. I learned a little bit more about how the border patrol ties into immigration law and how they impact each other. I would say about 70% of the cases everyday are related to immigration and the border patrol.

My mentor was out of town for one of the days i was interning so she sent out an email in the office to see if anyone needed any help or had any projects for me to work on. AUSA Christine Melton reached out to me and sought me out at my desk. We spoke in person and professionally. She gave me instructions and the opportunity to help out with my first hands on case. She gave me three CDs and told me to go through them and catalog them. It was easier than I had expected because she had already started so I got to see real examples. It was a really cool task and I love meeting new people in the office and making new connections.

At my internship site, my desk is next to a handful of other interns. Often times, if we are there for the same time periods, we will talk and get to know each other. Most of them are much older than me and I love asking them questions about the different routes they are taking in life. Potentially, they are all where I see myself in a few years. They are college students pursuing different career paths related to law. Other than fellow interns, I do interact with other people in the office socially, just not very often since the setting is much more professional.

Suppression of evidence is a legal term used to describe the act of preventing evidence from being shown in a trial or a court of law. This can be lawful or unlawful and can happen for several different reasons. I heard this term being used when I was observing court.

October 1st – October 14th (6.75 hours) – I was allowed into a judge’s chambers for the first time which was very exciting. Everything was very formal and it was my first time personally meeting a judge. I got to watch an FBI agent obtain a search warrant and “swear in”. I also had the opportunity to learn about the different specific procedures one needs to do and go through in order to obtain a search warrant. I am not allowed to discuss the specific circumstances of the search warrant which in itself is very exciting. I am excited to learn more behind the scenes stuff that attorneys do, that we don’t often see or learn about outside of a law firm or organization, the things we don’t see on TV.

When observing court, often times I observe different kinds of judges. A magistrate judge is a judge who holds or conducts court and enforces the law. Minor offenses are often brought to magistrate judges.

September 17th – September 30th (24.25 hours) – I got to help hands on on my first case at my internship site. There was an armed robbery at the Pyramid Federal Credit Union across from Tucson Mall. An 83 year old man robbed the bank at gun point but first stashed his wheelchair at the Sears across the street. After robbing the bank, he went to Tucson mall for 5 hours. I got to go through and catalog all of the surveillance videos of him at the bank, the mall, and in Sears. I also got to listen to and catalog all of the Tucson Police Department recordings (witness and victim interviews) as well as the defendants interviews. It was super exciting and I can’t wait to do more.

The method of communication I use most at my internship site is in-person conversation. This is most appropriate because I am not allowed to take any work home or use my work email outside of the office. Thus, when it comes to things related to the office and my intern duties, I am in the office, walking distance from everyone I work with. Although most of the communication is in-person, we still email and call within the office. My mentor and I text often because she sometimes works at the FBI building and it is a quick way to let each other know something with short notice. I feel comfortable communicating in-person, through phone and email with the people I work with at my internship site.

Before reaching out to my mentor or other people in the office, I first think about what I want to convey. Then I figure out how to convey my message respectfully and professionally. I usually follow their cues. For example, I would send a smiley face if one was sent to me first. I address people as “Mr. or Ms./Mrs.” unless told to do otherwise in order to maintain respect. I try not to ask questions to things I can figure out on my own.

I learned the term Affidavit when my mentor was discussing a case with me. An affidavit is a written statement used as evidence in court. My mentor was discussing different evidence that was is being used in a specific case when the term was brought up.

September 3rd – September 16th (12.68 hours) – I got to sit in and observe court on some very interesting cases these past two weeks. The first was in regard to two Somali Refugees that contacted an undercover FBI agent and attempted to join ISIS by selling their cars and buying plane tickets to Egypt. Another case was the prosecution of a Bosnian war criminal who is currently being tried for immigration fraud. I got to read witness testimonies against him that were heart breaking. I try to separate my personal feeling and beliefs from this internship which can be difficult at times. I also got my first mundane task on 09/05 where I got to organize folders and expandos for one of the other attorneys in the office (not my mentor) and I got to alphabetize and organize by date different law clerk files and applications. I got to see some very interesting and inspiring resumes. Lastly, I got to watch a trial on an assault on a corrections officer by inmate.

Deliberating. When the jury is deliberating, they are deciding whether or not a defendant is guilty or what conclusion they have reached based on evidence presented. I heard this word when I was observing court, specifically the trial of an assault on a corrections officer. The jury left the courtroom and I was told the jury was deliberating.

August 20th – September 2nd (6.67 hours) -I  have really enjoyed my time so far at my internship site. The office is really big, and there are so many people I have yet to meet. I have been given a desk and a government email which I am very excited about. I got to sit in a court room and watch someone be tried which was amazing. The jury came out and unanimously agreed the defendant was guilty. I was a little surprised that the defendant was sentenced to a year and he was happy about it. I later found out he was facing a much bigger sentence. I learned some new legal terms and have already gained a little more knowledge about the judicial system.

Professional attire is a must. Everyone has a job and they do it. No one crosses boundaries in the office and they all keep things professional. Fridays are more casual and they do have office parties often to keep peoples spirits up. Everyone works long hours. They collect rubber ducks, which I love.

I think working at the office suits me so far. I am outgoing enough to reach out to people. I am able to make connections and meet really interesting people in the field. I keep learning new careers in the field that I did not know existed. I feel like I am meeting their expectations. I have been given things to do while I am there and I have effectively completed those tasks. I came across the term subpoena.

A subpoena is something that orders someone to court. It can be used in a way that lets someone know they are being summoned to court. I have heard this term around the office several times and I looked it up because I was curious. 

August 6th – August 19th (0 hours) – I do not start my internship until later this week, and I am super excited and nervous. I feel like this program has definitely helped prepare me for this experience and I feel extremely lucky to have been given this opportunity to work so closely for a year, in my dream career. I am working on my organization skills to help me figure out my priorities and my digital calendar has been a tremendous help. I am considering taking a leave of absence from my job temporarily to focus on my internship while balancing my school related extracurricular activities and school course load. I am excited to be in a law office and I am even excited about the mundane tasks such as filing papers, scanning and printing, etc. This experience will help further my understanding of the professional world and I can’t wait!

July 18th – August 5th (0 hours) – A meaningful experience I have gained in our training and search for an internship that has also helped me grow, is learning how to properly act in a professional setting, how to dress, and what not to do. This program has given me the opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to work in the United States Attorney’s Office which is a dream come true. I am greatly looking forward to experiencing and seeing first hand what the attorneys do, behind the scene processes, and to further my understanding of the judicial system.

I hope to further my knowledge on what lawyers do behind the scenes and to further my understanding of the judicial system from my mentor. I hope to work on my problem solving and learn more about the professional world from Mrs. Wahl and what I can do to better myself in that aspect.

I have learned the importance of scheduling myself accordingly and not overbooking, I have learned how to improve my professional manners and how to manage my time better especially with my homework load as a student.

Ximena C.

January 6th – January 27th (5.62 hours) – These past two weeks I have only been into my internship site twice because of scheduling issues. It was nice to refine my skills, when it comes to being able to schedule events with more than one party. After I was able to set a date to start going back to my lab, at the University of Arizona, I was able to pick up on my regular duties. One meaningful experience I have through all of the scheduling and starting back at my internship site/lab, was that I got to show another new student around, Taylor, who is just starting to work at the lab because her major requires lab hours/credit. Besides showing her around the lab and informing her about the different research people are working on at the lab, I got to show her how I run my assay and training trials for the research I’m working on. It was a very enlightening experience for me because it allowed me to not only reinforce my knowledge on the research but also that my mentors at the lab trusted me enough to introduce a new student to the lab.

Although at my time at the lab, at the University of Arizona I have developed multiple skills, both soft and technical, I believe one of the most crucial and important skills I have learned is a soft skill. The soft skill is being able to have the ability to compromise in order to make a schedule with two or more parties. I have been developing this skill since I started up an internship program but have will find it and expanded it since I started working at my lab. As a result of me a high school student working at a lab at the University of Arizona, multiple scheduling conflicts have arised. One being that my high school and the U of A are on two different calendars therefore their day off my day off when I get back from breaks etc and do not align the majority of the time. This has really pushed me to use and refine this skill constantly, in an appropraite professional manner. My mentors most definitely did help me develop this skill but as time as gone by they expect me to inform them of scheduling issues, which has forced me to constantly engage with this skill set. I can continue to improve this skill by taking initiative when scheduling conflicts arise or to make sure I communicate well enough when someone else reaches out to me with possible scheduling conflicts.

This skill will most definitely benefit me in college or a career because in these areas I am now not only responsible for me but for others as well. As a result of me already being in a college environment because of the location of my lab, I am constantly seeing the ways that the specific skill I have developed can be applied daily. Now that I have this skill I can apply it to the rest of the time at the lab and any future jobs or classes I have. I can also now contribute to the schedule making for the lab, instead of simply providing the days and times that I am available. Even when my college and career come to an end, this skill can continuously be applied to life situations. I will continue to greatly benefit from this skill with the time I have left in the internship program, my internship and even onto my professional endeavours.

While I was looking at the poster of previous students, in the hall, I came across the term forebrains. A forebrain is the anterior part of the brain, including the cerebral hemispheres, the thalamus, and the hypothalamus. When I was first reading this, I did not understand much of it conceptually, so my one of my mentors Keating was nice enough to explain it to me. 

November 12th – January 5th (10.83 hours) – As a result of working at the University of Arizona, at a neuroscience lab, my internship schedule is based an awful lot in the University of Arizona school schedule. Each semester there are students that leave the lab because it does not fit into their schedule anymore or there are new students that show interest to work in the lab. Towards the end of the University of Arizona semester, I was lucky enough to give a tour of the lab and talk about what I do at the lab, to a sophomore in college who plans on working at the lab second semester. I felt accomplished and honored as an intern because my mentors trusted me enough to lead an incoming student in the lab. I learned a couple of enhancing tools during this experience. I had to set up a meeting time with the college student through email and had to make sure both our schedules aligned with the available times to tour and explain the work at the lab.

A time I had to seek additional resources to understand a concept or complete a task, after guidance from my mentor was when understanding how the variables when training and assaying the ants work. During second semester I will be working not only on my intern duties but also on my AP Research project, with their mentorship. As a result, I have to be able to thoroughly and deeply explain, as well as understand the concepts. My mentor and I setup a meeting so that they could explain the information to me, so that I could ask questions for clarification and deeper explanation. After that meeting, I still did not fully understand the concepts in order to be where I want to be for my research. I emailed on of my mentors and she sent me an extremely insightful paper, that explained the concepts in extreme detail. She also gave me access to the free online U of A library to look for additional sources. Apart from the helpful resources she supplied me with I still did my own research on EBSCO host, google scholar and online libraries.

The resolution to the situation was me informing myself through the resources my mentor supplied me with and additional information I found. I was able to gather some of the necessary information myself, through online libraries and resources. Although I did find some information for some of the concepts I did need to revisit them with my mentor for additional guidance, simply because I did not find the amount of information I was hoping for. White my new found knowledge of the concepts, I shared them with mentors, just to insure that I was correctly informing myself. I also began to pay more attention to the variables and concepts that I had new found knowledge on, when working on my research and intern duties. Overall, the resolution to my situation was insightful and more than I had expected. I was looking over the research that has been done at the lab I am interning at, with my mentor.

On one of the research posters, the word glomerular organization was used multiple times to describe the effects of the research. Glomerular organization is a spherical structure, that is a network of small blood vessels.

October 29th – November 11th (9.88 hours) – One meaningful experience I have had in the internship program is dealing with my schedule conflicts and schedule conflicts that arise at the last minute. These past two weeks I went four times total but two out of the four were not aligned with my schedule. According to my schedule I go in on Monday from 2-6 pm and on Thursdays I go in from 2-4 pm. I showed up on Monday, November the 4th but ended up going home and being there a little less than two hours because I was not feeling well. Although I did get a bit of the ant training done it is not valid because it was left incomplete, as a result of me leaving early. I had to insure that I still got all of my tasks and ant training done for Thursday, therefore I had to use my communication skills and learn how to stay on top of tasks. I took the initiative and instead of falling behind and having to catch up the next couple of days, I went in on Tuesday, since I felt much better and stayed on track with my schedule and tasks. This was such a meaningful experience because I learned how to take initiative in a professional setting.

I would say that when it came to my attendance and punctuality this semester, from my mentor’s perspective I would say I did a good job. When it came to establishing a schedule at the beginning of the semester we made sure to establish a meeting so that we could both see what days worked best, according to both of our calendars. I let my mentor know what days would most definitely not work for me and then asked them what days they preferred me to come in. My mentor appreciated that because it allowed him to be at the lab the same days I am because he teaches classes at the U of A, so he had more flexibility in that sense. For the whole semester I stuck to my schedule, unless there was a holiday so the lab was closed or the one time I did not feel well so I had to leave early and cut my usual schedule hours short. Since this happened at the lab, I let my main mentor Wulfi know that I was heading home and he gave me approval to head home. I also texted my other mentor Keating to let her know that I was heading home so that she would not be out of the blue when she came back to the lab. Since I fell short on my hours I communicated with Keating a day to go make up the works and hours that I missed and went in the next day to complete my tasks as an intern.

When it comes to my own time management skills in regards to balancing my school schedule, homework/extracurricular and my internship I would say that they are good. I made sure to begin my time management skills to use and thought when I applied for the internship program. I thought how it would fit into my schedule and if I would be able to manage it with the rest of my school activities. When I went to set up my internship schedule I thought about the days I typically have the most homework, club meetings, and what days I can overall devote more time to my internship. I go into my internship on Monday from 2-6 pm, which is a good amount of my day, including about the 45 minute commute from Vail to the University of Arizona and then I go on Tuesdays from 2-4 pm. I now know that I will usually get home anywhere from around 6:30 – 7:00 pm, so that helps me plan ahead with homework. For example, if I am aware of homework due Monday night or Tuesday on the weekend I will do it on the weekend but if I find out about it on Monday, then I will try to do as much of it as school, when I have free time. I hope to continue my good time management skills into the second semester.

When I was at my internship site, a lab at the University of Arizona, I learned the term chemosensory. Chemosensory is a term used when relating to, or functioning in the sensory reception of chemical stimuli. I learned about this term when I was looking at some of the current research that one of my peers, Michael, is working on.

