Hannah B

October 1st – October 26th (7.2 hours) – On my first day of interning, I sat in on a hospice meeting. However, this was not a meeting with patients and family members, it was a meeting between my mentor’s staff members. During this meeting they were discussing with each other different techniques on how to approach patients regarding difficult topics. From listening to this, I was able to understand how crucial delivery of difficult information can be. I have never personally received extremely devastating news but have always been curious about how medical professionals are able to do this. As an intern, I obviously will not be delivering this type of information but I was able to grasp how vital some soft skills are for this. Patience, communication, and listening skills were very evident.

From my mentor, I hope to learn whether or not this is a medical path that I would like to follow. By exploring this career, I am hoping to gain a better understanding of the aspects I do, and don’t like in the medical field. Learning this will allow me to walk down a straighter path as I excel through college. From Mrs. Wahl, I would like to learn how to better manage my time as a professional. I understand the importance of time management in order to be successful but it is always something I have struggled with. Through this program, I have already learned techniques to better myself but I would like to continue.

In this program, I have learned how important communication is in the professional world. I now have a better understanding of how organized and consistent one should be in order to be successful. During the professional development meetings, we were told to get in the routine of checking our emails everyday at a specific time. Since then, I have an alarm that goes off every day to remind me to check. Also as a student, I have learned the importance of having a growth mindset. I really like the mistake chart we were given. It is okay to make a mistake as long as you are willing to understand, reflect, and grow. Making mistakes is part of being a human, and from this program, I have learned it is more about how you react to the mistake that you made.

October 27th – November 9th (3.03 hours) – Last week, I experienced my mentor reading diagnostics and entering them into her computer system. As she was doing this, she was repetitively interrupted by different hospitals calling to verify her findings. How she responded to the calls was really meaningful to me. Although she expressed her irritation to me, she remained professional throughout the calls. During this situation, I realized that although sometimes in the professional world, you are likely to be inconvenienced, it is part of your job to remain professional as well as kind. For future times when I am stressed out and annoyed, I will look back on that moment and realize that it is a reflection on myself not how I feel about and unfortunate occurrence, but a reflection based on how I choose to respond.

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Ashley B

October 1st – October 26th (3.37 hours) – When I first walking into my internship site, I was extremely nervous and I think it could show. I wasn’t sure where I needed to be, and felt like I was out of my comfort zone. My mentor took me back into the break room where we sat down and completed all of the required paperwork, and instead of just cranking down and finishing it all, we had a meaningful conversation. We talked about what it’s like to be a veterinary technician, the stigma that my mentor herself faces, and a lot of the struggles people in the field face. She was super sweet and cracked a couple of jokes during the talk, and even after that conversation, we continued to dive deeper into some of the subjects on the paperwork. Just seeing her so comfortable and friendly was a huge change for me, because I immediately relaxed and jumped straight into the conversation as well. I learned that if you give yourself and strangers a chance, so many wonderful things can come from it. I never would have known that my mentor was a foster fail, and that she could hardly keep herself from taking home all the kittens.

I know that there are a plethora of skills that I will learn from the internship and my mentor. I hope to learn from my mentor how to correctly do a wellness exam on a cat of all ages, including TPR. I’ve never been able to take the temperature, pulse, or respiratory rate of a living animal. I also want to learn how to talk to other people professionally, such as other employees or possible customers as an intern. I don’t know much on how to talk to the other techs and assistants at my site, and I have no clue what I’m going to do when the doctor is there. However I hope I can learn from Mrs. Wahl how to be professional and friendly, and know how to start a learning conversation without overstepping boundaries.

I think one thing that I learned from my time in the program is that I have a very big positive attitude, which I think is a great soft skill to have in any work environment. Especially during the first few days of acquiring a spot at my internship site, as well as taking this whole internship program, I have learned how much a difference being able to look at things in a hopeful and positive light can boost your confidence. Being able to confidently walk into my interview, and strike a conversation that glows with energy and enthusiasm– positive attitudes may be one of my best attributes as a student. As a professional, I think my work ethic will come into handy during my internship, after learning about all of the hard work that goes into it. I can work through problems and challenges, all the while staying focused and completing certain tasks quickly and efficiently. I’m already dedicated to this internship program, and knowing that I can make a difference in my professional life by working hard gives me the confidence and strength to keep going.

