Frequently Asked Questions

An internship is an exciting and valuable opportunity, we want to help you determine if it is the right choice for you. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Wahl (879.2075 or

Here are a few of our most common questions:

How do I figure out how many absences I had last semester?

You can find this information on your PowerSchool account. Once you’re logged in, use the navigation column on the left and click ‘Grades & Attendance’. This will display all of your classes and the associated absences for each class. If you can’t find this information on PowerSchool, please contact your counselor. 

What if I have more than 10 absences, can I still apply?

Good attendance is crucial to your success in the internship program as well as the professional world. If you don’t meet the absence requirement, you’ll be prompted to complete an additional portion of the application to request consideration for the program. Applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

What is simple cumulative GPA and where do I find mine?

Your simple cumulative GPA is your GPA for your entire high school career without any added value from honors and AP classes. Please contact your counselor if you need assistance calculating your simple cumulative GPA.

What if I can’t drive yet or don’t have my own car, can I still apply?

You are welcome to apply for the program if you anticipate having transportation for your senior year. However, you are still required to attend all summer professional development sessions and your placement will be delayed until you have regular and reliable transportation. Relying on family or friends for transportation is not recommended.

How does the class portion of the Internship Program work?

The internship program will be a class on your schedule but we do not meet in-person during that time. Depending on multiple factors, the class will be either your first or last period of the day. Where ever the class falls on your schedule is off-campus time for you. This frees up time in your day for you to commute to your internship site and earn hours.

What am I required to do over the summer?

Internship students use their Summer Break to identify and secure an internship placement (with our guidance) and prepare themselves professionally.

We provide required professional development session and phone/email support throughout the summer, to prepare students to begin their internships in July. For this reason, students are required to be available via phone and email throughout the summer, so that we can guide and assist you during your placement search.

We offer two date/time options for each session to accommodate summer vacations, etc. We will provide more information about these sessions during the Business Etiquette meeting in April.