October 15th – October 28th (12.55 hours) – One meaningful experience I have recently had in the internship program has been the opportunities I have been lucky to be a part of, that I would not have had if it had not been for the internship program. This past Sunday, October 20th, I got to be a part of the Insect Festival with my lab and other Neuroscience labs. The Insect festival is made up of multiple Tucson organization, local parks and museums and labs at the University of Arizona. My mentor Wulfi, a senior in college and I went to represent our lab and talk to people about insects and the neuroscience aspects to them. I took the maze where I train the ants, other insects brains and I took a microscope so people could see an ant brain up close. This was such a meaningful experience because I got to explain the research I am doing in the lab to other people and practice on long term public speaking.

A time that I interacted with a coworker, other than my mentor for professional reasons, was twice these past two weeks. I initiated communication with Rachel Sadler because she helps with the math calculations that need to be run, after I run the assay trials. As a result of Rachel not being at the lab, my method of communication is strictly through email. I let Rachel know when I have put in the data for the week, so she can go on the google sheet and run the math calculations, so I know what ants to train on Monday. Very rarely does Rachel initiate communication with me, she will only initiate communication with me if she needs me to type in the data earlier than the usual day. It has been helpful to initiate communication with Rachel because it has allowed me to keep practicing my email skills and getting the right tone across.

A time that I interacted with a coworker other than my mentor, purely for social reasons was at the Insect Festival. At the insect festival, Michael, a coworker at the lab was there presenting his own research. Michael sat next to me and there would be times where there would not be people at our booth, so we would talk. I initiated the conversation the first time because I like to talk to people and get to know people better. I was comfortable during this interaction because I have never shied away from conversations with new people because it is exciting to get to learn new things about them. Since when Michael and I are at the lab at the same time, we are both typically busy and do not get to interact on a social level, this is typically the same for most of my coworkers. The only coworker I do get to talk to on a social level on a more regular basis is Keating because we work so closely with the project.

While I was looking at the poster of previous students, in the hall, I came across the term neuropil. A neuropil is a dense network of interwoven nerve fibers and their branches and synapses, together with glial filaments. When I was first reading this, I did not understand much of it conceptually, so my mentor Wulfi explained it to me.

October 1st – October 14th (12.77 hours) – As my internship experience continues, the amount of insightful experiences I have been able to have, keep growing. During these past two weeks, at one of my scheduled days, I had to use my communication skills and think of solutions for a problem that arose. On Thursdays I assay 6 ants in sets of 3, in order to figure out which one is the most active and those are the ones I train on Monday. Today when I went to the lab 5 out of the 6 ants had died, therefore I could not choose the 3 most active ants. Since my mentor for this research project was not in town today, I had to think of what to do, whether I should assay another 2 ants and then train them or if I should just train the one ant, or neither and instead do some house cleaning. I emailed my research mentor and she did not respond right away but eventually she did and recommended two options and let the choice to me. I had to choose which option I believed was best for the time remaining at my site or if I was willing to stay a bit longer. I ended up choosing to just train the one ant because I thought if I trained 2 ants from the batch of fed ants I chose from Thursday, then those two would not be starved and be at an advantage or disadvantage to the other ant. This has helped me refine my communications skills and use them in a much more professional scenario.

I learned the term alpha and gamma rays when I was talking to a fellow peer at my lab, Irina. Alpha and gamma rays are parts of the brain that one can see because it is part of neural oscillation. When I was talking with a fellow peer, Irina, she was telling me about her current research and how she is looking into alpha and gamma rays within mushroom bodies.

September 17th – September 30th (16.22 hours) – As I continue to intern at the University of Arizona, the more people I am getting lucky to meet. Most of the people who work in the lab are University of Arizona students or people who work at the University of Arizona, therefore I have been able to have an insight into their college days. They have given me advice going into college and how to be able to not just go to school and do homework but also become involved in labs, if that is what I continue to be interested in. Keating, who is a graduate student I work with, has provided me with resources that I would not have, if I did not intern at the lab. They include help when applying for the University of Arizona and information on the Neuroscience department, as well as having access to their online database of previous research, that could help me for my AP Research class. As I continue my internship experience, I have had the opportunity to continue to have meaningful experiences, which have contributed to my growth as a student and intern.

Since I work in a lab at the University of Arizona, there are not that many people who work in one lab, at the same time. As a result of this, I do not use email at my internship site but instead use in-person conversation. The room where I am conducting research at the Gronenburg lab, is right across from my mentor, Wulfila Gronenburg and the graduate student who helps me, Rebekah Keating, office’s are right across from me. Therefore, the easiest and most efficient way to communicate at my lab is through an in-person conversation. This is the method of communication because most of the questions one typically has at the lab are in depth questions, which require typically longer answers. Another factor that plays into the communication method of in-person conversation are that typically we need immediate answers to the questions and/or concerns, in order to keep research moving along in an efficient way.

With it being my first time working in a lab multiple questions arose within the first weeks of me interning at my site and they continue to arise. As a result, I have been forced to become comfortable with asking questions in the moment because if I don’t, it could negatively impact the research being done at the lab. Everyone that works at the lab with me, my peers and mentors, have made sure that I feel comfortable to ask questions whenever they arise. Most of my intern work is done at the lab, such as conducting research, collecting data and cleaning any supplies used but sometimes I do some data collection work at my house. As a result of this, sometimes questions come up but my mentors and peers are not across the hall, therefore I will send an email with any questions I have. I am now at the point where I feel comfortable with asking questions and even for some feedback on my work.

I learned the term quinine when I was being taught how to make certain components needed for the research I will be conducting. Quinine is 60mml solution, that has an extremely bitter taste and strong smell. When I was being taught how to make the solution, I was told to wear gloves because if the quinine gets on my skin, it will leave a hint of the smell and dry my skin out.

September 3rd – September 16th (9 hours) – One meaningful experience I have recently had in the internship program is getting to sit in on a lab meeting. A week before the lab meeting, my mentor and another advisor I have at the lab invited me to sit in on a lab meeting they have, typically once a month. Since this was my first meeting, I didn’t quite know what to expect when it came to the way people conducted themselves in the meeting. This was a meaningful experience because it gave me insight into how lab meetings are conducted in a professional setting. In the meeting I got to see Irina’s presentation on mushroom bodies and alpha and gamma rays, surrounding stingless bees, which she will later present to a group of neuroscientist. During Irina’s presentation, the audience, which were people working in the lab or the advisors, were constantly asking questions for clarification for themselves or even reflection questions for Irina herself. It was comforting to see that even in a high level educational and professional setting, one still needs feedback from their peers and constructive criticism and that the expectation is not to be perfect but yet display your best work and continue to learn.

I was sitting in and listening to a presentation at the lab meeting and the presenter, Irina, said the word mushroom bodies. Since her presentation was surrounded and based on mushroom bodies in stingless bees, it came up multiple times. Mushroom bodies are a part of the brain in stingless bees, and many other insects, they are known to play a role in olfactory learning and memory.

August 20th – September 2nd (2 hours) – One meaningful experience that I have recently had in the internship program is how to balance the internship program requirements and expectations, along with my internship site’s requirements and expectations. As time has gone on, it has been proven to me that many of the expectations and requirements overlap with each other and has made it easier and more manageable. At my internship site I am expected to be respectful and work to the best of my ability. These same expectations apply to the internship program. Regardless, the requirements have been proven to be a bit harder. At my site they are expecting some type of poster. As where at the internship program, we do not quite know how we are presenting our information yet.

Working in a lab, there are most definitely certain lab etiquette that needs to be followed. In saying that the etiquette in my lab is very safety based and not as much professionalism based. When I was getting a tour around my lab/internship site and continue to explore it myself, I have found that there are unspoken rules at the lab. For example, when I met Keating and Irina at the lab, I realized that although they share a work space, when they are each working on their projects they do not talk to each other, as a way to keep focus and work in an efficient manner. Regardless of everyone working in a more individualized manner and keeping to themselves, whenever help is needed, everyone makes sure that one can ask for it. Lastly, when it comes to the way my coworkers should or should not distribute their work, there is not really a right or wrong way. Everyone makes their schedule according to the amount of lab work they need to do and how much time they have.

My internship location is an almost perfect natural fit for my conduct and personality. Although I do have a set schedule for when I go in, I really enjoy having the liberty and flexibility to change my schedule. For example, recently I took on a project that I was going to have to work on more time than I thought I would and was very easily allowed to change my previous set schedule. Regardless of all the incredible aspects to my internship placement, there are some aspects to the professional environment that I am yet to get used to and feel like I need to work to meet the expectation. For example, like mentioned in the paragraph before, when my coworkers are working on their lab projects/work, they do not really talk with each other. I am very used to constantly conversing with others and not really having silence. Regardless, I am excited to continue to grow as a person in the new environment I face at my internship site. At my internship I am lucky to gain an incredible amount of knowledge on a daily basis and come across new vocabulary.

While I was dissecting an ant brain with my mentor, I came across the term feelas. Feelas are the “antennae” of an ant, which they use to feel things around them. Cutting off the feelas are one of the first steps I learned that I have to do before beginning the dissection of the ant’s brain.

August 6th – August 19th (0 hours) – As a result of getting an internship later than the expected date and my mentor being out of town until later in August, I have still not been able to go in to my site and have responsibilities of an intern. Regardless, I have still had many meaningful experiences in the training and in the process of waiting for my mentor to return. These last couple of weeks I have had to assign myself individual task as an intern. I had to make sure that I was still keeping in contact with my mentor, so that by the time he got back from his trip in Europe, I can jump straight into the lab. A meaningful experience I have had is learning to be flexible and patient. Since my mentor has not had access to his email on a daily, even weekly basis, it has been hard communicating any questions I have regarding the making of my schedule. Although it is my internship and my mentor is trying to best accommodate my schedule, I still have to be thoughtful of their schedule. I hope by my next reflection log I will have meaningful experiences in the workplace.

July 18th – August 5th (0 hours) – As a result of getting an internship later than the expected date and my mentor being out of town until later in August, I have not been able to go in to my site and have responsibilities of an intern. Regardless, the knowledge I have gained through this process has been tremendous. Some meaningful experience I have had in the trainings is networking with my peers that I might already be friends with or do not know as well. At a PD meeting, I was talking with a fellow peer, Jenna Mazza, and she helped me find another possible option, having to do with neuroscience, if nothing else worked out for me. Another meaningful experience that I have had in my search for an internship is all the challenges I faced, when it came to looking for a mentor. I had to adjust my schedule around a potential mentor’s schedule, as well as getting used to how different response times are from the ones I am used to from teachers. Overall, I have had extremely meaningful experiences during both trainings and my search for an internship and look forward to more.

Although I have already learned so much from my time so far in the internship program, there is more I am looking forward to learn. Although, in training we have already discussed goals as an intern. I would like to expand my knowledge on how to set realistic goals for myself as an intern, how to know which ones are stretch goals and which ones are realistic goals to have, as an intern. Although I have not started my internship, I am looking forward to learning so much from my mentor. At the past meeting I have with him, Dr.Gronenberg, he was very insightful when it came to clarifying any questions I had about the actual lab and what they do. I am looking forward to learn from mentor, how to use professional lab tools and more of an insight into how to possibly be part of a lab once I continue my undergraduate education.

So far, the Vail Internship Program has been such a well rounded experience, where I have gotten to grow as a student, professional and individual. There are many things that I have learned from my time in the program, one being that I have improved my communication skills in a more professional matter, from simply adding an automatic closing to my emails. Another thing that I have learned from my time in the program is to not be afraid to ask for help or clarification because it can help prevent a mistake. One thing I have learned about myself as a professional, is how to present myself in a professional manner. For example, how to dress, how to communicate, etc. One thing I have learned about myself as a student, is how to organize my activities and manage my time in a more efficient manner.

Bethany C.

January 6th – January 27th (0 hours) – I  have not been at my internship in awhile due to various things. However I have had a very meaningful experience with both my mentor and Dr.Amy. I had to put down my dog… so while I wasn’t seeing things from the technical side I did get to experience being a client and going through a really emotional situation. I got to see how Dr.Amy administered the euthanasia drug and what a technicians job was during all of it. While I obviously wasn’t paying direct attention to Heather and Dr.Amy since I was mostly focused on my dog Isabelle, I did see some stuff. One thing that was really nice is that some vet clinics including Mountain View have this service where you can choose to put down your dog at your own house. Me and my parents choose that option and Heather and Dr.Amy were very helpful and I am super glad that I knew them both enough that their part in it was comforting and it wasn’t just a random vet putting her down.

While I learned how to restrian small animals in my veterianry assistant class we never did it on real aniamls it was always on models. While I am interning a big part of helping out is helping restrain dogs while one of the technicians is trying to either draw blood or cut there nails or trying to clean their ears. Heather my mentor since she is a technician was able to to show me the best ways to restrain for certain things. For most blood draws since the blood is being drawn from the dogs front leg it is better to get them sitting. My job is to hold their neck and mouth away from the technican drawing blood and also being behind the dog so they don’t slide backwards. Now for nail clippings it honestly depends on the dog. For most smaller dogs holding them or have them sit on a table is perfered. However for a bigger dog having them lay on their side on the floor is better. Ea rcleanings are mostly the same as nail clippings for smaller dogs up on a table and for bigger dog on the ground.

Having the skill to restrain a dog or cat while a basic skill is also one of the most important skills. The number one purpose of restraining a dog or cat is to keep either the technican or the veterinarian working on it safe. As either a veterinary assistant or a veterinary technician your number one job is to kepp the veterinarian safe while they are working on the dog. Everyone who works in a veterinary facility should be able to help restrain either a dog or a cat. Even the front desk ladies help out in the back every once in a whle if there is not enough staff and there is a really troublesome dog. While this skill won’t directly benefit me in college since those are all classes it will help me in graduate school and in my furture career. Euthanasia. the technical word for putting an animal down.

Euthanasia is basically a cocktail of drug given to a pet to purposely overodse them so they die pain free. In most cases the process includes giving a sedative first and then giving the actual euthanasia drug. The euthanasia drug kills the patient almost instantly and there is not turning back.

October 29th – November 11th (0 hours) – I have not done much in regards to the internship program or my internship site. I kinda took a break from everything because the stress got to me and I couldn’t handle it and I wanted to quit the program. However with the help from Mrs.Wahl I got more focused and less stressed. I was able to put things into a better perspective and we were able to find a way that would stress me less so I would be able to get things done. 