October 27th – November 9th (8.58 hours) – One of the most meaningful experiences I have had in the internship program was at my Internship site with another coworker. It was a busy day, and we were working on some wellness exams for the Veterinarian, and to do that we have to take the temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, mucus membrane, and capillary refill time as well as the weight. While I’m pretty good at taking the temperature, I have been super nervous and unsure about taking the respiratory rate and heart rate and using my own numbers for the official record. That meant a lot to me was the assistant I was working with, Jaret, encouraged me to do it myself and told me that I would be taking the measurements and using those values. I had to do it multiple times, but he was extremely patient and positive, and we eventually got the same numbers. I was scared to mess up and nervous about doing something so important by myself but being able to trust my skills and knowing he was there to double-check me really set my mind straight. After that, I was more confident in helping around and taking care of the cats and intakes. Now I know that it’s okay to take your time, and I’m going to use that advice for when I am at my clinic in the future.

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Tristan C

October 1st – October 26th () – One detailed and meaningful experience I’ve had is working with a team. Growing because we all have our own jobs and tasks but we pick up and help the team. This makes it more efficient for the whole office. I’ve learned that its important to not only just think about myself at my internship but being self aware. I can ask for help when I need it and this has helped me grow. Working with a team is a good thing to learn how to do.

One thing I hope to learn is organization from my mentor. I struggle with organization and keeping everything together. Sometimes losing important things in the process. A thing I want to learn from my internship is dentist assisting. Not only is this helping my experience with the medical field. This is teaching me dental assisting. This skill can help me get a better paying job once I am out of high school and trained.

One thing I’ve learned as a student is being prepared. This always helps with looking professional. It also leads to not standing out when put on the spot. A thing I learned as a professional is being self aware. This helps with many aspects of the job with teams and doing things correctly. If you are aware that you did something wrong you can improve yourself to not make the mistake again.

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Luis DR

October 1st – October 26th (0 hours) – Although I haven’t been able to secure an internship during this time, one meaningful experience was improving my communication skills via phone. Because of the sudden changes from the COVID pandemic, my opportunities for an internship position were very limited in the field of healthcare. After reaching out to various facilities in Tucson, many responded that internship and volunteering opportunities are temporarily closed due to the pandemic. Even though this is very understandable, it has been a huge barrier in my search for an internship. However, calling and communicating with different people from different facilities allowed me to practice and improve the way I communicate and portray myself in these calls. I was able to develop a much better flow of my words and in delivering my message smoothly. I can see a great improvement in the way I deliver myself in phone calls than before the internship search.

One thing that I hope to learn once I obtain an internship is providing care and support to patients with communication and building interpersonal relationships with those that I work with. I have been struggling with interacting with my peers ever since middle school. Therefore, I am looking forward to building better insight and learn more about communicating in the healthcare field as I hope to use this later in life. One thing that I hope to learn from Mrs. Wahl is the “do’s” and don’t’s” of working as an intern and how to make the most out of an internship. As I’ve been able to meet with Mrs. Wahl regarding my situation in my internship search, I gained a lot from Mrs. Wahl’s meetings regarding professionalism.

One thing that I have learned from my time in the program as a professional is an importance of portraying myself as a professional. Not only does working in a professional world consist of meeting deadlines and completing projects, but the way you conduct yourself is vital. Especially in the healthcare field, the energy you are delivered with your coworkers and your clients/patients influences the response you’d get back. Therefore, to become successful in a professional setting, relationships are key and to achieve that goal is by achieving professional self-awareness.

October 27th – November 9th (2.75 hours) – One meaningful experience is learning the communication that takes place at physical therapy. As I had my first day with my internship, I was able to understand the flow of helping patients in physical therapy. I was able to shadow the physical therapy techs and the physical therapists, Alyssa, and Matt. I was able to develop a better sense of the use of communication between the providers and with their patients there. After talking with Alyssa, I’m able to understand how vital communication with patients is. It is all about building rapport and trust with your patients. I am looking forward to my next day of interning at the clinic, hoping to learn more and build a better relationship with my mentors and the staff there.