I had a very good schedule going at the beginning of the semester. I would go into the clinic Monday 2-5, Tuesday 4-7, and Thursday 4-7. I would think that my mentor thought I kept this schedule fairly well. I kept this schedule for most of the summer and most of the first semester. I only started not going to the clinic when I reached over 110 hours. Now while I liked this schedule it started to get a little too much with everything going on later into the semester. Since I did not need anymore hours I started spending my time doing other things. One thing I did like about my schedule while I was keeping it was that Heather was pretty lenient so if I had a school thing going on or a doctors appointment she didn’t really care if I missed some days.

I have horrible time management skills and I have struggled with it for most of my life. In high school I learned how to handle my time just enough so I got all my school work done but it left very little time for much else. In my senior and during my time in the program I have definitely struggled with time management as I have more responsibility. With the help of Mrs.Wahl I have become a lot better then I was but I still struggle. I think the biggest thing for me is that at first I feel like I can handle everything but after a month or two I start to get stressed out. Unexpected things will happen that I don’t expect and it will throw me for a loop. For example I got sick for almost 2 weeks and having to deal with current school work, catch up on previous school work, and internship requirements I couldn’t handle it and I fell apart. Thankfully I have amazing adults in my life who help me straighten things out and come up with new ways for me to help myself with time management.

Gastrointestinal. As you can kinda tell by how it sounds it involves the organs that make up our GI tract are our mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and anus. I have know this word for a while but I got to see first hand a part of it during a surgery. I forget the name of the actual surgery but we went into the stomach to get out some toys the dog had eaten. At the end of the surgery I got to see the full stomach and the small intestines which are all part of the gastrointestinal tract.

October 15th – October 28th (0 hours) – I have recently gone through a stressful time in the internship program. To many things were happening at once in my life and I felt like I couldn’t juggle everything and I got to the point I just wanted to quit. However with the help of Mrs.Wahls I was able to break things down into simpler tasks that made me feel less stressed. While I have not gone to my internship site in quite awhile I am still learning plenty of veterinary things. I do regret not going to my internship site as much. But like I said before a lot has been happening and going was not a priority since I have all of my hours.

I have interacted with plenty of coworkers on multiple occasions for professional reasons. I have interacted with all of the vet technicians at some point. Whenever I accompany a vet tech into a room it is always professional. When you go into a room a client is in there so me and the vet tech have to be professional yet friendly. Other times around the clinic when I am asking one of the other coworkers if they need help with anything it is also professional. At other times it is me asking them for help. Such as when I don’t know where something goes or if I don’t know how to do something.

Again I have interacted with plenty of coworkers on multiple occasions just purely for social reasons too. When some of the vet techs want to go on a smoke break almost everyone goes outside to talk and take a break. Some coworkers will be talking about their personal lives or what they’re doing on the weekend. In exchange they will also ask what me or one of the other interns are doing as well. Another instance in where we are just talking socially is in the back. When the clinic is running slow most of the techs will be in the back catching up on files or just chatting. All of these interactions are very chill and I am comfortable with all of them. These occurrences usual happen at least once every time I go to the clinic.

Cystocentesis is a veterinary procedure where a needle is placed into the bladder through the stomach of an animal and remove a sample of urine. Cystocentesis are usually done on cats because they pee in litter boxes making it hard to catch the urine free fall. With dogs it is different because you can usually have a ladle or something to put under the dog midstream to catch the urine.

October 1st – October 14th (0 hours) – I have not been to my internship site very recently to intern. However, I did take my dog to the vet clinic to get a second opinion since she has been having seizures. It was interesting to be on the other side of the clinic metaphorically speaking as a client not someone working there. One difference about me and normal clients though was that I was not waiting in room I was in the back still interacting with all the staff. Also a big rule in veterinary medicine is that in most cases clients are not allowed to help in the back with their pet. Well in my case because I intern there and they know what I know in regards to veterinary medicine so I was able to help restrain my dog when certain things needed to be done such as taking blood. Another difference was that Dr. Amy did not necessarily be careful with what she said, such as the fact my dog is old and could very well have a brain tumor and she could die or when she dropped certain vocabulary words she did not have to dumb it down so to speak.

A vocab word I learned at my internship site was subcutaneous. Subcutaneous means that something went under the skin. In this case it is referred to when fluids needs to be injected under the skin. When fluids need to be injected subcutaneous it is usually when they are dehydrated and they need fluids.

September 17th – September 30th (7.12 hours) – I’ve only gone to my internship site once in the last two weeks so there is not to much to talk about but something did happen. I was able to watch two surgeries one was on a french bulldog the other on a border collie. With the french bulldog he needed surgery because he had eaten several legos and a lego tire along with a couple nerf bullet tips. The surgery was really interesting to watch since they cut into his abdomen and pulled out his stomach and then cut into his stomach and proceeded to scoop out all the pieces. Now the border collie had a huge mass on its side that looked like it weighed 3 pounds. After doctor Amy removed the mass me and a couple other interns were then able to play wit it. I know that sounds super gross and it was in a way but it was also fun to be able to use a scalpel and cut into it and actually feel inside the mass. This was not super meaningful but it was interesting and solified my belief that I am not squeamish around blood or anything and that this really is the field for me.

At my internship site the most used form of communication is face to face. I the clinic it is best to talk to everyone face to face because the clinic is busy and information needs to be giving quickly and effectively. Using the phone is the next best way for communicating. This would be appropriate if there was a clinic up front so the front desk ladies would then call the back to let them know that the next appointment is here. Emails can sometimes be appropriate between Dr.Amy and clients but not usually used on a day to day basis while actually at the clinic. As for texting I will sometimes text my mentor Heather when I had a question or am letting her know something.

I am pretty comfortable talking to everyone at the clinic. For the most part if I have a question a do not really plan it out I just ask it next time I see my mentor. In general I will just ask the question when I think of it it. Most of the time it is when we are doing something and I am asking what exactly a certain drug does or something along those lines. In some cases however such as when I am going over something important like smart goals I will try to find a time when they are not super busy. I ask questions pretty often so I am comfortable doing that and just talking to everybody in general is pretty easy I never feel super uncomfortable to talk.

I learned the term lipomas. Lipomas are classified as fatty tumors and are usually benign. I learned this when I was watching the mass removal on the border collie. Also fun fact they are quite common in dogs.

September 3rd – September 16th (20.52 hours) – It is not super meaningful but I was able learn how to set up vaccines. Most of the time I am in the back helping out. On this day however, I was able to work with one of the techs with taking patient history and getting vaccines for the pets. I always find it fascinating to be in the pharmacy part of the clinic because there are so many different types of drug with very wacky names. The meaningful thing that happened was I was actually able to prepare a vaccine for Leptospirosis. It was an interesting experience because the mixture when mixed properly turned a light pinkish color.

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease caused from soil or water. Leptospirosis is zoonotic which means it can pass from animal to person. This vaccine is part of the puppy booster series because when they are that young their immune system is not that strong and leptospirosis is very contagious.

August 20th – September 2nd (13.23 hours) – One meaningful experience I have had while in the internship program was when I was given the task of showing two of the other interns how to do something. One of the things I do almost weekly is wrap surgery packs. A surgery pack is simple all of the medical instruments required for certain type of surgery along with gauze and towels wrapped up in two clothes which will then get sterilized in the autoclave. The other week the head vet technician, Raven, told me to show Demi and Makayla, two other interns, how to wrap the surgery packs. This experience was meaningful to me because it showed that they trusted me enough not only to wrap the surgery packs correctly but to also teach the other interns. I felt very proud about this experience and I hope they continue to both trust me and teach me new things.

The expectation for my personality is to have a good attitude and always be ready to learn and to take instructions. As for conduct it depends on where I am at in the clinic if I am in the front where all the clients are I need to act professional and nice. However if I am in the back where only employees are allowed it is a little more casual. While things still need to get done in an orderly fashion the atmosphere is more relaxed and I can talk with the others however there is still and air of professionalism in whatever we are doing because it is a medical field and things must be done correctly. My coworkers are very professional out in the front with clients but like I said before in the back they all talk casually since most of them are friends outside of work as well. The number one thing that no one should do is act unprofessional with a client or around a client.

I would definitely say that this is a natural fit for my personality. Being able to intern at the vet clinic has only clarified for me that the veterinary medical field is exactly where I want to be when I grow up. Other then certain school things this is the first time in a professional environment. I would almost consider this to be my first job since I have never had a job before so this is pretty close. Certain aspects of being a professional I am definitely working since as I said before I have never had a job before. One major thing I am working on is being able to get everything that needs to be done in the amount of time I have there. Actively acting professional I think I am pretty good for it being my first time.

One vocabulary word I came across was hemostats. I came across this word when Dr.Hoff and Martha, a vet tech, as well as me and another intern were holding down a dog that had two cysts on her front and back right paws. Dr.Hoff was trying to pull a cactus thorn out of the cysts since that is what caused it in the first place and asked for either me or Makalya to go grab a hemostat. At fist I thought I knew what this was since clean a lot of the medical instruments but I actually got it confused with something else. A hemostat is a medical instrument that ends that come together to grip something, its has linear groves where the two ends come together which makes it easy to grasp something and it not let go. The general shape looks like a small pair of scissors but there is not blades.  

August 6th – August 19th (18.65 hours) – One experience I had recently was drawing blood for the first time. This was a very nerve racking experience but also very exciting for me. One of the technicians along with one of the other interns were there to witness it, help with restraint, and give me encouragement. What I learned from this experience was to just go for things even if I am nervous. The reason I learned this lesson was because right before I inserted the needle I was nervous and Martha, the tech with me, she told be just to do it and I did and I hit the vein the first try. This may not be a big experience, more of a small one, it was still meaningful.

July 18th – August 5th (56.3 hours) – One meaningful experience I have had while being in the internship program was learning that I have to work extra hard in order to be the best I can be. Not only have I had to prove that at my internship I also have to do so in the program. During the summer I had to get my act together in order to be successful in the program. I took certain steps such as making sure I checked my calendar every day as well as also learning how to use my online calendar. In my internship I had to be extra vigilant to learn the names of instruments, learn where things go, what certain equipment did and how to use it, along with understanding certain vocabulary words. Thankfully I have excellent mentors and instead of criticizing me when I forgot something they simple corrected me and help me with finding ways that would help me be the best I can be. I have grown from this because I have learned to ask for help when I need it.

One thing I hope to learn from Mrs. Wahl during my time in the internship program is to hone in on my strengths and work on making my weaknesses not weaknesses. Through the courses of classes I go to I hope by the end of it I can always come out with something I have improved upon. I have learned throughout my life that you can learn something new everyday and I am sure the same can be said about going to Mrs. Wahl’s classes that I do learn something new everyday. One thing I hope to learn from my mentor is how to express anal glands on a dog, I know it sounds gross but it is a necessity in the Veterinary field. This task, while not very glamorous, is something I see done every time I am at my internship site. Another thing I wish to learn is how to inject vaccines. More in depth for that one is the different type of vaccines and depending on the vaccine where on the body should it be injected.

One thing have already learned as a professional is that nothing is freely given to you. You have to work for respect, trust, and when you need help, you have to ask for it. For instance at my internship site everyone already had respect for me as a person but through my time working there and proving myself I feel they have more respect for me as a colleague and a student wanting to learn all I can. One thing I have learned as a student that has also helped me in my internship is time management. While I still have some problems with it I am always working on it to overcome it. I believe I now have a handle on it and have learned to ask for help with it when I need it.

Austin C.

January 6th – January 27th (16 hours) – Last time I was in at my site, my mentor gave me a problem that I had to solve on my own. I had to figure out how to get a program called tightVNC onto my Linux machine, with little to no help because my coworker Ryan left a few weeks back. However, all of the sources that I found online were how to set up a VNC server which is not what I wanted to do. So to compromise I found a different program that could fulfill the same role. I alternatively reset the virtual machine and installed the same software on there as well, so overall a success after I worked through the problem. What I learned from this experience is that when solving a problem in IT, you have to know the outcome that you want, or what exactly it is you are trying to accomplish.

One skill that I have undervalued up until an experience with my mentor, is taking and using all of the available and given information. During my last time at my site we went to help a person in human resources who had a monitor that was not displaying anything but a black screen. Immediately my mentor took in the information that the monitor was receiving power and was not getting a signal, as well as the fact that his other monitor was working fine. With all three pieces of information he deduced that the display cord had come unplugged which fixed the problem. By using all of the given information he was able to solve the problem quickly and let the employee get back to work. I only took in one of the three pieces of information and only guessed that the display cable was not plugged in. So what I learned from this experience was to take in all available information no matter how obvious.

Taking in all of the information allows a person to step back and look at the problem objectively as well as target that problem’s particular source. This process of analysis is key to any IT issue and can be applied to any problem. Not only to IT problems such as the display problem mentioned above, but bigger solutions such as setting up a piece of software differently for a different group of people. For instance if a department needed another server for backing up information, my mentor would first look at the available resources and servers before trying to create a new one. In looking at the available resources he is seeing if there are any solutions to the problem already that are made to fit that role. Either way taking in as much information as possible and stepping back and being objective are very important skills when it comes to IT.

A VNC server is a server that allows remote access to a particular computer. For instance around the building there are displays that play presentations. One of the monitors was having trouble so we had to use software called tightVNC to access that monitor and get it fixed to be displaying the current presentation about Trico.

October 29th – November 11th (0 hours) – A while ago I talked about the LAMP server that my mentor had me create. I talked about the whole process, and how I was almost able to finish the LAMP server myself. Then at the end I Ryan helped me and then the server was complete. In this reflection log I want to go into what I learned from this experience. I know that I was creating the server for myself, but I admit that I was a little scared to ask for help with this project. I even knew that Ryan was very experienced with the Linux terminal and able to help me with the commands to put in. If I had just connected the facts that he was experienced with Linux and that he could easily help me, I could have finished the server significantly faster. I think that I just wanted to complete it myself because that is how my mentor said for me to do it. However, I realize now that I probably should have asked for help sooner.

For me, maintaining a consistent schedule is very difficult because of how far away my site is from where I live. However, I managed to make it in at least once a month for every month. I could have done better if I had gone in sometime a bit before now because I have not been in since the first week of October. Overall, I would say my attendance on a regular basis was good, at least until school got crazy. Next semester I will be sure to fully plan out my schedule, because although I did that for this semester, I didn’t do it perfectly and I could have done better.

Overall I think I did a pretty good job managing the two through the first semester. However, towards the latter half of the semester, I lost some of the organization. As I mentioned in the last section I was overwhelmed with school and as a result I haven’t been at my site for quite a while. At the same time there were very few days off, so to make up for my absence I plan on working over Christmas break. Overall, my time management needs some work. I have gotten to the point where I know what I have to do, just not managing the time properly to get it all done. Next semester I want to work on budgeting rather than managing my time better. For example, I have assignment A, assignment B, and hobby A. So on Monday night I complete all of assignment A and then relax some and have fun with hobby A. Then on Tuesday night I finish assignment B and then continue having fun with hobby B.

SSD: Currently my SEP has to do with drive technology, and I have learned a lot about drives from my time at the internship. Mainly my mentor criticizes Hard drives for being very slow. He even went as far to say that sometimes he doesn’t know if the computer has a virus or just a hard drive. A solid state drive on the other hand (SSD) is a much faster type of drive that is becoming more commercially available to the consumers.

October 15th – October 28th (0 hours) – The last time that I was at the office, one of the things that I was tasked to do was to help set up a label printer for someone in the Member reps department. So Ryan, Robert, and I went over to her office when she had a chance. Then I took the label printer out of the box and set up the cables. For power the outlet was under her desk and with some cable routing the cable isn’t blocking anything on her desk. Then after that I plugged into the usb hub so that her computer had access to the printer, I put in the paper. For some reason this was difficult because the spool was not straightforward. Finally Ryan setup the software and printed a test label which worked out really well, so now she had a label printer. That wasn’t too hard.

The main person that I converse with other than my mentor is Ryan, who plans on being a computer programmer. Since I wanted to learn some about programming he helped me learn some of the basics when it comes to JavaScript. For some reason I was having difficulties with the LAMP server, at the end of when I was working on it. Then after I asked Ryan about it, I was able to finish the LAMP server in another 2 minutes. So in all he is really smart and helped explain some of the technical aspects of IT as well as programming. So when my mentor is busy I am usually conversing with Ryan and oftentimes I am learning from him all about areas of IT.

During the time when I was last at the office, I went out with my mentor to go see one of the linemen. That linemen and my mentor are good friends and that is why we went over to his office. I don’t remember the details of the conversation exactly because it was over a month ago. However, Matt is a really cool guy and I was pretty relaxed in the conversation, except for the fact that the chair I was sitting in was broken and trying to dump me out. As I mentioned in the last reflection log one day my co-workers played a game at lunch and Matt was one of the people there. I distinctly remember that his answers were really funny and in the future I would not mind talking to him more at all because, as I said before, he seems like a cool guy.

At TRICO most of the computers people use at the office are called nucs. Pronounced like knuckle, a nuc is a very small computer with the best parts in them. The typical one is only 4 by 4 by 2.5 inches which is incredibly small. By the best parts I mean a Solid state drive and an intel I7 processor.

October 1st – October 14th (7.5 hours) – During the last time that I was at my site I learned something interesting, sometimes people do fun things during their lunch break. I knew that Robert mentioned it once or twice but I didn’t realize that is was actually going to be fun. After the site visit which went great my mentor brought in fibbage in which the IT department, a few other co-workers, and I participated in. I hesitate to mention this experience but it was a lot of fun, to be honest I was not very good at the game because it had to do with trivia. Either way it is interesting to reflect on because I never realized that sometimes fun things happen between co-workers. I guess that when the word work comes to mind that I assume that people are only concerned with work all the time, almost as if they don’t have lives too. Strange how I and possible others get to have that perception.

Conditional statements/logic: During the hours that I have gone into my site I have been learning about some of the aspects of programming. One of the most important functions is the if function to specify if one thing happens then do this other thing. This is what a conditional statement does, which as I have learned, allows the programmer to be able to do much more that it seems like could be done with the statements.

September 17th – September 30th (42.5 hours) – This week my mentor gave me what ill refer to here as a loose assignment to get to understand how the internet works better. The assignment was to create a LAMP server, which can be easily understood as a html website. I was able to accomplish this, for the most part without help. However, near the end I got some help from Ryan and also put a neat program on the website so it’s not just a blank website with text. Back to the LAMP server, I did all of setting up on a machine with a Linux distribution, manning a version of Linux. Overall the experience taught me how a website is setup and I can see that there is much more that can be done. I mean I didn’t even dive into html, which would allow me to further customize the website.

I would say overall, I tend to prefer in person communication, which is what I tend to use most at my internship site. For example when I am at my site, I talk to my mentor about my schedule and let him know what days I plan to come in and confirm those days with him. However, when I first got hired I couldn’t really talk to him in person, in which case my next most preferred option would be to use text. This is because he has explicitly stated to me that is his preferred form of communication and that is also my next best form of communication as well. The reason I have not needed to use this form much is because in IT there is always some down time that I can talk to my mentor verbally, so as I mentioned before I just do that for the most part. If there was something that I wanted him to know ahead of time, for instance if I plan on going in on a school day in October, I would use text to tell him what day after I tell him verbally that I plan to come in October at some point.

For me specifically I have never been timid about my way of communication. I would say that I am confident, so after a check to make sure there is no simple grammar mistakes I will send what I need to send. As I mentioned in the last part I generally talk to my mentor in person as a form of communication. This is because it is hard to have grammar errors when I am talking to him in person and he is an awesome mentor. He has told me that he is willing to work around my schedule so it is not hard to bring up my schedule for the next couple of weeks in conversation. But if I do end up coming in later in October I would send him a text on what date, or range of dates that work for him, I would be coming in because deciding those dates takes a long process.

I talked earlier about a LAMP server which I will define here. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, these are all the parts that is takes to make a fully functioning website from scratch which I was able to accomplish. At one point I was pretty happy because I was able to accomplish this and my mentor saw that and was in-turn happy.

September 3rd – September 16th (5 hours) – During the last 5 hours at my internship site a couple of meaningful things happen. For the first 2.5 hour session I was working with another intern who for the time taught me about coding. He himself uses python and he taught me about tuple, lists, and definitions, I got some time to practice but not a whole lot. During that time he taught me how to install a distribution of Linux onto a computer which was pretty straightforward. Then at the second 2.5 hour section My mentor and the other intern taught me about virtual machines which I will elaborate more in the next section about. Another experience was following one of the other people who work in IT to go fix a problem, I got to see how to manage a problem. The employee made sure that the guy had saved everything that he was working on, installed the software that he needed, then rebooted his computer.

The industry specific vocabulary that I learned this week was what a virtual machine is. A virtual machine is a computer that in essence is separate from any hardware, so for instance you could have a Mac OS virtual machine on a windows computer. This is really useful for software that gets outdated, since sometimes the software that the power company uses does not work with windows 10 but needs to be used.

August 20th – September 2nd (2.5 hours) -Since this was only the second time I had been into my site and not a whole lot happened. However, I did get to know my coworker much better than I did before. His name was Ryan and he helped me set up the computer that I will use while I am at work. First we did a clean install of windows on the computer which took some effort because I did not remember the key that takes one into the boot menu. After booting windows we installed some of the programs that I would be using such as Microsoft office. Somewhere in between I was able to make the profile picture of the computer a silly picture of my mentor. Anyway while waiting for the in between steps I was able to talk to Ryan personally about some of his interests. I learned that he is into dnd and he actually runs a campaign for his roommates. He also has a 3-D printer that he uses to make the pieces for his campaign.

One of the easy expectations that I must follow is that I have to wear pants and a collared shirt. Another that is unspoken of course is that I must be willing to learn and listen attentively. This is partly because I haven’t worked in IT before but also because I don’t know much about IT in general. After I put in the hours I am responsible for putting the amount of hours into a time sheet so that my superiors know how much to pay me. My mentor also expects me to tell him when I am going to be in so that he can be ready for me. This is because he has to shift his hours some to be there when I am there, since he usually works 6 to 2:30 but when I am there he works from 7 to 3:30.

I think this position is is well tailored to my personality because it is what I like to do. I really enjoy the technical aspects of what I have to do and I find problem solving really enjoyable. My mentor said that this job is never the same every day, and I have to say I enjoy that diversity, it’s what keeps me motivated. Although I do not know this for sure I can say this with certainty because of the people that I am working with. However, there are still some things I need to work on, such as learning what positions the people I am helping do, and finding my way around the huge office. Despite these adjustments I feel like this will be a really fun internship and I look forward to working more hours.

One vocabulary word that I have learned very well from my last visit is the concept of a server. A server is a non-public entity that can serve multiple purposes, one is internet access. Another is the fob system that the employees use. Each employee has a fob which gives them access to the parts of the workplace that they need access to, this can only be done because it is managed through a server.

August 6th – August 19th (2.5 hours) – The first day that I went to my site, which was last Wednesday I was only at the site for 2 and a half hours, but only some of the time I spent with my mentor. This is because a good amount of the time I was taken on a tour of the workplace for safety, all the fire extinguishers as well as where the 4 AEDs were. Then I had to fill out paperwork that I had to do for the internship program. However, the small amount of time that I got to spend with him was really meaningful. He at that time was dealing with a computer that had a really high threat level from a recent server scan. The server scanner gives arbitrary numbers to what the threat level is on each of the computers in the system. With this computer the Microsoft Office was trying to update but it was an older version that wasn’t supported, so my mentor was reinstalling office to bring the arbitrary threat level number down. Then he also showed me where I would be set up, which was in a relatively small office with the 3 other full time people in the IT department and another IT intern who seemed pretty nice to me. Lastly before he left for the day, he showed me the platform that was collecting data on the threat level on each of the computers on the system, he went between multiple screens that contained all kinds of different data. All I can say at this point is that I am excited to learn more and spend more time in the workplace.

July 18th – August 5th (0 hours) – I would say the most novel experience, so far, was the interview that I had at my site. The first reason was that the entire IT department, which consisted of only 3 members, were present at my interview and every one took initiative in the interview. This not only gave each of them a part but also gave me some insight into each of them. Once again though, although I don’t like to admit it, I really did not prepare much for this interview, other than a little help from my mom. However, I think this was the right choice because I do not operate well on an internal script unless I have it memorized. Additionally, I tend to improvise, especially in an interview, because to an extent the interview is about me and selling myself. With that kind of goal I don’t think that I need a lot of practice and I would not have been able to anticipate all of the questions anyway. I do not think that I had the best interview, however, I learned much about the people I would be working with as well as improvising can only do so much.

Overall, from the internship as well as Mrs. Wahl there are two main things that I really want to learn, to start from Mrs. Wahl I hope that I can learn to organize myself and my schedule better. Last year in school I ended up forgetting multiple assignments just because I did not remember them, I hope that my requirement to keep a calendar can help me fix this problem. I can already say that there is an improvement because it is easier to not have to remember and just look at what I have to do in the calendar, additionally I haven’t forgotten any assignments or meetings yet. For what I hope to learn from my mentor, I overall hope to learn how to problem solve to a higher degree. Currently I don’t have that much knowledge in the area of IT, but from my time in photography I feel I have to ability to learn the technical skills necessary as well as being able to work with people. Since I have partially developed these skills I would hope to better develop problem solving as well as general IT knowledge to allow me to accomplish that.

One thing that I have learned as a student this year from, from exploring myself more as part of one of my classes, I work best under pressure. Although I do not work well with stress, when there is pressure I find that, no matter how long it takes, I can continue to focus on the task that I am given. For instance this past weekend I sent almost 2 hours working on a Lab report and had it done on Saturday. I think this will carry over to my professional self, but not in the best way. I get assignments done on time because of the pressure to get them turned in on time. As for my professional self I have once again seen that when I desire to listen I will remember every word of what I am being told. Since I take an interest in IT, this will be a huge help when I am learning the required technical skills necessary to get the job done.

Alanna C.

March 24th – April 12th – One meaningful experience that I have had in the internship program is that although unexpected circumstances have taken place, it is still important to stay professional. Even if you’re not technically at work. It may seem difficult to keep the same work ethic while working from home, but it is still extremely important to push yourself to do so. Honestly, what’s probably saving me during this quarantine are the emails that get sent out reminding us about deadlines and things that I completely forgot about. Without those, it’s possible that I would have forgotten the importance of checking on emails and any other important forms of communication to keep up that habit of checking in with my superiors.

The two most important things that this internship has taught me, is that one, it is extremely important to be 100% professional at all times. Without that, it may be hard to be able to perform your job correctly. It’s kind of weird how these things connect, but being professional in the workplace has given me a new form of confidence within myself. Normally, I would’ve been afraid to speak my mind (in the appropriate way of course) or have enough courage to talk to my boss about and issue or problem that I may have had. Another kind of negative thing that the internship has taught me, is that not everyone is going to like you. I struggled with the thought of this because, I have never really had to deal with adults on a day to day basis, so I didn’t exactly know how to act at first, and that’s when acting professional came in, some simply do it better than others. However, that is life, and although it’s a difficult lesson, I am glad that I learned it this early. That’s life.

The biggest tip I could possibly give anyone, is that you need to have confidence. It is extremely important. But remember, there is a fine line between confidence and cockiness. You need to believe that you are capable enough to do the tasks at hand. The next tip is, an internship is the gateway to a career, and with that being said, some mentors might not want to hold your hand on everything. So it is very important to gain some sort of independence. The last tip is, do not be afraid to ask questions. If there is something you’re struggling with, try to troubleshoot it by yourself first, and if you can’t get it, no big deal, just go ahead and ask your mentor and I’m sure they’ll be happy to help; but just remember for next time. I decided that I wanted to do an extra tip, and that is: be a sponge. Take in as much information as possible and soak up the experience, because it will teach you a lot about your future.

A vocabulary word that I learned a new context of is burn. Normally when you think of the word burn, you think of destroying something with fire. But in this case, when you burn something, you take the printed film with artwork on it, to the dark room, you put it on a silk screen and you turn off the lights so its completely dark, and then you turn on the black light. Which is what “burning” is.

January 6th – January 27th (41.45 hours) – One meaningful experience I had at my intern site is that, one time, my coworker was very overloaded with work and was very stressed out. It just so happened that I wasn’t particularly busy at the time, so I stepped in to help. I saved her a lot of stress and time. I like knowing that there’s still time to do the right thing and kind acts even inside of work. It’s always nice to know that there’s always a time where you’re needed. Even if it might not feel like it.

An industry specific skill that I developed and progressed in a lot is tracing. It sounds easy, but sometimes it can be a lot more difficult than you think. Most of the time, clients bring in an image of things that they want on t-shirts. So we have to recreate that image as a vector in order to use it. Sometimes the image that is provided has too low of a resolution to trace, which is a problem because we also can’t work on artwork for a long time because then we lose value on the job. It’s a pretty specific skill to recreate images that clients bring in.