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Nicole G

October 1st – October 26th (22 hours) – The most important experience I have gotten from this internship so far is how to deal with a dog that absolutely does not want to be there on any level physically and mentally. It was a small dog who would not stop screaming, jolting, moving, and biting. I learned that a muzzle was not needed even if the dog was biting. How my mentor and I worked this one out was I held him close to my body while keeping his neck in a hold that prevented him from jerking it back to bite. Then I also kept his legs between my fingers and held them so he could not kick and jump. He still tried to but it allowed for my mentor to keep it more under control and prevent cuts.

I hope to learn from Mrs. Wahl how to keep my hours and values organized and clear. I think with the internship program, I will be able to better evaluate myself as a professional and help me walk independently. What I hope to learn from my internship is a more detailed look at the dogs I will be dealing with. The thing I learned is that dogs are not just what they are as pets. They can become a completely different puppy when put in a vets office or grooming station. So I hope to get more familiar with the difference and how to handle each situation.

I have learned that I myself can pick up on things very fast as a student. I have heard it from others quite frequently that I pick up things faster than the others and I can definitely see it when I worked my first day. I noticed about myself that on the first day, only an hour or two in, I was already walking on my own, picking stuff up and working hands on without a struggle. I noticed about myself as a professional that I think even more about what I say before I say it when around new people. Granted I always think before I say but I don’t tend to overthink what I say in a professional environment, that way I can keep my reputation how I would like. I don’t want to talk about something too off-topic or weird when I am trying to keep a refined knowledgeable student look.

October 27th – November 9th (7 hours) – I have only gone in once since school started but there was something very important I learned involving nail trimming. Sometimes, even though the groomer is good, they still might cut the vein in the nail. She openly admitted it was not because the dog moved but she wasn’t looking hard enough. What you do when you cut the vein in the nail is you apply this power called, “styptic powder”. This stops the bleeding and allows the blood to clot up. The vein in the nail is also known as “The Quick” because of how fast the bleeding starts after the nail gets cut too short. The owner is told and an apology is expected of course. It wasn’t serious or anything and we made sure to stay calm and clean it up!

November 10th – November 23rd (0 hours) – A deep experience I had was cutting the nail trim too short. There is a vein in the nail that if cut, will bleed a whole lot. Usually the vein can be seen from outside the nail but on the rare occasion it gets cut too short, there is ways to fix it. There is a powder called “styptic powder” which can be applied directly to the nail at the open of the vein which will stop the bleeding and help it close. It doesn’t require any special treatment, just quick care before it gets out of hand and the dog bleeds out. The dog didn’t whimper or cry which was surprising but dogs do tend to carry pain a lot easier because in wolf packs, the wounded gets left behind. So it’s important in the dogs head they keep their act together, but it can be problematic because then we don’t know if there is a problem or not.

The personality and behavior at the site isn’t super high in expectations. It is good to be very respectful to the guest when bringing dogs out and making sure that they feel like their dog was in good hands (which of course they were). Keeping the place with low drama and respecting each other is important. I notice that a lot of workers there tend to be very open to lending others their supplies and openly helping when needed. However they do know it is okay to say no once in a while so that they don’t take too much on their hands. In general everyone is pretty laid back, just trying to enjoy their time grooming the dogs to get their pay and leave.

I do try and stay out of everyones way so that they can get their jobs done. Im still new to the place so knowing order is still under progress. I try to keep it professional as if I am being recorded but I am also simultaneously trying to stay as laid back as they do. Since I am just interning there, I keep an open mind and heart when working with the animals and workers since I don’t technically belong there. I have a personality where I tend to laugh a lot and joke with others in order to build a bond but theres a time and place and I am trying to find the happy medium. I do feel safe otherwise, and pretty well adjusted.

When my mentor cut the nail too fast and got the vein, it reminded me that I never knew what the vein was actually called. I knew that it was an important vein that should never be cut because of how much it will bleed. The name of this vein was actually called “The Quick” because of how fast the blood flows out of the vein.

November 24th – December 7th () – 

Jordan H

October 1st – October 26th (18.08 hours) – One meaningful experience that I had at my internship site was witnessing my first euthansia at the clinic. The experience made me feel really sad but also conflicted, it was heartbreaking to watch this dog be put down but I knew it was the right thing to do just by looking at the dog. I watched as the vet administered the drugs and listened for the heartbeat to stop. I learned what goes on behind the scenes after the dog is put down. I’ve had some of my own dogs pass away but never known what happens after. I grew from this experience since in my opinion it is the hardest part about the job and experiencing the worst and still wanting to continue.