I will benefit by being able to complete jobs way faster, which in the end means I’ll be making more profit. Because if I charge a client $60 an hour, and I finish the artwork in 20 minutes, then I just made 40 extra dollars working on something else that might take a longer time to complete. Tracing seems like something small, but it really makes an impact.

One vocabulary I learned was cost profit sheet. A cost profit sheet is a sheet where all of the items specifically on an online store is offering. The style number is on the sheet, a description of the item, the amount the company’s spending on the item(s), the company’s retail price, the price with embellishment, fundraising amount, and the total price. It’s very important for the business and the client. The business sees how much money they’ll be making off of the job, and the client sees how much money they’ll be spending.

October 29th – November 11th (35.3 hours) – A meaningful experience that happened to me was that I started doing cost profit sheets. No one else in the company, other than my boss has ever done a cost profit sheet. My boss told me that it’s nice that she has someone that she trusts enough to handle her pricing to give our to the customers. I actually felt really special, but at the same time nervous because this wasn’t on the production side of things, it was on the business side. I appreciate it very much because what I thought my future plans were when I started the internship have slightly changed to where I’m at now.

I feel like my punctuality has been very good since I’ve been here. Since school started I gave her my schedule and what time I would get out of class. My boss is very understanding, and it helps that she had kids of her own that went to Cienega. I don’t have a strict time of when I show up because she knows what school is like; whether it takes forever to get out of the parking lot or if a teacher wants to speak with me after class. She understands. With that being said, she’s very gracious with the time I show up, so I don’t want to ruin that by being flaky and showing up way later than I should. I wouldn’t want to take advantage of a privilege given to me.

I feel like I try to juggle everything right when it comes to things I have to do outside of work. However, sometimes I catch myself pushing things off because I just want to sit down and relax. Which then leads to me not doing it. There are some days after work, when I’ve been on my feet all day where I just want to take a “quick” nap. That turns into me actually sleeping or if I do wake up in a timely matter, I’m too tired to do anything else. Next semester, I’m going to try to not make anymore excuses for myself and just get what needs to be done, done.

A very important word that we’ve been using a lot more recently at the shop is proof. A proof is basically a test run of what we’re going to make. Bling by Design is getting more and more business, which is making us busier, so before, when little mistakes weren’t such a big deal, they don’t fly now because now we have multiple deadlines to meet and don’t have enough time to re-do anything. I learned this after a really big mistake was made on an important job, and ever since then a proof is necessary.

October 15th – October 28th (38.73 hours) – One meaningful experience at my place of business, is that recently there has been a lot of drama surrounding workplace. Without getting into much detail, it’s been pretty negative and I’ve kind of been struggling with how to feel about it. Also in a way I feel like this made me a stronger professional, and shows me how not to act in the future. It also solidifies that I need to keep things 100% professional when I’m in my place of business.

Honestly, for most things, it’s easier to interact with a coworker instead of my mentor. My mentor is a busy business woman, and I respect that. With that being said, she is constantly busy, and sometimes when it comes to information that you know someone else has, it’s better to not interrupt. If it’s a question about artwork, Ill call Anna, our graphic designer and she’ll have the answer. If it’s about production, I’ll ask Denise, and she’ll have the answer. If it’s about a customer or quality control, I’ll ask Nick, and hopefully he’ll have the answer. If none of these people have the answer, then I’ll step in and ask my mentor if necessary.

For the most part, I’d say that it’s pretty hard to talk strictly about work all the time. So quite frequently we’re always talking about things that have happened to us this week, things that we’re going to do over the weekend, and casual conversations like that. I’m pretty comfortable with talking to them about my personal life, just not too personal, because I am at my workplace. It always makes work more fun to hear what everyone does outside of work.

One industry specific vocab word I learned is Bitmap. A bitmap is an electronic image that is stored as a series of tiny dots called pixels. Each pixel i s actually a very small square that is assigned a color and then arranged in a pattern to form the image. They use this for embroidery and rhinestones. I learned it while making embroidery spec sheets.

October 1st – October 14th (45.8 hours) – One meaningful experience that happened to me is that I got a positional promotion (or at least that’s what I’m calling it.) My boss said that’s she’s very proud of how much I’m learning and how much I am willing to take on. So I went from checking shirts all the time, to now making them. I am now heat pressing vinyl onto shirts, and I could not be more excited. It’s a big job and it’s very tedious, but I don’t think it’s anything I can’t handle. It makes me happy that my boss has been able to see enough growth to allow me to fill such a big position.

September 17th – September 30th (50.88 hours) – One meaningful moment that happened to me at my site is that, one of my close work friends, Margaret, moved into another department. This department is in a different building, so it’s harder to see her. It’s sad that I hardly see her, but it has given me a chance to make other connections. This is also a reminder to keep things 100% professional and it’s always good to wear multiple hats and gain more skill.

We use all of them quite frequently. It’s hard to pick a number one because phones are constantly ringing, and people are always coming in. However, email is the most convenient because it’s professional, and the easiest because there can be an attachment for artwork or a shirt they want, and you can just copy it. For us coworkers to communicate with each other, we actually use Skype the most. For face to face conversation and quick and easy responses. The communication all depends on who you’re talking to and why you’re talking to them.

I am somewhat comfortable talking on the phone and remembering everything I’m supposed to say, but I am constantly working on it. Skype is really easy because I am pretty comfortable with my coworkers, so if I need help, it’s no big deal, and I don’t feel bad for asking. It’s mostly used in between departments.

One industry specific word that I’ve learned is DTG. This stands for Direct-to-Garment, and refers to a method for textile printing. Unlike other textile printing methods, such as heat transfer or dye sublimation, DTG printing process uses specialized ink in order to print directly onto the garment, using a DTG printer. This was brought up when I was actually discussing my SMART goal with my mentor. I was really confused because I felt like I was already supposed to know that word, but I never heard of it. Quickly after I looked up the word and now I know better.

September 3rd – September 16th (28.10 hours) – One meaningful experience that I have had is that one of my close friends got let go. It was sad to see it because I have grown so close to him in the past couple months that I’ve been at this site. This teaches me a lesson, that in the end, I am working at a professional setting, and I can’t expect everything to stay the same all the time, and that at some point there are going to be some changes, but they will all work out. It’s a bittersweet feeling.

One word that took me through a loop was bleeding. Bleeding is what happens when there’s so much ink that it spreads through material past where it was supposed to. At first I though there was a medical emergency involving the machines, but no, nothing to worry about at all.

August 20th – September 2nd (22.42 hours) – Many meaningful experiences happen here all the time. This weeks meaningful experience is that my coworker, David, is the embroiderer. He recognized my skill with computers, so he let me make spec sheets and edit embroidery letters. It sounds super boring, but for me, it’s learning new software, and nothing’s more interesting than that. It’s been pretty hectic at my site recently because of many orders and when tensions are high, people tend to snap and get upset quite frequently. With that being said, David needed my help, and frankly it was nice being needed in a different department that’s not as stressed out as the other one. While I was taking a couple breaks from the computer, David took the opportunity to teach me new things about embroidery that I had seen before, but very briefly.

Oddly enough, there isn’t a lot of behavior expectations at my site. There are two main ones. 1. Speak up. There are many machines in the building, so if you can’t speak up then you won’t be heard. 2. Customer is god. You always treat the customer with respect no matter what, and try to deliver their expectations without them explicitly saying them.

I feel like maybe if I wasn’t an intern and nervous that I might mess up, since I’m always doing something new, that this is a great fit for me. See the thing is, is that I work with older ladies, and my speaking up, isn’t their speaking up. With that being said, I am trying to be even louder, so next time nothing has to be said about volume. However, besides working in the shop, graphic designers best friends are computers, so there isn’t much volume required there.

One word that I always wondered about was “spec sheet.” The embroiderers were always saying that to my boss and I never understood it. In the heat press/screen print departments, there’s only production forms, I always wondered about that. Then I started doing computer work in embroidery, and my coworker David explained to me how to make one. A spec sheet or speculation sheet is a sheet for embroidery that has all the details you could possibly imagine for a job, including what is the stitch count, what colors, where it’s placed, and things like that.

August 6th – August 19th (30.83 hours) – One meaningful experience that I had in the internship program is that everyone has different timelines. I am working in a place where everyone shares many stories about their lives. I am the youngest person there by almost 20 years, and in some ways we’re all doing the same or relatively the same job. It almost makes me second guess if I’m rushing my career and adulthood too fast. It makes me think if this is the path I’m supposed to go on because I haven’t really had any of my own stories to tell about struggling and knowing what I want to be. Sometimes I have a hit of realization that everything happens for a reason and maybe my time of stories hasn’t happened yet. At the end of the day, I’m excited for crazy, life changing experiences, just like my coworkers.

July 18th – August 5th (25.82 hours) – One meaningful experience that I had here at Bling By Design, is that since I am the youngest by maybe 10-15 years, I felt that people weren’t going to talk to me or helping me out because I didn’t exactly fit in to the age group. To my surprise, one of my now good work friends, Margaret has always been there to talk to me about everything, and I mean everything. One day my boss was really stressed and she didn’t really have anything for me to do, but Margaret took it upon herself to show and teach me how to do more things in the apparel business, and ever since that Margaret has been showing me everything. Growing up and stepping out of my comfort zone has always been difficult for me but Margaret has made in 10 times easier. This has taught me to always reach out to people no matter what differences you may have.

I hope to learn how to successfully run my own business. I’ve always loved the idea of running my own business with my family. On that note I also want to have a skill (graphic design) just in case running my own business doesn’t work out. Another skill I would really like to take away from this are people skills. I’ve always been the awkward shy kid that never really said anything, and now I know that you can’t really do that in the real world, so I am trying to work and better myself by trying to be more outgoing.

My last skill is that I wish to learn is to be faster doing designs, and realize that time is money, and not every design has to be some big deal. I have already learned as my time as an intern, that since I am an intern I am for the most part always going to be wrong. This means that if I correct someone on a higher level than me, they are going to say that, that didn’t happen or that I don’t know what I’m talking about. With that being said, I have also learned that speak when you’re spoken to is really important, especially in stressful situations.

May 28th – July 17th (135.73 hours) 

Morgan C.

March 24th – April 12th – A couple weeks ago, before everything was shut down and quarantined, I was planning to go to my sight a few more times. I was getting very close to the required 62 hours for the semester. I felt ready to be done with this program and have more time to study and prepare for the end of the year. I was glad to have participated so far but I felt glad it was almost over. Then everything got shut down and suddenly I never had to go in again. In fact, I am not allowed to go in for a while, until everything is back to normal. Now that the internship program is basically over, and ended so suddenly, I feel sad about it. I built connections, even friendships, with the people I worked with at my sight and now I am unable to properly say goodbye to them or to thank them for the past year. I am so glad that I participated in this program and was able to make those friendships and I am sad that it’s over.

When I started at my internship, one of the things that I struggled with was making conversation with the people that came in to my site. I had a hard time trying to make those people feel more comfortable by engaging in small talk with them. Throughout my time at my internship I have been able to practice this. Now, at the end of this experience I find myself very capable of this important skill and I am very glad to have learned it. Throughout this experience I have also been able to discover my desire to work in a field that doesn’t involve customer service. I have learned that it can be hard for me to be patient and understanding when a customer is being rude or hard to work with. This is something that I have been working on throughout this experience and continue to work on in my daily life. It is an important skill that I will need for the rest of my life.

My first recommendation is to stay very very organized. Senior year is always very busy, not only are the classes hard and there’s a lot of homework, there’s tons of other things going on all the time. I personally recommend keeping a paper planner as well as your phone and write down everything in it for every day so that you never forget to do something and can actually get everything done. My second recommendation is to PRIORITIZE!! There’s going to be many demands on your time, as previously stated, and you won’t always have time to do everything you want or even need to so it’s important not only to decide when you are going to get things done but also how much effort you’re going to put in to doing it. My last recommendation is not to stress too much. I know that there is so much going on and it’s easy to get caught up in the anxiety of it but if you put in the effort and follow my last two recommendation, staying organized and prioritizing your work (and your mental health), it is possible to get everything done, even if you have additional responsibilities like a job.

One term that I learned at my internship pretty early on was “metallic print”. I heard this term when I very first started going into my site and learning about the different products and services available at Silhouette Photography. A metallic print is a type of print that is slightly more expensive and has a reflective sheen on it that makes the colors look metallic in the light. 

January 6th – January 27th (8.75 hours) – The past several times I have gone in to my internship site Tracy has brought up the topic of the new website she is developing for Silhouette Photography. Her goal is to make the website more accessible and appealing to teenagers who are looking to schedule senior or yearbook photo sessions. Because her main objective is to appeal to teenagers she has asked me and Aryanna for input on the website because we can give the perspective of teenagers. I haven’t had a chance to look at the new website yet but I have been able to talk through some thoughts about the website with Tracy. One of the insights I was able to give is that for the most part I, and most other teenagers, will be viewing their website on our phones. This has a major impact on the design and structure of the website because it looks different on a phone than it does on a computer. This was something Tracy had not thought about and she expressed that to me. It was cool that I was able to provide helpful thoughts on the website even though I don’t have much experience in that area. I learned that even though there are going to be things that I don’t really know much about or how to do, it doesn’t mean that I can’t be helpful and make contributions.

One technical skill I have learned at my internship is how to set up and take down the equipment used for portrait photography. This equipment includes backdrops (if there is going to be one), and lighting. I developed this skill by paying attention and observing when Brandon was handling the equipment and by offering to help and learn where I can. At the very beginning Tracy and Brandon demonstrated how to take care of all the equipment and not they occasionally give me tips on how to make it easier and more efficient. It didn’t take a ton of practice to learn how to do it but I’m really careful whenever I do it because the equipment is delicate and expensive. As I continue to perform this skill I will become better at it and more confident in my abilities, but I will still be careful because of the delicate nature of the task.

Having this skill will benefit me if I ever decide to pursue employment in a photography studio because I will already know how to do it. However, as this is unlikely, there is another way in which this skill can help me. I will also benefit from this skill because it helped me to practice careful and exact following of procedures. This will help me a lot in the future because I want to be a virologist and study viruses in important scientific labs. In labs like that and in general it is important to be able to carefully and precisely follow procedures set in place to ensure both my safety and the authenticity and credibility of any discoveries made in the lab. I am glad that even though I probably won’t need to know how to handle photography equipment after this internship, I will definitely still need to be able to carefully handle many other types of equipment and this has allowed me to practice and prepare for that.