I hope to learn in my time as an intern is how each of the technicians and vets process. Each person at the hospital has a different way that they got to where they are. In reading the decriptions of the vets online one of the vets that I haven’t met yet had an interesting way that she ended upbecoming a vet. I would just like to know everyones stories and how they figured out this is what they wanted to do. In my time in the intership I would like to learn about how to handle specific situations. No matter how unlikely the situation is I would still like to know. These situations would serve as examples for the most random things that could come up.

Two things I have already learned one as a professional was how to present myself in different forms. I have learned how I present myslef through word choice in emails. Along with how to talk and handle phone calls and in person. One thing I have learned about myself as a students is how to better prepare myself. Through this experience I have made myself become more organized and prepared. Along with more thoughout any more professional in my skills.

October 27th – November 9th (8 hours) – One meaningful experience I’ve had at my site was first learning how to find veins in dogs and how to get them to appear. This is useful since it is used for drawing blood, giving medicine, and putting in catheters. This is a basic thing to learn but is very useful since it is used for a lot of different things and allows me to begin to understand the process. To get the veins to appear I have to firmly grasp the dogs leg in a specifc spot and apply pressure. Even though this isn’t much I think it’s very important and is access way into the actual medicine behind veterinary science. Along with the technicians trusting me to be up close and help with things like medicine administering and euthanasias. This experience made me feel excited since it allows me to be closer to the action and shows the technicians trust growing. 

November 10th – November 23rd (9.42 hours) – One meaningful experience was watching Moriah and Dr.Pav drain an abcess. During this experience I got to be right next to the experience and see exactly what they were doing. Seeing this experince showed kind of more the gross side of being a veterinarian. The abcess smelled and had gross substance coming out of it. Even though it was gross it was cool to see them drain it and how relieved it made the cat feel. This was meaningful since I got to see how they handle situtations like this since there are a lot of animals with abcesses.

At my site things are go go go the technicians and veterinarians barely have any time to sit down. The pace of the clinic is very fast and I try and help when they ask me to by holding or restraining a dog so that they can move onto something else. It is expected of me that I make sure the cages and tables are clean for exams and boarding. The technicians occasionally chat while they are waiting for the doctors to come examine the animals. For the most part the only time they sit down is when they are on the phone with patients. Their fast past shows how much they do behind the scenes. The technicians and veterinarians work very hard to see all their patients no matter if they were late, on time, or ealry.

I meet these expectations by helping with patients when asked. I hold dogs and cats so the technicians can grab another patient or enter information to the charts on the computers. I help restrain dogs for the doctors exams while the technicians are filling meds as well. Then inbetween patients I clean the exam table to ensure that it is clean for the next patient. Along with I also clean cages after an animal leaves so it will be clean in case they need the space for another patient.

I came across the term surgery log after records were being filed after the first surgery I witnessed. There was a new doctor there visiting from another hospital and they were filling out the log. From hearing their discussion about there form I learned that they fill out the animals rates for tons of different things during surgery. This form is filled out almost every minute of surgery about things like their breathing rate, oxygen level, heart rate in order to keep track of everything during the surgery.

November 24th – December 7th () – 

Marissa K

October 1st – October 26th (2 hours) – Recently, in my search for an internship, I have drastically improved my skills for talking over the phone. There obviously haven’t been many opportunities to speak with possible mentors in-person, so I ended up speaking with about five different law firms and leaving voicemails at two more. I learned that a lot of my worry over speaking over the phone is from how open-ended it is, so I began to create two different plans: one script for a voicemail and an outline of the most important things to say to the receptionist who picks up the phone. Preparation is important, but getting experience is the most important thing for future steps. I need to make sure that I am prepared for the many different outcomes of a call and am prepared to be flexible. I also got a lot of immediate feedback, as a lot of the firms were not open or willing to gain an intern, and though it was disappointing it wasn’t the end of the world. Getting used to negative feedback is important, as is continuing to try your best (which I am trying to do so that I can get a placement).

From Mrs. Wahl I hope to improve my writing and communication skills even more. I have struggled with this in the past, as I worry about being bothersome or having unhelpful questions. Getting feedback before I speak with mentors has been immensely helpful, such as on my reaching out letter and speaking over the phone about how to leave a helpful voicemail. Being confident is not one of my strengths, and gaining experience is important, but an expert’s feedback is required to make any experience meaningful. I don’t yet have a mentor, but I hope to improve my work ethic skills. The field of law is very demanding, and I hope to learn how to improve my outlook and schedule to insure that if I pursue the career I will be prepared. There is also a lot of perseverance involved, and making sure that I am driven and prepared to work for hours at a time is an important first step to being prepared to enter the workforce.

As a professional, I have learned that I need a lot of time to prepare. This is mainly because of my own insecurities, because I tend to freeze under pressure. Giving myself ample time has been enough to insure that I am able to get my work done on time and make sure that it is quality work. As a student, I have learned that my written skills are much stronger than my spoken skills. Taking time to write out my thoughts is much more effective than “thinking out loud” or trying to come up with a speech on the spot. Emails in particular have become very comfortable territory for me, while writing down phone call outlines improves my spoken performance as well.

October 27th – November 9th (2 hours) – I received a lot of new information on my first day interning, but the most impactful experience was when Briana went over the filing system with me, and I received a very large binder with all the possible petitions and relevant information about the petitions that can be filed in family law civil cases. Filing may be a menial task in other offices, but it is a crucial task that takes a lot of critical thought in a law firm. The shelves and shelves of binders (at least 4 for each case) was shocking to me, despite expecting that paperwork was important. Ensuring that all paperwork is properly formatted and saved is essential and even one typo or mistake can render a legal document useless. Most importantly, I learned that my work filing as an intern is very important, as a lot of work is required of the attorneys, who give tasks to their paralegals, who in turn rely on interns (such as myself and the law students) to complete tasks. Each person within the office then reviews and revises a document before sending it to their boss until it is finally sent off to the court and opping council. Having discussed the importance of filing with my mentor, I will be sure to be very careful when completing my tasks, which currently are mainly copying and sending documents, but later may including drafting basic legal documents such as a Notice of Appearance.

November 10th – November 23rd (9.5 hours) – This week I was able to help my mentor with a lot of filing. Mainly, this includes taking conformed copies of paperwork and placing them in the file chronologically. While I haven’t yet been able to familiarize myself with exhibits or a lot of the paperwork within the files, this can particularly help with understanding how “matters” open and close. Obviously, there is a lot of paperwork, but I learned while filing a petition for dissolution that there are 8 main forms that need to be filed when filing for a divorce. And when ending a case, most of the time the last order of business is that one of the parties tries to file for the opposing party to pay their legal fees. Though Arizona has it set up to where anyone can file for their own divorce, it seems quite clear that it would take a lot of time and effort to keep everything straight, and that if you put in the money for a good attorney you could actually not even have to pay them because they could fight so well that your opposing party could win. So much time and effort goes into law firms, and it really shows how having good counsel can help you with even something that seems as simple as a divorce. Even though I am doing a more unskilled job, I do feel like I am being a help to the attorneys and the paralegals at the firm as well, since I can free up their time by filing the paperwork so that they can quickly go over it later.

My internship site has fairly lax rules of conduct. Mainly, they care about listening and getting the job done. For instance, they don’t mind eating at workstations (when there isn’t paperwork) because they all work through lunch. They take breaks to speak to one other, though they mainly talk about cases and scheduling with little tangents about personal lives. Overall, there is a weird mix of responsibility and freedom, because they give each other (and me) free time and rarely go over each other’s work because they trust that they have finished their work on time. However, I have noticed that despite having no formal dress code, everyone definitely dresses business casual. For my work, I am expected to complete my work on time and quickly, often without the help of my mentor (though often I can ask the law school interns for their opinion). At the beginning of each day, I ask Briana if she needs any help first, and often file until the end when I receive a new training after Briana has finished most of her work for the day.

Often the biggest issue I have is getting to my site early, since I usually only show up about five minutes before I am supposed to start. Because of schoolwork, I often find myself running later than expected because I have to leave home at 1:20, get gas before I arrive, and get to my site in Tucson at 2:00 PM. Other than that, the work environment usually allows me to ask for help from one of the interns or paralegals. However, for this I usually struggle at the beginning of the day at asking for help, and warm up to socializing and speaking with coworkers by the end of the day. It feels a little bit awkward as a high school student working at a firm where even the other interns are all older than 24. Confidence is something I need to work on anyways, but I think more time at my internship site and interacting with the other workers will solve most of this issue. For instance, I am much more confident asking Briana, Tina, or Taylor for help than the other paralegals or interns.