One industry specific word that I have learned recently is balance in reference to team photos. I learned this term when I went with my mentor to help photograph the Tucson Country Day School soccer teams and we were taking about how to pose the kids for the team photo. Balance is when you line the team in lines of equal numbers of people so that they form a solid block in the photo. However, if you have a number of team members that cannot be divided into even-sized groups, you always put the extra person in the middle to preserve the balance of the team in the photo. 

November 12th – January 5th (5.75 hours) – During winter break I was able to go with Tracy and Brandon to help photograph an office holiday party at a fancy resort. This was an interesting experience because it showed me a side of the business that I have not seen a lot of in the past. For the most part in the last semester I only worked at the studio and didn’t really travel at all with the business. Through this experience I was able to observe the tools and materials necessary to bring to a job like that and how to set them up. I was also able to observe the rhythm with which Tracy and Brandon have developed for working in somewhat stressful situations and producing high-volume photography, functioning as a photo booth for everyone at the party. This experience was meaningful because it allowed me to observe the business and its processes in an entirely different environment and to further develop my relationship with my mentor.

When I very first started working at Silhouette Photography it was a very stressful and busy time for them and for me. This was because in August when I started a few months after that are when every TUSD senior has to come and get their yearbook photo taken. This results in days with at least a hundred senior scheduled to come in with appointments back to back for hours. While I was learning how to use the operating system and what my role was at the studio it was definitely a trial by fire. At the very beginning Tracy explained the steps and processes I would need to use. However, it is a long and complicated process and I knew that if I messed it up it would cause a lot of problems because of the high volume of people we were photographing. Because of this I was extra careful and would ask her daughter whenever I forgot or didn’t know what to do so I wouldn’t make any mistakes. In this case my additional resource was my coworkers who had been working there longer and knew the processes better than me.

From talking to and working with my coworkers whenever I had additional questions or forgot specific processes I was able to get a firm grasp on them and no longer need to ask questions about it because I know it so well now. I do still ask Tracy questions when other people aren’t available to answer them because my internship site is relatively informal and everyone who works there are friends and we all ask each other about things we forget or don’t know about. With this new knowledge I have been able to work quickly and efficiently at my tasks. This was especially helpful when so many people were coming in each day because we needed to make each appointment as fast as possible without sacrificing quality so that we could get everything done. Now that things have slowed down at my site it’s not as stressful but I still use the knowledge I have gained. This knowledge has also helped me at my job, increasing its value by a lot.

One word that I have learned at my internship is framing. Framing is the designs that can be purchased or requested the border and image to accent it. I heard this term when I was at my internship site to get my mentor forms signed at the end of the semester and my mentor and my other coworker were trying to decide what color to make the framing for a specific image. Framing is a nice addition to photos where you want to add a little something extra the photo and make it a little more special.

October 29th – November 11th (7.25 hours) – It didn’t take long after starting my internship for me to realize that I did not want to pursue that career. This frustrated me because I felt at times like me being there was a waste of time. However, as I have spent more time there, I have realized that it has been a good and worthwhile experience for me regardless. I have developed several skills from interning at my site that I didn’t have before and that will be helpful for me in the professional world. I have learned how to work with customers and provide good customer service. I have learned how to email and talk to customers on the phone. And last but not least I have learned how to become friends with my coworkers without compromising the professionalism of my workplace. These are valuable skills and I am glad to have learned them. So even though I don’t want to work in a photography studio, this experience has still been a really good one so far.

I have been pretty good and scheduling this semester so far. It’s a little harder at my internship site because I don’t come in at the same time every week, the days and times I come in change every week. My mentor and I would usually make my schedule every two weeks, sometimes just every week, so my schedule was never consistent. For the most part I was able to stick to that schedule. There were a couple of times when something important came up that conflicted with when I was supposed to go in. In those instances I emailed my mentor as soon as I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it and we would work out a new schedule for the week so that I could still get the hours that I needed. This didn’t happen often but when it did my mentor and i were able to easily communicate and work out something else that still worked for both of us.

I feel like I balanced all of my responsibilities fairly well this semester. For the first quarter I was ahead of schedule in the hours I was getting so I planned on getting extra this semester and got permission to do so. However, during fall break I started working part-time at Home Depot and that limited the amounts and days that I could spend at my internship site. It has been a little ore challenging to balance everything now that I have a job. My schoolwork has not suffered and I am still getting everything done that needs to but my taxing schedule is starting to wear me out. Even though I did balance everything this semester, I still need to work something different out for next semester so that I don’t wear myself down as much. All of my responsibilities are important and I will still have them all next semester but I need to find a better way to balance them so that I am getting more sleep and some time to relax every once in a while so that I can keep going. I was able to balance everything this semester because I kept an incredibly-detailed accurate planner that I referred to several times a day to make sure I was on track with everything that I needed to do, but I also stayed up really late and got up really early to get everything done and my mental and physical health has suffered somewhat because of this so I will be changing things up next semester and request fewer hours at my job t o make this possible.

Super Wallets is a new term at my internship site that my mentor just barely started using. This term is in reference to when customers purchase several sheets of wallets and request separate images for each sheet. This costs more and previously we had not been charging more money for it, resulting int he business losing money. My mentor realized this and has put a new plan in place to charge an additional fee for selecting different images for different sheets of wallets to cover this extra cost. I learned about this the last time I went into my site when she asked if she could bounce some ideas off me about some new policies.

October 15th – October 28th (5.25 hours) – Instead of just going to my site like I usually do, for one the times I came in I went with them to the Udall pool and we took the swim team photos for Sahuaro High School. This was an interesting experience for me because I got to see how the business functions when they travel to other locations. It was also interesting to see how they structures the photo shoot. Their main goal in this shoot was to get everyone in and out as fast as they could and then move on the group photo. It was really hot outside and we were in the direct sunlight so Brandon, the photographer, was having a really hard time near the end because it was so hot. Even though photography does not seem like a physically taxing profession, there are some aspects of it that can be, such as scrimming or high-volume photography in an uncomfortable environment. I also got to see how they posed everyone for the group shot which was interesting because Sahuaro’s swim team is really big so it was hard to squeeze everyone in close enough for them all to be in the photo.

I communicate with Kristy on a regular basis for professional reasons. I work with her the most when I am working at filing and organizing in the back, though I do communicate with her occasionally when I am working as a cashier out front as well. If I am in the front this communication usually happens when someone wants to schedule another appointment for a longer session or to get retakes; Kristy schedules appointments so I go into the back and ask for her help in scheduling a new appointment for the customers. If I am working in the back I interact with Kristy for multiple reasons. This can include asking her to email someone whose prints are ready to be picked up if their listed phone number doesn’t work. I can also ask her if there are parts of an order missing or the meaning of markings or special notes or situations that I haven’t learned about yet. Whenever I communicate with Kristy it is always a face-to-face conversation.

Sometimes there are short periods of time at my internship when we don’t have anyone scheduled to take photos so Brandon, the photographer, comes back out of the studio and talks with the people working there. Often when conversing with Brandon for social reasons we talk about old music and movies from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Brandon always has music playing in the studio and for the most part it is old music from the 90’s which leads naturally to conversation about it. I listen to a lot of old music so I don’t struggle to converse with him about it. I am pretty comfortable talking to Brandon, although not as comfortable as I am conversing with my mentor Tracy and our processor, Satrina. This is because for most of the time I am there he is typically back in the studio and there are not as many opportunities to converse with him as there is with everyone else. I do regularly interact with my coworkers on a social level. There are so few of us there that it is easy to become friends with all of them.

One term that I learned in these past two weeks is “flashback”. In photography this term refers to the light reflected back at the camera from light-colored objects in the background of the camera. These objects can include snow, pool deck, light walls, etc. I heard this term when we were photographing the Sahuaro swim team because Brandon was talking about how much flashback there was from the pool deck and how it made the photos rally overexposed.

October 1st – October 14th (4.67 hours) – Last week while I was at my internship site I was helping someone choose their yearbook photo. They had also booked a longer session so they had other photos to look through and buy prints of. Their parents weren’t with them, they were coming back the next day so the kid who was there was just looking through to decide which ones he liked before he came back the next day to actually buy some. When he saw the prices of prints he complained very loudly about how expensive they were and how ridiculously priced he thought they were. It was awkward because there were other people there looking at photos too and he was making quite the commotion. I tried to explain to him that because Silhouette Photography is a business, they have to set their prices at a certain rate so they can actually make a profit. He refused to understand and left the site frustrated. This was a meaningful experience for me because it showed me how sometimes people fail to think of how their actions affect other people and sometimes even their livelihoods and reminded me that it’s important to always be understanding of other people’s situations.

I first heard the term digital image when I was talking to a client about the different print deals we were offering at the time. One of the deals we have is for the digital image and the rights to the image for $89 plus tax. What this means is that we send the customer an email with the full resolution photo and they have the copywrite of the photo so they can do whatever they want with it and print their own.

September 17th – September 30th (8.42 hours) – I have been working at my site for a while now. In that time I have been doing a lot of the same things because I have learned for the most part how to do everything that they need me to do there. One of the main things they have me do while I’m there is to carry out transactions and make records of the photos and prints that people want to send to the yearbook or buy prints of. I do this almost every time I go in to my site. I just started a new job as a cashier at Home Depot and I didn’t realize how similar the work I will be doing at Home Depot is to the work I do at my internship site. The company and some of the processes may be different but a lot of it is the same. Working at my internship site has taught me how to be more comfortable talking to customers, learning the procedures that I need to follow, and maintaining professional friendliness and these things help me a lot at my new job.

The method I use most at my internship site in in-person conversation. I do occasionally email my mentor about scheduling but most of the time I do that while I am at my site. This method is appropriate because there are several other interns at my site so there isn’t usually times when they specifically need me to come in so I can just tell them my availability while I am there. The site itself is also pretty small so if I need to speak to one of my coworkers or my mentor I can just walk into whatever room they are in to talk to them. My site being so small also facilitates a lot of conversations between my coworkers and I, allowing us to become friends and build relationships. I don’t typically need to use any other forms of communication such as talking on the phone or texting.

I am very comfortable at my internship site and that includes choosing methods of communication. I have a good relationship with my mentor and am very comfortable with asking her any questions that I might have. I do put some thought into my questions before I ask them. I do this to make sure that I don’t already know the answer and to make sure I am asking in a clear manner. If I have a question and am not sure if I have already asked it before or if it is something small or easy to explain I will often ask one of my other coworkers so that I don’t have to bother my mentor. If I think of questions that need answers quickly when I am not at my internship site I will email my mentor to ask but for the most part I will just ask in person.

I learned the term invoice on either my first or second day at my internship site. I had heard the word before and knew what it meant but I at my site I learned what specifically invoices were at my site and what they are used for. Invoices at my site are used as a record of what, if anything, a customer purchased and also what photo they chose to send to the yearbook. We use invoices to make sure that the correct photos are sent to yearbooks and we also refer to invoices when we are ordering prints and retouch on images.

September 3rd – September 16th (9 hours) – One meaningful experience I have had recently in the internship program is when I was just having a simple friendly conversation with a couple of the people that I work with. We were just talking about different foods we liked and other general simple things similar to that. Looking back on that conversation I can see that I have become friends with the other people that I work with. One of the advantages of working in a small business like my internship site is that there isn’t a lot of people that work there. This gives me the opportunity to form closer relationships to the people that I work with, relationships that can potentially last much farther into the future.

When people come in to get their photo taken they often decide to pay an extra fee to get the photo retouched. This means that pay extra money to a retouch company and they can edit the photo to remove things like acne, flyaways, eye-bags, whiten the teeth, smooth the skin tone, etc. A lot of people pay for this to go the extra mile to make their photo turn out well.

August 20th – September 2nd (7.88 hours) – My internship site is Silhouette Photography and they have a partnership with TUSD so they take all seniors’ yearbook photos for free. For the first two years of high school I attended University High School in TUSD. Because of this I see someone that I knew from my old school at least once every time I go to my site. This can make it a little bit awkward because sometimes I am busy doing other things and can take a break and say hello to my old friends but most of the time I can spare a few minutes to catch up with them. The other day, one of my best friends from sophomore year came in to take her photos. I was able to work with her to select what photo she wanted to use for the yearbook and while I was working with her she asked me lots of questions about why I was working there and what I did. When she was done and on her way out she told me it was nice to catch up and that she was really impressed with my internship and how well I was doing. This was meaningful because it was nice to see someone I hadn’t seen in so long and also because it was nice to be recognized by my peer for the work that I do.

My site is pretty small and relatively informal. There are typically only three or four other people there while I am there. Also on a typical day we have a few periods when we are very busy and the rest of the time it is more relaxed. Because of these two things, there is plenty of opportunity for friendly conversation between my coworkers and bosses and I and between customers and me. It is very normal for my boss Tracy, a customer, and me to casually converse while they are looking at their photos. I must remain some level of professionalism and still be doing my job while doing so but it is easy to do both at the same time. It is important to be friendly and welcoming to customers so that they are more likely to come back for a longer photography session later in the year. I need to dress professionally and practice good judgement when it comes to conversation topics but overall the expectations and fairly relaxed.

For the most part it is natural for me to fit into these requirements. Sometimes I have a hard time conversing with strangers and thinking of things to talk about with them. This is something I struggle with at work, at school, and in my social life. Since I have started this internship I have gotten better at it though, and this change can be seen in my interactions in the other areas of my life as well. Other than that one small struggle it is very natural for me to behave at the level of professionalism required at my internship site. There are not a lot of rules and the environment is very comfortable to be in.

I heard the term scrimming on my first day at my internship when Tracy asked me to “scrim” for Brandon, the photographer, while he was taking photographs outside. Scrimming means holding a large flexible shade to block direct sunlight from shining on the subject of the photograph. This is important because direct sunlight is harsh light that tends to look bad in portraits, and shade in the best lighting to photograph in.

August 6th – August 19th (11.77 hours) – One meaningful experience I had recently in the internship program is when I went in one time last week for three hours and for that whole time I was just filing and organizing the photo prints that had been shipped to us. This involved opening a package of prints, finding the correct invoices for the prints included, and sorting the prints by order. After the prints were sorted I would package them nicely. Then I would call the number listed for the prints and let them know that we had received them and that they could come to pick them up and then filed the packages so we could easily find them when the customer came to pick them up. This was a meaningful experience for me because it was tedious and I left feeling exhausted but I also felt satisfied with what I had accomplished. Not all parts of running a business are going to be fun and exciting like taking photos or working with customers. Some parts, like filing, are boring and not fun to do but they are necessary and once you get them done it is very satisfying to look at the evidence of all the work you have completed.