In all the files I go through, there is a petitioner and respondent. These are the terms used in civil cases, different from the plaintiff and defendant used in criminal trials. The petitioner submits a petition, either on their own or with legal counsel, to request some type of change in their marital arrangement (such as a divorce, a change in parenting time, or to reconsider the amount of child support). Regardless of who later submits a petition, the original petitioner is always labeled as such for any suit between the same two parties.

November 24th – December 7th () – 

Theresa O

October 1st – October 26th ( 28.25 hours) – One meaningful experience I recently had in the internship program was working at two different veterinary clinics, and having to leave one of them. This is a problem that occurred for me because I had been applying to a variety of different clinics hoping that they’d accept me as an intern because many of them were saying no due to the COVID-19 virus or just because they didn’t accept high school interns. I was coming in to work for both clinics, but I knew I had to drop one of them. In this experience I felt anxious because I wasn’t sure how to professionally tell the clinics that I needed to go through this trial run to make sure that interning there would be the best fit for me. Also, I was nervous to call one of them and tell them that I wouldn’t be coming back. I learned that in the professional world sometimes there may be more than one opportunity available, and it’s always best to go with what works. I grew from this because it taught me how to professionally leave a workplace that does not work out for myself.

In the internship program, I hope that I’m able to continue to learn more from Mrs. Wahl about how to be a professional in the workforce. I’ve already learned how to proficiently draft a resume and an email, so I hope I get to learn more relevant and similar life skills such as previously mentioned. What I hope I’m able to learn from my mentor would be how to perform blood draws on an animal. I’ve already learned how to properly restrain a cat and dog for different blood draws such as saphenous, cephalic, and jugular, but I’d like to attain the skill of properly drawing blood since that’s something I will have to do in the future as a veterinarian. I think that with time I will be allowed to learn how to perform a blood draw. As of right now, however, I don’t have the necessary experience or complete trust of my mentor considering it’s only been two weeks since I started interning there.

As a professional, I’ve learned how to proficiently conduct a physical exam on a dog at Camino Seco Pet Clinic. After the first week of working at an animal clinic, Ms. Mary allowed me to watch as she performed a physical exam. When the next dog we had come in, she allowed me to do the physical exam and critiqued me on what I could do better. The next day I was allowed to perform the physical exam by myself, though I’m sure Ms. Mary went over what I typed out on the computer. As a student, I’ve better learned the soft skill of research. I had to look up several different clinics and call them to try and find an internship. For every clinic I called I also had to make a list of who I called and whether or not they said they were going to get back to me. I also researched where the clinics are located, who the doctor is, and if they have acceptable reviews.

October 27th – November 9th (13.75 hours) – One meaningful experience I’ve had in the internship program was when I was allowed to show a nice young adult woman how to correctly perform certain restraints and a physical exam on a dog. She was shadowing the veterinarian for the day because she wanted to know if she wanted to become a veterinary technician instead of being a medical assistant. At that moment I felt like I had established trust with the employees after interning there for a while since I was allowed to instruct her without much supervision. I know I’m just an intern, but I also felt like I was really a part of Camino Seco Pet Clinic as an employee. I understood at that moment just how much I’ve been able to learn during this period of time while working at a veterinary clinic. I grew from this experience because it taught me that if I work responsibly and learn diligently I will be able to help other people in the future by learning more about their animals or how to properly take care of their animals.

November 10th – November 23rd (13.23 hours) – One meaningful experience I recently had in the internship program was experiencing a death for the first time in the clinic. A young puppy that an owner had found in Mexico was brought in weak and dehydrated. Mrs. Mary administered fluids and placed it on a heated mat and allowed me to watch over the puppy as she went to work on other patients. It was really frustrating watching this little puppy struggle to stay alive as I wasn’t able to do much but watch and make sure he kept breathing. It was even more difficult to watch as the puppy slowly stopped breathing, and I rushed to alarm Ms. Mary who quickly took the puppy to the doctor, but in the end, the puppy didn’t make it. I learned that even if you do your best to save a patient, sometimes there’s nothing you can do to prevent them from dying. I grew from this experience because it taught me that it’s impossible to save every patient who comes in the door, but as long as I know I at least tried, and saved as many animals as I could, it’s all worth it in the end.

The expectations for my conduct and personality are that I need to remain professional when working and addressing other clients or when performing my duties with my coworkers. I also am expected to act in a friendly but respectful manner when speaking with the staff. The same can be said for when I address clients. It is important to have positive body language and speak loudly when addressing clients, especially since it may be difficult for them to hear through the mask. However, If I am engaging in a casual conversation with my mentor, it is permissible to act and talk in an informal way. My coworkers are always professional when addressing a client, and they always make sure to act friendly clarify instructions when needed. When there is work to be done, they also talk to each other in a professional way. With that being said, when the work is done, they also talk in a casual manner to each other.

I have to actively work to make sure that I am acting in a professional manner. I make sure to ask questions when the time is appropriate and do my best to act like a professional when I’m able to talk with a client about their animal. I also have to actively try and read their body language and the way they talk which is sometimes complicated because I can’t see most of their face when they have a mask on. When I make a mistake, I do my best to remain calm and fix and learn from the situation. I’m also working to adapt to the fast-paced work environment that occurs when there are multiple patients in need of attending. I’m used to being able to take my time to learn new information, but when I’m in the moment and certain tasks or duties need to be performed, I have to work on performing as fast as the other staff are able. Sometimes I have to just observe as a task is done so that I don’t prevent it from being completed inefficiently.

I learned the word mentation as I was performing a physical exam on a dog. Mentation means mental activity, which is something that needs to be observed from a patient to make sure it is normal. If it wasn’t normal, it would mean there are some underlying health issue that needs to be addressed.

November 24th – December 7th () – 

George S

October 1st – October 26th () – I have not yet gone into the internship site, but the process of securing a mentor was a meaningful experience for me. I was able to first make contact with the mayor’s office through a family friend, and it was a lesson to me about the importance of networking. I also learned patience from this process because there were times when communication died off and I had to keep moving without getting discouraged. I also learned more about contacting professionals and how to best coordinate emails and phone calls. I learned many other things just from trying to get a mentor, and I am excited to learn more on the Job.

One thing that I hope to learn from the program with Ms. Wahl is to keep myself organized without an expressed grade or person watching over me. My main fault is my organizational skills, and while they have gotten better during the program, I am not completely self sufficient in them. I’m not sure that I could confidently say that I would keep a binder or such an organized calendar if it weren’t with the constant support of my teacher. From my mentor I hope to learn if a career in government is something that I truly want. Right now I can’t imagine doing anything else with my future, but I haven’t had any real life experience doing that so I know that my current perspective is flawed. However, over the course of the next year I hope to be able to have gained enough insight and experience to make an informed decision about the direction I choose to take in my life.

One thing that I have learned as a student is to increase my academic endurance. I often times have a hard time focusing on one task for an extended period of time, and this really showed over the summer with the professional development courses. In person meetings are easy enough to stay attentive during, but for whatever reasons these long zoom meetings were very hard for me to sit through, and then entering the information on the time sheet afterwards seemed like such a chore. Throughout the summer however I have gotten better at this skill and it has helped me in many other classes and assignments. One thing that I have learned as a professional is how to communicate more effectively over the phone and through email. During the past couple of months as I am sure you know I have asked many many questions over email, and through the program I have also become more and more comfortable sending those emails. This helped me tremendously when securing the internship because I had the courage to call and email potential mentors, and I was able to secure one.

October 27th – November 9th () – I fell behind these past two weeks. I was not able to make a lot of contact with my mentors and because of this I was not able to schedule a first day in time to get any hours. On Wednesday the 11th however, I reached out and sent them the first day paper work from the binder to show them I was serious about setting a first day, and my directness yielded a quick response, and I am going in two city hall next week. I learned that It is really easy to fall behind, but if you need to get things done you must be direct and deliberate.