July 18th – August 5th (8.25 hours)-One meaningful experience I’ve had this past week is that on my very first day, I was observing one of my mentors as he took yearbook photos for someone and he asked me if I wanted to try and take a couple of photos myself. I accepted the offer and took three to four pictures then handed the camera back. Later when I saw the person looking through their photos one of the photos that I took was one that they really liked. They ended up choosing that picture that I took to be their picture in their senior yearbook. I was really excited to see that they chose to use my photo and I learned that you don’t have to study for years and years to be a good photographer, you just have to be patient and try your best and because everyone’s perspective is different there will be someone who likes your pictures.

One thing I hope to learn from Mrs. Wahl during the internship program is how to be confident when going into professional situations whether it’s an interview, meeting, presentation, etc. I think this would be a very valuable skill to learn that would help me a lot as I get older and enter the professional world. I sometimes have pretty bad performance anxiety and so I really want to work to overcome that so I can walk into important situations where I have to “perform” with the confidence that I need to succeed. One thing I hope to learn from my mentor is specific photography techniques such as lighting, posing, editing, etc. I love photography and would love to have a career in it and so learning those skills would be very valuable and would help me on my way to potentially becoming a photographer. I have already learned some about lighting and composition and I look forward to learning even more.

Something that I have learned about myself as a professional during this program so far is that I’m not afraid to ask questions, even if I’ve already asked them before to make sure that I am doing everything correctly. I was nervous going into my internship that I would struggle to learn and remember everything that I needed to. On my first day I realized that my mentors want me to succeed so they don’t mind me asking a lot of questions until I’m comfortable doing everything on my own. This knowledge has allowed me to get comfortable asking questions and to get over my nerves about my internship. Something I’ve learned about myself as a student is that I need complex processes to be taught or shown to me several times for me to really learn it. This allows me to really cement the knowledge in my head and to remember it easily. Once I can easily remember what I’ve learned then I have no problem completing those complex tasks on my own. This will help me a lot in my internship because right now it is very busy and there is a lot of stuff to do all the time and it’s important for me to really know what I’m doing.

Caleb C.

January 6th – January 27th (14 hours) – This reflection log period I was actually able to complete one of my SMART goals. I had the opportunity to draw with the program Carlson, and got a decent amount of practice with it. The first time I was exposed to it was with D, and was when I actually drew out my first map. The second time I was able to use the program was with Scott, and he taught me all of the shortcuts that he uses. It was really interesting learning about the program and how the use it. I hope I get more opportunities to use it again becuase there is a lot to learn about how and why they use it.

I learned how to use the Carlson program that the maps and records workers use to draw out maps. I got guidance from two other coworkers when I was learning how to use it. I spent two days during this log period learning how to use it. Each day was with a different person, D and Scott. I am not able to self study it because I am unable to downloade it on my laptop due to it being an older program. I can continue to improve this skill by taking every opportunity I can to help D and Scott draw maps.

Since I am going into an engineering career field, knowing how to use the Carlson program will be extremely helpful because most of these careers use it. Knowing this skill may also be usefull in college because some classes may use it in its courses. However, since I plan on going into optical engineering im not sure if Carlson will be the program that I use. Knowing how to use this program will help either way because I can gain experience in a similar program. I was talking with Scott, and he was going through the emails he gets from real estate agents about whether the land they have is accurate or not. He told me that they ask this because there could be an easement, and if so then there is some land that they can still use.

An easement is when the City of Tucson lends land out to the public or certain utility companies to use for free, but it is technically still owned by the City.

October 29th – November 11th (6 hours) – One meaningful experience I had was a discussion I had with Anna, one of the GIS workers. She told me about her life and how she ended up working for the City of Tucson. She talked about how she went to college for graphic design, and was trying to get a job in Tucson for it but couldn’t. She said that she was always competing against coders, who work with graphic designers to actually get the pictures on the screen. So after getting declined from many companies she decided to get trained to work for the department of transportation for the City. She says that she wants to go back to school and try to get another job that she wants, but doesnt think that she will have the time.

I have a consistent schedule of going in on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3 PM to 5 PM. The only times that I didn’t come in on those days was my first week of going in because on Monday I came in earlier so I could meet everyone. Then I had to come in on Thursday in order to get my badge. Personally what I did to succeed was to make sure on Mondays and Wednesdays that I got home a little earlier than I usually do, and then leave to make sure I have at least 15 extra minutes to spare. I also try to do all my homework the day before that way when I get home I don’t have to work on a lot of homework.

Yes, I feel like I have managed my time very well because I have not missed a day, and I have still have had time to do my homework. I feel like the only thing that I am missing out on during the days I go in is personal time because I lose about an hour and a half plus the two hours I am working because of the travel commute. It is not too bad because it is only two days of the week, and I still have about 3 hours when I get home to do homework and relax from the day. I think one thing I can improve on is taking more advantage of the free time I get when I get home from school, and the time I get from when I get home from the internship site. This will help me get more things done throughout the day, and I will have less things to do when I get home.

Fiber Optic Cable- A way of transmitting data through light. The data is shot through one end of a cable to another as a beam of light, which makes the speed of the data super fast (the speed of light).

October 15th – October 28th (9 hours) – During this reflection log period, I started my internship for the City of Tucson Department of Transportation. During the first two visits to my site, I was introduced to all of my coworkers on the 2 floors I would be working on. Then during the second week that I visited my site I was exposed to one of the main things that I would be working with, permit applications. One of my supervisors, Gloria, showed me the purpose of the applications and what to look for in them. She showed me how important the different attachments to the applications are, and what the engineers look at when they look over them. It was cool looking at the traffic control plans, and how they design their plan of laying out barricades and other things they need to keep the civilians safe around the construction zone. I also thought it was neat learning what the purpose of some of the construction was because when you are just driving by the area it is hard to tell what the workers are actually doing.

During my second visit, I was introduced to Daniel, who is one of the people who do the GIS mapping, and we talked about how to use the GIS website and what the purpose of it is. He initiated the communication, and it was in person. I sat next to him at his computer while he was showing me what to look for in the application, and how to input it into the map. We needed to communicate because GIS mapping is going to be one of the main things that I am going to be doing at the site, and I needed to learn it from someone who does it on a daily basis. It was actually really neat learning about GIS, it is available to the public, and it shows the different projects that are going to be happening on the roads and what not.

In my last visit to my site, Gloria left earlier than she usually did, so I went over to the GIS mapping area and started talking with Daniel and Anna, who do what I am going to be doing for most of my time their. I was totally comfortable talking to them because they were giving me advice on school and for the internship. I like getting advice from others that I know are credible for giving that advice, so learning from them was actually a really good experience. I am constantly with my coworkers, and most of them are in different job sections, so I am learning about different positions and what they do every time I go in to my site. I think I got lucky in this aspect because it is helping me understand how the Department of Transportation works, and what it takes to work there.

I learned about the Traffic Control Plan when I learned about the Permit applications. The control plan provides a description of how the company is going to pay for and provide protection for the civilians around their construction site. It also has an intricate picture of where they will be working and barricading the area of construction. This helps the permit reviews make sure that the construction site is safe at all times for the public.

September 3rd – September 16th (0 hours) – I have reached out to many companies and people, and I have had some reply back. Right now I have someone asking their boss to see if it is ok to have an intern, and he said he would get back to me monday september 16. Another person I had said that their boss is not allowing any shadowing, and that they are sorry. The person that I have at NDT was supposed to call me thursday, but never did so I am going to call them back today. I have many other emails sent out that have not been replied to, but hopefully they get back to me. I have a strong feeling that the NDT person will accept me as an intern, but if not I still have other options that are good as well.

I do not have a specific vocab word, but I did learn from talking to the NDT person that inspection companies do not classify themselves as engineers. I learned this when I first called the contact I have, and he asked what career field I was interested in. When I said engineering, he clarified to me that inspection and and engineering are not the same.

August 20th – September 2nd (0 hours) – I have not found a mentor yet, however I have learned how few engineering companies there are in Vail/Tucson. This is making it really hard for me to find a place to reach out to. I am also having trouble with finding the right person to email once I do find a place, but I usually end up finding the right person it just takes a little digging. I have also not heard back from any of the people I have reached out to. Soon I will send a second email out to them to see if I can get a reply/answer. My parents are helping me out by also looking for places to intern at, which helps a lot because they know more about certain companies that I do.

At the site I assume I am going to be doing more clerical work than actual projects. So the appropriate behavior would be to politely accept the work, and if there are any projects open for me to do then I should pursue those. I should also try to learn as much as I can from coworkers and bosses. Since most of the places that I am looking to have people that have been there for a long time, I can learn a lot from them. Many of them have also been apart of other companies that I could look at. This can help me find other places to look into for interning.

I don’t really know if this is how I naturally work in a workplace because I have never had a job to test it. I am not really bothered by it on paper because I can understand why it is like that. As long as I am learning new things about the career field I don’t think there is anything I can complain about. Meeting new people and making connections is an amazing opportunity, so if I have to do a couple of smaller tasks to work up to the big projects to work with them. Then I think it would be totally worth the wait and work.

I came across the word Sole proprietor in my search for a mentor. It means there is only one person working their own company, and in most cases they work at their house. I came across this word when I did my interview, and he took me into his home office, which was just one big room with a computer and a bunch of paper. I know now that I should avoid any company that says sole proprietor.

August 6th – August 19th (0 hours) – One thing that I have learned about the search for an internship is that even though you may think you have a placement in a site, you should still be looking for other mentors. This is because they can change their mind at any time and not take you as a mentor any more. So if you have other people that you are reaching out to at the same time then you do not have to start from the beginning when a mentor says they can not accept you. I can take this lesson and apply it to when I look for jobs. This will help getting a job a lot faster, and more reliable for me because I will have backup applications. Before the internship program I did not know how uncertain some situations can be when talking to potential mentors.

July 18th – August 5th (0 hours) – I have learned a lot in the search for a mentor. More specifically, I have learned that many sites only accept one intern, and that even if a mentor says yes to a mentor at one point, they can always fall through in the end. This means that even if you did have someone say yes, you should not relax till the first day of interning for them. During the trainings, I learned a lot about etiquette in the site, and how I should expect to be treated. This is helpful information because it will help guide my expectations going into the internship. This will help me get the most out of the first couple days because I will know how to act and what try when I first start. Learning about meetings will also help me create a good image of myself to other workers and bosses.

One thing I hope to learn from Mrs. Wahl is the best way to manage time with the internship and school. This is because the site that I possibly may be working at a place that is 40 min away from my house. So if I go there every other day then that would be a long time to be on the road and not working, or studying for school. I am wondering basically how I should set up the schedule, if I should go more days of the week but only go for a short amount of time, or visa versa and only go a small amount of days for a longer amount of time each day. What I want to learn from my mentor is their opinion on renewable energies. This is because I am writing my SEP paper on renewable energies, and since my mentor would be most likely an engineer, then I am wondering what their opinion is on the future of renewable energy.

One thing that I have learned about myself as a professional is that I am growing more interested in Civil Engineering. This is because when I was looking at the websites of other engineering mentors, I was interested in the civil parts of them. They do lots of cool designs, and the services they do for other people like 3D scanning seems really cool and useful. This also caused me to research more information on civil engineering, which led me to more unique things that these engineers do. I was most interested in the Drones that scan the mineshafts and create a 3D model out of the scans. One thing that I have learned about myself as a student is that I am going to need to start focusing on finishing homework a couple days before it is due, instead of the day before. This is because I am going to need to catch up on the hours I am missing because I do not have a mentor yet. So this will mean that I have to do more hours in a week than most others, which causes me to have to work harder and faster on my school work.

Trinity C.

January 6th – January 27th (19 hours) – One meaningful experience was when an owner asked me to leave the room. It was not a good meaningful experience but it is an experience that I would remember. I felt kind of confused by why she asked me to leave but she did tell me and the tech that she had personal questions about her other cats that she couldn’t ask us. I went in there alone with the vet and then I left and told the tech I was with and she was confused also. The Veterinarian was in there for a while and she told us that she was asking her to find their cats a good home if they ever die together because they travel a lot. This really put into perspective that some owners really respect and trust their veterinarian and that is the kind of veterinarian I inspire to be.

One industry specific technical skill I have developed is using a syringe. I developed this skill through observing and practicing. The vet techs gave me a syringe without a needle to practice drawing back on before I actually used them. Them they had to draw up Vaccines and administer them. I poked through the skin a few times but I eventually learned really fast. Then they helped me draw blood from the cephalic vein by showing me where to poke and how to put the needle in. It took a little while till I got blood from a dog but after that it becomes easier. I can improve this skill by drawing on a more diverse patient because the ones I have drawn on were big and now I need to draw on smaller ones. I could also try and draw on different furs because some are really short while others are thick or curly. Another thing I could do is poke different ways like in the muscle or intravenously.

This skill will benefit me in a career because using a syringe is very important in the veterinarian career. It makes it easier to do a lot more with animals and to get work done faster if you can draw blood yourself and not ask someone else to do it who might be busy. It is how they get certain medicines in animals, vaccines, and to get blood out to do tests. Without this skill you won’t be able to prevent illnesses, make animals comfortable, and find out what is wrong with them internally. This skill can also benefit me in college because if I take a vet tech class or when I go to vet school I have that skill and I am a little ahead compared to some people. It might be a little skill to learn but it is very important you know how to use it correctly and efficiently.

One word I learned was an abbreviation which was IMTP. This stands for immune Mediated thrombocytopenia. The Immune system destroys platelets in the body. I came across this because there was a dog that came in and one of the vet techs weren’t sure on what it meant because it was on the chart for her and that was when Dr. Amy explained what it is.

November 12th – January 5th (30.25 hours) -One meaningful experience I recently had was seeing a dog that came in who had went to an ER clinic and then came to our clinic for a check up. She had a huge hole on the back of her leg and you could see the torn up muscles. Dr. Amy was really upset because the other veterinarian decided to let the dog suffer this way and that it would cost a lot of money for the family to continue treating her. You could tell the dog was in pain and Dr. Amy wasn’t sure if the family had seen the wound so she brought them back. They were in shock at how bad it was and they already spent two thousand on the ER visit. Dr. Amy told them that it will be alot of time and money for the wound to heal completely and she gave them a decision to go home with. I learned that you can’t save every animal that comes into a clinic and that you have to take into account the recovery and what the family is willing to and can do for their animals. It made me upset to see the dog like that and when I saw it I was shocked and I felt bad for the family when they looked at their dog in that condition.