November 10th – November 23rd () – 

November 24th – December 7th () – 

Sydney S

October 1st – October 26th (15 hours) – Last weekend I shadowed at my first wedding. I felt super nervous because I wasn’t completely sure what all I needed to be doing during the wedding to help out Andi. When I first got there I took out my camera and started watching Andi and taking pictures like she had been doing. Later on in the evening after the ceremony I put my camera away and held Andi’s iPad to cross off her list of pictures she had written down. It was very stressful because I had no idea what I was doing or how I needed to do things but at the night grew on I slowly started to catch onto what all I need to do along with when I am able to take out my camera to take pictures myself. During dinner I felt Andi and I really connected, we talked about school and we laughed like old friends which lifted a giant weight off of my shoulders and by the end of the night I was having fun watching Andi along with taking pictures when she didn’t need me holding her stuff or her iPad.

One thing that I hope to learn from the lessons and zooms with Mrs. Wahl is that it is okay to feel nervous when called on. I hope to learn to overcome my fear of talking in front of others and to feel more at ease when speaking in front of other people. I feel as though I have already come a long way with my people skills just over the summer in the internship but there is always more room for improvement. One thing that I hope to learn from my time interning with Andi is how she runs her business so successfully. Photography is all about word of mouth and advertising and I would love to know all of her secrets to being a successful traveling wedding photographer at such a young age.

One thing that I have learned from my time in the program is how professional you must show yourself as at all times. Professionalism isn’t just within the way that you dress but also things like; posture, attitude, tone of voice, how you speak, etc. It is important to always remain professional online as well. Employers will research you and your social media’s before hiring you and if you are posting inappropriate things all over your social media it demotes how professional you look in the eyes of the employer. I have also learned that asking for help is always okay, before I felt as though I tried to do everything all on my own and get as little help as possible from my peers and family members. But within the internship I have not only asked my parents for help understanding things but also communicated back and forth with my peers within the internship to help out and be helped with things that were hard to understand on my own.

October 27th – November 9th (6.05 hours) – The meaningful experience that I had was sitting at a booth 11/1 downtown. This was meaningful to me because the mini sessions had been for a good cause and it taught me a few lessons. One big lesson that it had taught me was that patience is a good thing to have and to think on the spot. When people would come up and ask what my booth was there for there was no time that I had to prepare. Preparing things to be pre-rehersed is not always a good thing because then people skills are never learned. When I had to speak on the spot it was actually really difficult I had noticed because there is usually a specific response that I come up with for everything so there is no stuttering involved or losses of words. It definitely showed me that I need to start going places and having conversations with people I do not know to teach myself how to flow with conversations.

November 10th – November 23rd (1 hour) – Over these previous two weeks I was not able to shadow. The first week I was not able to make the single wedding that Andi had because I had been asked to take someone’s family photos. During this shoot I used some of the techniques I learned from Andi, one being to take pictures of the family walking away and looking back. And another being one where the family walks towards me while they look at one another. The next week I was forced to stay home due to a possibly covid exposure and not wanting to expose Andi. We did however have a PD meeting where I learned that Clifton Strengths are the natural strengths a person has within the work place.

The appropriate behavior at my internship site is to be quiet and watch. Mostly for weddings the photographer needs to be quick on their toes and respond to things that happen quickly. Along with that photographers need to take charge and to not let the family of the wedding party boss around the photographer. An expectation for my personality at my internship site is to be happy and bubbly along with knowing when to be quiet. My internship site requires me to help record these events for people with as little interference as possible meanwhile helping to capture their joy on these days/part of their life. When I see Andi working I see her taking charge, she is never bossy or rude but always patient.

I stand in the corner and make sure to actively observe. Along with that I actively move standing spots to make sure that I do not make it in any of the photos. To be less of a background spot to help keep the photos as magical as possible. I am still actively working on the talking aspect at the sites. Since it is expected to be dealing with new people every session I can never get too comfortable talking to someone because it differs and changes every time. However I also need to learn more of the place of the photographer and positions along with taking charge.

Hotspot – We came across it at one of the weddings where the background the couple wanted the wedding’s family photos was completely blown out. With little time we had to struggle to find something other than hard light so that the photos wouldn’t turn out with the guests squinting and/or a blown out background. Another thing we were worried about was that the light would make the photos too bright so we attempted to search for a new location for these photos. However these photos ended up being delayed as the family of the bride had not yet arrived and since the sun had set more it was less of a bright location.

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