I haven’t really experienced the situation being asked about but I was asked to get a cysto- needle which are used to get urine from animals and are long. I didn’t know where they were so I asked and she said in the drawer of the table by the wall. She also said something like it was a 1.5 needle so I was looking for one that said that. Then Raven came around the corner and I told her that I cant find the cysto- needle and she said that they were in the other drawer. She opened it and then I saw them and she gave it to me. I didn’t expect it to be in that drawer because it wasn’t really considered the needle drawer and it had other devices in colored containers. We then gathers other materials to give to Dr. Amy which she asked for after asking for the needle.

I was able to gather the information needed to locate the needles but with more guidance from someone else. I now know that there are two drawer with needles and what the needle looks like exactly. I wish that I had asked more about the needles to get a better understanding of all of them but we were busy working with the dog. I looked up different needles at home after but I couldn’t find the information I was looking for or maybe I wasn’t asking the right question to find it. I plan on asking more about them when there is time but right now I know what a cysto needle looks like and a few others that we use to draw blood and to administer drugs. I also know that you can use different needle for different things because Dr. Amy was using the cysto needle to try and get fluid from around the dogs heart. I haven’t accomplished anything with the knowledge yet but there will be opportunities that will come up where I can use it.

One vocabulary term I learned at my internship site was cold sterile. I went to the back where they do the cleaning and run tests and I saw a bucket with surgical instruments in it. I asked what it was and they explained that it was used to disinfect them. You put the instruments in a metal container with holes and then into another solid metal container and fill it up with a chemical to clean them. You let them sit until they are clean and you then take them out and put them on a towel to dry.

October 29th – November 11th (4.33 hours) – One meaningful experience was actually helping euthanize a dog. The dog was only three years old but she was very sick and Dr. Amy made the decision that it was best for her not to suffer any more. Me and the other vet tech didn’t see that decision coming and the guy couldn’t be in there with her so he left her with us and left the clinic. It was a really sad experience and his sadness and looking at the dog made me really sad. We took her to the back and Martha gave her something to calm her down and after a few minutes we gave her the stuff to stop her heart. A few minutes later when the dog was gone she breathed and I looked up at Martha and the other intern and they explained that it is just the air leaving the body and that sometimes the muscles twitch also. This really opened my eyes on the tough decisions that veterinarians have to make and that some people cant be there when their dogs pass because it is too hard. I also learned a few things about what happens after an animal dies.

In the beginning of the year we agreed that I would come in every Thursday and Tuesday at 1:20. I stuck with that schedule and then we had to change it to Mondays and Fridays because of the amount of interns. This didn’t really affect me and I still come in on time. When I couldn’t come in I would tell her that I couldn’t and I would ask if I could come in on a different day of the week. She always knew when I was not going to be there and when I was going to be late because I communicated it to her. I think that she was happy with how I handled sticking to the schedule and when I couldn’t I would make up for it most of the time.

I think that my time management skills have been really good so far. I do some of my school work before my internship if I have a lot to do and then I do the rest after. If I have an SEP meeting that I think will run late I will text my mentor that I might come in late. If I have a school activity I have to pick which I more important and most of the time it is my internship but if it is not I make sure that I make up the time I lost. I have had a lot of time to get everything done but I am looking for a job so I will have to manage my time with that also which I think will me way harder. I am prepared for that because I already know how much free time I have and how to handle when to do my homework if there is a lot. I think that second semester will be harder but I am prepared to handle it the best I can.

One vocabulary word I learned at my internship was torticollis. After we went into a room Dr. Amy comes in to examine the dog and determine what should be done. She was feeling a dogs neck and she said that the dog doesn’t like when she twists her head to the side and she said it might be torticollis. After that I went home and looked up what it meant so I could know more about it. I learned that it is common in babies and puppies and can be caused from many different things and it can be treated early on.

October 15th – October 28th (16.8 hours) – One meaningful experience I had was learning more about laser treatment. I went into a room with Raven to give a dog laser treatment and she explained some of the things that it can do. After the treatment was done she gave me a book about it. I found the book really interesting because it treats a lot more than I thought. It had pictures of animals before and after incidents and there was one that was burned and only a few weeks later of it on laser it looked so much better. I learned that it is good for joint pain, muscle pain, healing cuts, and many other things involving pain and recovery.

I usually interact with many coworkers that aren’t my mentor because my mentor is busy most of the time and I am pretty much mentored by her vet techs. I speak to the vet techs about what I can do and I ask them questions and if they need help with a patient they ask me. I have interacted with all of the coworkers but one because I haven’t had a reason to talk to her professionally yet. Heather and Tammy are usually by a desk so I interact with them by relying information over to Heather from the other vet techs or her asking me for help with little things. I ask Tammy for help with filling prescriptions and where certain drugs are located on the shelf. All of my other coworkers I interact with on a daily bases because I am working with them one on one.

This happens a lot because if there are no patients at the time we all talk. I got my nails done for homecoming and the vet techs were saying that they are pretty and asking where I got them done. They explained that I should show them my dress and so I did and they really liked it. The next time I saw them they asked me to show them pictures from homecoming and so we all talked about that and they asked how it was and commented my girlfriends and I’s outfits. We talked about how I looked so different from I do there and the other intern explained how her homecoming went. I am very comfortable interacting with them in a social way because they are all very nice and social conversation makes it less awkward when there is nothing to do.

One vocabulary word I didn’t know was what valley fever was. We have a valley fever test and many of the dogs come in and get it. We were sitting in the back and I asked about it and it mostly caught if the dog digs. It is a fungus that is in the dirt and it is mostly native around the South western part of the states. It is not contagious and it caused coughing, a fever and chest pain.

October 1st – October 14th (12.5 hours) – One meaningful experience I had was being able to sit in on some surgeries. I was excited when I got there and I saw how they set everything up. When the surgeries started it was very interesting because they chart everything so precise and they work really well as a team. One thing I didn’t expect was how long some surgeries take like dentals because the teeth have to be extracted and they are sometimes really heard to get out. I was very interested in the neuter and the spade because those were invasive and its interesting to see the parts of an animals reproductive system. I learned that surgery takes a long time and it doesn’t matter how fast it can be done because it needs to be done right, also its ok to ask for help and I also learned how to take records of a surgery.

One vocabulary word that I learned was mean arterial pressure which is MAP. This is the average blood pressure when the heart pumps. I was watching a surgery and saw it on the machine and asked what it was and they explained. If the MAP gets to 70 some things have to change like anesthesia or how much fluid is going into the animal.

September 17th – September 30th (2.17 hours) – One meaningful experience I had was trying to learn how to take blood a second way. I got the syringe into the leg of the dog but then he kept moving and whining which made it hard. The other intern who is in a vet program came and helped and I got to better see how it is done. She had a hard time to so I didn’t feel as bad as I did before because I couldn’t do it but I did get some blood so that made more feel better also. The problem was the way I tried draw the blood because I never did it before. After we got the blood Raven and Martha gave me a syringe without the needle to practice holding and drawing in order get the best position comfortable for me. Now I can practice and when another opportunity comes up I will be better prepared than I was the first time and hopefully get what I need from the animal easier.

The method I use most at my internship is texting and in-person conversation. Texting is the easiest for Dr. Amy because she is always busy and when she has down time she can just look at her phone. The text I send are usually just questions regarding the dates I come in or if something comes up so they are short and to the point. When they are long or there is important information I talk to her in person when she is not doing anything. We are in close proximity of each other most of the time because the clinic is small so she is always available to speak in person. It makes sure that we both understand the situation because it is face to face and you can read the tone along with it being easier than going back and forth in text.

I am very comfortable with choosing the appropriate method of communication at my Internship site. Communication with Dr. Amy is easy and it isn’t too formal. She is very easy to communicate with orally but I also rehearse what I am going to say before I talk to her just so everything is clear. With text I make sure that everything is spelled right and there isn’t a negative tone to it and I make sure to use punctuation to better execute the tone I want the text to have. I don’t usually communicate with Dr. Amy in person as much as I do the vet techs because I am around them more. Communication with them is alway verbal because it is all about tasks and what I need to do and not so much about getting approval of something or scheduling like with Dr. Amy.

Raven was showing me a dog that they did surgery on and she mentioned its bruising. She explained that there are two types that are common which are ecchymosis and petechiae. Ecchymosis is real bruising which is over a larger area and are common after being hit or surgeries. Petechiae are spotted bruises and are common in animals mouths or their bellies.

September 3rd – September 16th (10.5 hours) – One meaningful experience I had at my internship was finding something in common with two of the people who help mentor me. We were sitting in the office because no appointments were in and they were finishing up charts when Rebecca asked what music to play. Raven said Iggy and then Rebecca left for a little bit and Raven asked what music I like to listen to. I said rock and she said her too and asked who I like. She explained what she liked and when Rebecca came in she asked her to play her favorite person. Rebecca also likes rock but Martha hates it. This was the first time that we could actually connect about something and I felt more comfortable being there. Sometimes the little things can make a place more comfortable. It takes time to find those things out and to connect with the people you work with but there also wont be connections with everyone and you just have to stay professional.

Raven and Rebecca who are two vet techs I tag along with bring up the word signalment once or twice and I asked Raven what it was. She said it is what we tell the doctor about the animals and it can differ from doctor to doctor. You have to include the pets name, species, age, breed/type, and reproductive status. Then after the signalment you explain what was presented by the owner to the doctor. Raven then printed out a paper that has all the information on it for me so I can study it and learn to present Dr. Amy the patients.

August 20th – September 2nd (6.17 hours)- One meaningful experience I had was witnessing a family who came in to euthanize their dog. When I went into the room the man and women looked like they had been crying and before we went in we heard the mom explaining to the son what was happening. He wasn’t old enough to understand maybe 3 or 4 but he tried to comfort his mom because she was crying. They asked us if what they were doing was the right thing and Rebecca told them that it wasn’t up to us to tell them because we aren’t at home to know how she is. Dr. Amy came in and said that she is most likely in pain because she has mammary cancer. They decided that the best thing to do is to put her down because they don’t want her to suffer. I didn’t go into the room after that because I didn’t want to be invasive of their privacy and make it a crowded room. I felt upset but I knew that these things happen often and that it is apart of the job and you have to be prepared to take on the responsibility of being respectful and be empathetic and know that it is for the best.

Expectations are not too strict at this clinic. Everyone is comfortable with each other and they explain that they all get along and have each others backs. This is the conduct when we aren’t working with people. When we go into the room you have to respectfully listen to the patient and ask all the questions required to determine what needs to be done. You also have to have this conduct when relying information over to Dr. Amy. When work doesn’t need to be done they can joke around but when it comes to work they take it seriously and make sure everything is done correctly and professionally.

I don’t really fit in with everyone because they are so close but I do try to make conversation with them. I can be professional anytime of the day because I think that that is easier because I know what is expected of me. The only thing that is hard with being professional is communication because I don’t know all the terms and what they mean yet. I think that with time I will be able to better conduct my self to fit in to both environments. I know that both are important in a work place because you have to be friendly with your coworkers even if you don’t like them and also get work done if you do have friends at work. I do what is expected of me and try to stay on everyones good sides so I learn things from many different people. I didn’t expect this place to be so welcoming and I know that other places it will be different so I know I still have a lot to learn about work environments.

When I was in a room with Raven she was counting a cats toes. She said on the third digit there was a scab. I didn’t know that they were called digits and then she asked if I knew how to count them. She started from the “thumb” and counted to 5 which is the outside toe with the paw facing down.

August 6th – August 19th (11.08 hours) – One meaningful experience I had was that things can change and that you have to adapt to them. The internship was going well and then as the school year was going on there were more interns coming in. I had already established with my mentor that I would come in on Tuesdays and Thursdays because she said I could come in whenever. When I would come in there would be too many interns and so they had to find a way to split us up and eventually Heather who works beside my mentor told us that she was going to set up a schedule. The next Thursday I texted my mentor asking what days would be better for me to come in and she said Mondays and Fridays. I didn’t really want to move my days but I knew the other girls had jobs so it would have been better for me to move because my schedule is more flexible. I learned that things don’t always stay the same in the work place and that everyone has to make sacrifices to keep things organized.

July 18th – August 5th (8.17 hours) – One meaningful experience I have recently had in the internship program is the realization that some people don’t really take care of their animals or respect them as much as they should. We had one dog come in and the whole time the owner was speaking badly of the dog. They might have been joking but you shouldn’t wish for them to not come back when we take the back to work on them. Another dog came in and he had a huge liver and the owners didn’t cut his nails. The dog was fine with us cutting his nails so I didn’t see any reason for the owner not to and I know the liver could have been an illness and not just from being fed badly. I feel that the little things matter because even though they don’t understand you they should still be treated well because you are the one taking care of it and spending the money for it to be healthy. I felt sad for the dogs and kept thinking about how they are treated at home. This taught me to not take my own pets for granted even if they annoy you they are still always there for you even if you don’t want them to be. Dogs are very loyal and even if an owner hurts them they still go back and expect to be loved.

One thing I hope to learn from my time in the internship program is how to adapt to working with new people. I have trouble working with new people and I don’t know what to do or how to act. The working environment will provide me with the experience to get better at integrating into a new place with new people. Another thing I would like to learn is animal vitals. I know how to do human vitals but it is a little different and the normals values are different. This is a skill that is used everyday and it is the most important and basic one to learn.

One thing I have already learned is how to take vaccines and put them into a syringe. This task isn’t hard at all and the syringes were a little different from the ones in health care foundations because they would get most of the air or empty space out of it on its own. Along with the vaccines I learned that they are administer subcutaneously and that the rabies vaccine goes on the right and the rest on the left because if an animal is bitten and the right side is reacting than it tell us right away that it is rabies. The next thing I learned is how to deal with not being on time. I had a mishap with my transportation because my car was in the shop and my brother went somewhere with the other car even after I told him I had something to do that day. I explained to my mentor what had happened and that I will be later than the time I planed on being there and she was very understanding. This taught me to double check and communicate better with the person you share a car with and to always communicate the problem to your higher ups like a boss or in my case a mentor.